A Thorough Review of Bonjoro: Video Emails

A thorough review of the video email software Bonjoro.

There is a new tool that is in town to help you get more conversions.

It certainly caught my attention.

I took some time out to see its working and figure out the various pros and cons of the tool.

T he application in question is Bonjoro.

So, what is Bonjoro?

Bonjoro is a tool that helps you in sending personalized videos to potential or existing clients at the right time.

The tool aims to help you get better conversions over time.

This tool does not need you to make any changes to the existing Content Management System.

Instead, you can integrate it into the funnel at the place of your choice and watch it work its magic.

How does it work?

You can use Bonjoro on desktop and mobile.

Due to its accessibility, you can make the where ever you want.

It also allows you to add elements of your life into the video.

It has all the features you need to make a personalized video for your clients or customers.

You can use this application to master personalized video making techniques.

As a bonus, you can use Bonjoro to translate the video and landing page in up to 20 different languages.

And you can request a language that is not on the menu.

Does it work?

bonjoro via GIPHY

If the statistics provided are accurate, then yes, it does work to the most extent.

The open rates are as high as 70%, and click-through rates for the videos are 30%.

Bonjoro does show promise.

It is marginally better than the follow-up emails for sure.

As far as sales are concerned, it might have some impact, but truly Bonjoro’s strength lies in its ability to transform the post-sales experience of the clients and keeping them engaged so that they keep coming back to provide business.

What is the cost of the tool?

The cost of the tool varies based on the features you need.

Before buying the application, you will have to determine what you would like to use the app for and then choose the payment plan that works for you.

  • There is a free plan.
  • The basic plan costs $15.
  • The pro plan costs $39. It is the most used plan by the buyers.
  • The growth plan costs $79 and $20 extra for each additional user.

My take on the application Bonjoro

Several of the companies do not care much for their clients once they have made the payment.

However, every company is looking for a way to create a strong bond with its existing clients for future sales.

Bonjoro is that tool for you.

It allows companies a chance to impress their clients and keep them coming back for more.

You can use the application to welcome the client into your family.

Once they have placed and received the product and service, Bonjoro notifies you to make a video.

The simple and easy-to-use interface makes it easy to record the message and send it to the client.

Not many companies have the ability or resources to provide one-on-one attention to clients.

If you would like to build a better relationship with your clients and do not mind taking some time out to thank your clients for the business, then this application is just right for you.

Creating these videos will set you apart from your competitors and help you retain more customers.


It is a good business strategy to provide something extra to your clients.

That is why I do recommend using Bonjoro.

It will assist your business and add value to your customers.