Can I Make Money With Shopify with This Best Seller Hack

People ask me all the time if I can make money with Shopify?

Just like any “system” or “gimmick” that this guru and that guru are selling you, you can make money with any of them provided you can outlast the long learning curve.

The days of pushing a few buttons and having $$$$ roll into your bank account are long gone and every hack and “easy” money trick as soon as it exposed usually is saturated and competitive within weeks if not hours.

There are always elite level entrepreneurs that seem to have “figured it out” and you find yourself asking what is it that they know that I don’t? How can I make money with Shopify and when they can?

Well, guess what you can get a nice head start by figuring out the top competitors best selling products!


See it’s simple you can use the Chrome extension Commerce Inspector

Or you can simply add this little bit of wording to any Shopify Store


Here is an example:

This will show you the best sellers in that particular store in order from best to worst!

If you don’t want others to see your best selling items, then we have a solution for you as well,

Watch this video:

Here is the code you will need to block your store’s best sellers:

{% if collection.sort_by == 'best-selling' %}
{% else %}

{% endif %}

Hopefully, this helps with your question on how I can make money with Shopify?  If you like this consider downloading my valuable spy tactics PDF for Shopify in 2019 by clicking here

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