13 Tips for Instagram Stickers

13 Tips for Instagram Stickers. Nearly 1 in 3 internet users have an Instagram account.

As the number of active Instagram users has soared since the platform’s launch in late 2010, advertisers have found new and effective ways to market their brand to the masses.

In 2016, Instagram stories were introduced which let users post videos and photos that vanish after just 24 hours.

This valuable feature has become a powerful way for businesses to briefly share information without permanently posting their feeds.

While Instagram stories is a widely used feature on the platform, many brands are ignoring a critical component.

By using Instagram Stickers on your stories, you can reach new audiences and promote your products better than ever before.

Using Instagram Stickers

When you share a video or photo on Instagram stories, you have the option to add stickers designed to express yourself in a creative way.

Adding a sticker to a video or photo is easy. From your story, simply tap to add stickers.

There are a variety of sticker types to choose from, such as a donation sticker that encourages people to donate to a nonprofit that you are passionate about.

Instagram Stickers

You will also discover customizable stickers which include options like location, hashtag, and mention stickers.

By scrolling down, you can find other types of stickers to add to your stories.

Stickers can be layered on top of your story by dragging them to the position you would like it to be.

You can also pinch the sticker to resize it or continue tapping the sticker to cycle through different available styles.

Types of Instagram Stickers

While many stickers on Instagram are just for fun, others can act as tools for boosting your marketing.

There are plenty of stickers to choose from, including the following:

Location Stickers. When you place a location sticker on your Instagram Stories, you can tag a specific location and expand your reach.

When a user taps on the sticker, they will see a feed that contains other content with the same location tag.

Hashtag Stickers. Clickable hashtag stickers can help you reach more users by promoting your brand’s unique hashtags.

When a user clicks on the sticker, they will be taken to the hashtag’s feed.

Mention Stickers. With a mention sticker, you can tag another Instagram user in your Stories.

When the mention sticker is clicked, the user is taken to the tagged user’s profile.

Poll Stickers. Poll stickers are a great option if you want to ask your audience a direct question and see the results in real-time.

With this type of sticker, you can see who has voted and what they voted for, giving you the opportunity to engage with your target audience.

↦ Question Stickers. Similar to poll stickers, question stickers allow you to interact with your audience.

With this type of sticker, you can ask open-ended questions and receive answers, feedback, and ideas from users.

↦ Product Stickers. You can find product stickers through the Shopping on Instagram integration.

If you have a business account and your sales channel is enabled, you can tag products on your stories.

When a user taps on a sticker, they can see the product name, description, and price.

Tap again and it brings them directly to the product page where they can actually purchase the item.

↦ Emoji Slider Stickers. An emoji slider sticker asks users questions that they can answer using a slider.

Emojis can be used to represent the users’ responses.

↦ Music Stickers. With music stickers, you can add background music to your videos or images.

Music can be taken from Spotify soundtracks.

↦ GIF Stickers. GIF stickers are a type of looping graphic that is fun, dynamic, and add an animated element to your stories.

↦ Data Stickers. When you use data stickers on your Instagram stories, you can display the date that the story was created.

This can be a fun feature when you post throwback content on your page.

Instagram Stickers for Marketing

The use of Instagram Stickers can be a fun and creative way to enhance your marketing efforts.

Here are just a few proven ways to use Instagram Stickers in your marketing campaign.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers to Drive Sales

Instagram’s product stickers do more than just give users information about your goods.

They can also be effective in driving sales.

In addition to learning more about your product by tapping once on the sticker, a second tap will take the users directly to the product page where they can get even more details and possibly customer reviews.

The product page is also where they can see your other available products and buy items.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers to Gain Valuable Feedback

The use of stickers on Instagram Stories is a great way to ask for feedback from both potential and past customers.

By using question stickers, poll stickers, or emoji slider stickers, you can gain various types of feedback.

The great thing about Instagram Stories is that they only last 24 hours, allowing you to get the input you need without delayed results.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers to Host an AMA Session

Through an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, you have the opportunity to give your followers a chance to “meet” the man or woman behind the company.

Consider using a question sticker to answer questions in a Question and Answer format.

Have your followers ask you important questions and provide honest answers which can help you develop business-customer relationships.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers to Share User-Generated Content

Using mention stickers is a great way to share user-generated content in a way that shows your followers that a fan (and not you) created content relating to your brand.

This will show Instagram users that you value your followers and appreciate them.

Using Instagram Stickers is also an effective way to encourage others to create their own content to share.

Use your brand’s hashtag to direct your followers to even more user-generated content.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers to Add a Soundtrack

Music is an excellent way to engage your audience or evoke certain feelings or emotions.

Consider adding a music sticker to your stories as a way to give your video or photo more depth and creativity.

When searching for tracks, you’ll find that Instagram has their music selection divided by moods and genres.

This can come in handy when trying to find the perfect song to complement your content.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers to Promote Your Hashtags

Hashtags can be a valuable tool for businesses that want to measure their results.

Branded hashtags can be used to generate awareness about your business and urge your followers to post the same tags on their own accounts.

Remember that hashtags can easily become buried in your Instagram posts, but stories are a great way to get them noticed again.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers to Tag Local Events

Are you attending a local event and want others to know about it?

Use a location sticker on your stories.

Whether it’s a trade show, business conference, festival, or another type of event, a tag sticker can make your followers aware of your presence at a local event where you may be selling products or offering your services.

You can even add specific instructions on how to find you once they arrive.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers to Post Polls

The poll sticker allows your business to ask customers to choose between two different products.

Not only does this promote both products in a single swoop, but you can also learn about your target audience’s preferences.

Best of all, you can see the results live which can be very insightful.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers to Post Flashbacks

Flashbacks are a fun Instagram feature that has inspired the popular hashtag #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday.

If you want to share content from the past, simply use the date sticker and start the reminiscing.

Date stickers can also be useful if you are counting down to an important event and want others to know about it.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers to Get More Clicks

By using the swipe up GIF sticker, you increase your ability to get more clicks.

However, there are some requirements for using this sticker.

You need to have more than 10 thousand followers.

You also need to have a business profile. However, by implementing this strategy, you can drive traffic to your website through your stories.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers to Engage Users Through Sound

Videos typically play without sound by default.

However, you can add a ‘sound on’ sticker to your stories to make it clear to your audience that sound is an important component of the content you are sharing.

By adding a sticker that tells the viewer to turn on the sound, you can better engage your viewers for a longer amount of time.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers to collaborate With Other Businesses

Instagram stickers are a useful tool if you are trying to collaborate with other businesses or brands.

You already know that building relationships with other companies is a great way to expand your business and get your name out there.

By offering shout outs on your Instagram stories using stickers, you can tag another business and start a smart business relationship.

You can even collaborate by participating in a content, sale, or another event together.

  1. Use Instagram Stickers to Show Your Holiday Cheer

When the holidays roll around, add festive stickers to your Instagram stories.

From Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s to Halloween and Christmas, give your content a personal touch with seasonal Instagram stickers.

When choosing these stickers, try to make it relevant to your brand.

For example, you may add a Christmas stocking if you are selling a great stocking stuffer, such as an iPod.

How to Track Your Performance

Instagram stickers are an effective way to boost your traffic, engagement, and social proof in a creative way that displays your brand to the public.

However, to be sure that you’re using the stickers to their full advantage, you should measure your performance over time.

One of the best ways to do this is through Instagram’s Insights.

This analytics report has a section dedicated specifically to stories under the ‘Content’ tab.

Once there, you can see how each of your stories has performed based on various metrics.

You are able to track story data in the analytics section for up to 14 days so be sure to pay close attention.

Look for patterns that could indicate the effectiveness of certain stories.

For example, if you have a high number of impressions but a low engagement rate, there is likely a problem.

It may take some trial and error to find what works best for your business.

Once you have found what works best, you can maximize the usefulness of Instagram Stickers.

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