11 Tips on How to Increase Google Page Rank

You’ve worked tirelessly on your website to increase Google Page Rank, creating engaging content, finding quality links, and generating a following on social media.

Unfortunately, your site is not ranking as high as you would expect.

Understand that hundreds of factors go into ranking and it can take time to gain traction.

In the meantime, make sure that your website contains the following essential components.

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  1. Create Relevant Content
Create Relevant Content

Content Content Content


No matter what changes Google makes to their algorithm, the content will always remain key.

When creating content, answer a specific search query (e.g. “How to increase Google page rank?”) and find keywords and phrases that define your chosen topic.

I like to use KWFINDER for quick easy keyword research

  1. Build Quality Links

High-quality links are an excellent way to show authority.

However, be sure to steer clear of Black Hat methods which could ultimately cause your website to drop in the search results or be removed completely.

Consider reaching out to high-authority sites for help with websites like Buzz Sumo and Marketing Meathead.

  1. Improve User Testing

Improve User Testing

Through user testing, you can determine important stats like time on page, click through rate, session time, returning visitors, and pogo-sticking. Pogo-sticking is when a visitor performs a search, clicks onto the result, and rapidly return to the search page to click on a different result. Oftentimes, this behavior indicates immediate dissatisfaction. To reduce the likelihood of pogo-sticking, create catchy headlines, meaty posts, and achieve a good internal linking strategy.

  1. Establish Domain Health
Establish Domain Health

Establish Domain Health

If your website is new or has been penalized in the past, it can take time to increase your Google page rank. Continue to follow Google’s rules and post regularly to boost domain health and ranking in the SERPs.

  1. Update Consistently

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with a new website is not posting and updating it consistently. Follow through with important tech updates and provide your site with a steady stream of blogs. When updating your site, avoid putting the date in the Permalink. It is okay to update the headline.

  1. Get More Shares

Get More Sharesvia Tenor

By generating more shares on social media platforms, you can leverage any social following you may have. While there are numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, YouTube and podcasting can be highly advantageous.

  1. Boost Page Load Speed
Boost Page Load Speed

Boost Page Load Speed

Get visitors to your site faster by increasing page load speed. Consumers expect websites to load within two seconds or less and will often abandon a page if it takes more than four seconds to load. There is a direct connection between page load speed and conversions.

  1. Develop Engaging Internal Links

Internal links can connect your content and provide Google with the structure of your site. Having engaging internal links also helps to establish a hierarchy on your website and provide value to visitors.

  1. Post Images and Videos


Many consumers skip past written content in search of images and videos. By adding multimedia to your website, you can attract a much wider audience while creating a more visually-appealing site.

  1. Get Organized

Your website should contain essential pages like an author bio, about us page, and the mission or goal of your site.  Also, include a terms of service page and privacy policy.

  1. Include Outbound Posts

In addition to internal links, you should include outbound posts to quality sites. When choosing sites, opt for high authority websites, such as government organizations and educational institutions.

Increasing Google Page Rank


In addition to the tips mentioned above, be sure to have a mobile-friendly site and SSL certification.

Do not write a quote that is longer than three sentences to avoid CopyScape matches which could negatively impact your ranking.

Also, be aware of broken links on your site and Malware.

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