6-week automation campaign on Infusionsoft with text and voice mail

This feature is going to be very useful for businesses that allow their customers to book in advance. In my business (Bachelor Vegas), some customers would ask a quote for a trip to Vegas in the future so that’s where we use this program to send them follow-up emails, voice mails, or a text message weekly or bi-weekly and we space it out based on when they’re coming to Vegas.

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This process isn’t going to be very different from my first blog about InfusionSoft where I took you through the steps of creating an autoresponder with InfusionSoft and CallLoop, the only difference is that you have to clone your tag and sequence six times. The number of times you clone your tag and sequence will determine the number of weeks you want your campaign to last.

In this automation that I did, I changed the last sequence (6th week) up a little bit by adding a delay timer for 4 days before their trip followed by an email and a text message stating the discount that I will offer.

I changed the email subject to something else like “How About I Sweeten the Deal?” Now the preview text should be composed strategically, what I do is I type something like “If you put a small deposit down I will knock off…” see what I did there? You wanna make sure you don’t include the discount on the preview to make sure they open your email. Some people these days have a short attention span and you have to make up ways to keep that attention.

The text message is another one you have to edit too. At this point you’re already familiar with CallLoop.com and you guessed that right, we’re going to edit the text message on the site, don’t forget to create the trigger code that you have to past on InfusionSoft’s interface.

So there you have it, creating a 6-week automation can’t be easier than this. Sometimes I manually send messages to my clients just to make sure it’s personalized.

One thing that I can say in this business is that since the customers are getting a quote through the internet, they don’t know or like me so doing what it takes to achieve that connection is in our best interest. Mix it up, put variety on it and make your follow-ups more personal to increase your conversion rate.