Marketing Meathead’s 12 Crucial Features ManyChat Messenger Bot Must Have

Marketing Meatheads 12 Crucial Features ManyChat Messenger Bot Must Have

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So you want to grow your business through Facebook Messenger?

Well you’ve come to the right place you can grow your business and engage your audience through Facebook Messenger.

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12 Crucial Features That You ManyChat Messenger Bot Must Have

1. JSON Growth Tool from Facebook Ads

This is a tool that allows you to connect your Facebook ads too Many Chat growth tool. You run traffic on Facebook once the user clicks on your ad it will trigger an initial greeting message that’s sent to the users Messenger account.

Once a user engages with the chatbot by either typing a reply or clicking a button the immediately come subscribe to your Bot.

This is the future that only works in ManyChat with a pro account and has shown amazing results to increase subscribers from a simple Facebook ad.

If you do not have ManyChat, a generic get started button will confuse users as to what happens next.


Message Example JSON Growth Tool:

“Hi there! (emoji) Did you want to register for the [Free Affiliate Marketing] Webinar?

Yes Let’s Go!

*Note With the JSON Growth Tool Message, you will not be able to use the user’s first name can with other growth tools (i.e {{first name}} feature). The message must also be under 150 characters.

   2. Messenger Ref URL Growth Tool

With this ManyChat growth tool you can promote your messenger chatbot using a unique URL call to action in your social posts, emails, social profiles, on your website, and your landing page. Once the unique link is clicked by the user, an initial greeting messages is sent to the users Messenger account. Once the user engages by clicking a button or typing a reply, they are a subscriber to your bot. This Many Chat feature amazing for growing your messenger subscribers and all your marketing messages and creative assets.


Example Ref URL Tool Message:

“Hi there! (emoji) Did you want to register for the [INSERT WEBINAR HERE] Webinar?

Yes Let’s Go!

*Note With the JSON Growth Tool Message, you will not be able to use the user’s first name can with other growth tools (i.e {{first name}} feature). The message must also be under 150 characters.


   3. Buttons and Quick Replies

These are response tools that allow you to establish one, two, or three reply options in advance. The button options are perfect to help guide the user and give control over their customer journey while still keeping them engaged in the conversation and committed to developing relationship with your brand.
The big difference between a quick reply and a button is the button will stay visible after clicked but the quick reply disappears after being clicked. Also, the quick reply placement is much lower and harder to notice. This is also more perceived as a “canned response” by the user. Our recommendation is use buttons over quick replies.

Example Ref URL Tool Message:

Hey First Name!
Thanks for reaching out!
Click one of the buttons below to START or just send us a message with your question!


   4. Audio & Video Files

An audio or video file that plays inside the messenger platform or app can we use to wrap up or jump start a conversation.Video is the wave of the future and audio as well are both great relationship builders and can be used to grab attention, elaborate, explain, or really drive home a point you’re trying to make.

Users can watch right inside their messenger accounts.

Users rarely receive an audio or video message on their phone and they will receive a notification that will likely result in massive open rates due to the fact that people rarely receive audio and video messages.

*Note: Audio and video files must be under 30 seconds and smaller than 23.8mb. However, simply use a compression software to share a longer video or audio file; a quick Google search will show you tons of them!


   5. GIFs

Animated gifs have become popular on social platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat.They are great for bringing humor to the conversation and help in holding attention.

This is a great way to build trust and become more relatable to your audience, they can also help drive a point home and add some excitement to boring long lines of text.

It’s also a great way to express your brand’s personality.

I highly recommend using gifts often to keep your conversations entertaining and light

Example Gifs & Resources:


   6. Emojis

Emojis are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that they can convey an emotion and make a conversation with your audience more fun and casual.I would recommend using these even more than GIFs images. Keep in mind you’re trying to build a relationship with these people and the end goal is to get them to know, like, and trust you.

Also, keep in mind that people use Facebook Messenger to communicate with friends and family, so don’t be too stiff. Speak in your messenger communication just like you would with any friend or family member but keep it professional.

Emojis are on all Mobile phones


   7. User Import & Customer Fields

Tools that can be used dynamically indifferent automated messages, the user input and custom fields tool allow subscribers to provide freeform answers and information which then can be organized as responses across growth tools, multiple messages, sequences, and flows.Plus, you can ask users questions one by one instead of filling out a form on a landing page. Answers can be saved as if they were filling out a form on the landing page.

Using apps like Zapier is a must to connect ManyChat to a number of different applications. Once the answer is collected it can be done sent to a Google sheet, a CRM, to you email as a notification, or anywhere that it can be saved referred back to.

Example user input question:
​What’s your email address?

Custom field for question:


   8. Tags

When a subscriber takes action on a feature ManyChat offers is a tagging system.This feature allows you to transfer the user’s information to third-party platforms and organize your audience to be more effective and relatable in your follow-up messages.

Many different actions can be automated one a user has a tag applied.

Zapier literally has hundreds of apps and softwares with integration capabilities, I personally connect ManyChat with Infusionsoft and you can do that with just about any CRM.


   9. Integrations using Zapier

As I mentioned above, with the capability integrations ofZapier, the data you are collect and track with ManyChat can be sent or “zapped” to just about any third party platform you choose.

Example Integrations:

  • Email addresses collected and sent to Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, or Ontraport.
  • Cell phone numbers collected and sent to Turbo Text or Call Loop.
  • Contact info names of people that registered for a webinar can be sent over to Go ToWebinar as a registrant.

   10. Delays

This is a timing feature that allows multiple messages to be sent consecutively while breaking up large paragraphs of text.This is a cool option show typing or not show typing for up to 60 Seconds that will add realness to your automated messages.

This feature can easily let a user know that you’re sending them another message give them time to read your responses. It’s a good way to keep users engaged without overwhelming them with a bunch of texts at once.

Also give you that more human-like touch to your messaging sequences.

Example Delay:

“Did you know that lifting weights and adding muscle mass actually helps you burn
more calories throughout the day and even though you’re not losing weight you’re gaining muscle.”


   11. Sequences

Sequences allow you to send messages based on the schedule once the user has given permission to receive a series of timed messages.A lot of times I’ll send a message every day for like a week or you can time it to go out once every 3 days, It’s a good way to build familiarity and Trust. Sequences are one of the best ways to do that.

They’re also great for following up with users so you can avoid them forgetting about you.

Example Sequence:

Hey there! I have some awesome workout tips to share with you would you like to receive tips every day for the next 3 days?


“Get Tips”(clicking this button opts them into the multi-day message sequence)

Smart Sequence:

(Immediately) “Great, here is tip the day #1: Try working out at the same time everyday for a week straight. you’ll end up having more energy as your body adjust to a daily routine.

(After 1 day) Hello there! I hope you’re having a great day! Here’s workout tip of the day number #2…


   12. Smart Delays
Smart delays are different than sequences.They are single delayed messages that can be added to the end of a message as a follow-up or reminder.

These are typically used or on an individual message basis to accomplish one specific goal, while sequences are built on a larger scale all at once.

Example of a smart delay:

“Hey there! I have a video tutorial on how to use a new feature in Facebook. Click below to watch the video!”


“Watch Video” and “Busy Right Now”

Smart Delay Reply:

Eser clicks “Busy Right Now,” the chatbot will respond with “Not a problem, I can remind you!” and can include button options for “1 Hour” and “Tomorrow” with Smart Delays on each button.

Smart delay follow-up message:

Hey there! Here’s that new book feature tutorial video for you to watch, let us know if you could benefit from this new feature!”

Button: “Watch Video”

   13. BONUS – Conditions
If/then conditions allow you to segment certain users based on their you may want to send out a broadcast to messages A&C, but not subscribers on B.You can make parts of the chatbot exclusive, so you no longer have to consider each potential direction, before conditions, you had to create separate flows for every possible answer.

Conditions can be used based on time zones and languages and you can build out quizzes to effectively show only the relevant results at the end.

Example condition:

Send message to subscribers previously tagged “Wants to add muscle” and delivers a free guide on how to get more muscle in 15 days. So, this message, for instance, would not sent to any subscriber that is “looking to gain weight” or “wants to lose fat”.