Amazon FBA Business and Why I Started

I have 7 companies why would I start an Amazon FBA Business?

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If you haven’t read the book Opportunity by Eben Pagen, I highly suggest you check it out.


My biggest takeaway was the in today’s evolving economy change is happening at an accelerated rate and you need to be looking at the opportunity through more than one lens or googles.

Basically, in simple terms the more you know the more you are able to peer at a potential idea and look at it from multiple angles or “lenses”

In my professional opinion was if I understood Amazon FBA by actually listing products, along with my Shopify and affiliate knowledge that potentially the added value of understanding an Amazon FBA Business, I would be able to spot opportunities that in the past I would have overlooked.

The end goal is to build a brand or a business that is a sellable asset and potentially a multi-million dollar exit.

With another lens in the googles who knows what I will see that others don’t but it can’t hurt to know another business model in my opinion ?