How to Grow Your Instagram to 1000 Follower’s Fast | Using Captivate and Follow Adder

Captivate and Follow Adder to Grow Your Instagram 













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For the last 10 months I have been using a method to grow my Instagrams, in fact I am currently growing 8 accounts and the method is working well to drive leads to my businesses.

Check out the how to video here:

It’s much easier to show you in the actual phone a step by step process on for to use Captivate for Iphone and the Follow Adder software to organically grow my accounts

A couple of examples are the Marketingmeathead Instagram was at a stand still around 4000 followers for years and now pushing 8000 and growing more everyday all in 10 months!

The Surreal Vegas Instagram was stuck at 5000 for years and now at 10500 and growing rapidly.

I basically run the follow adder in night mode as night to follow people and once I approach the 7500 max followers then I usually unfollow 1000-2000 in the cloud mode.

For the Direct Messages on marketingmeathead and briansurreal I use follow adder to drive traffic to my You Tube and my virtual assistant uses the follow adder to comment and like on other profiles.

The good news we haven’t been shut down my Instagram using these tactics in moderation and the accounts are growing nicely and turning into power accounts. I have noticed quicker growth once you get above 10K followers and I have also noticed more love from the algorithm as you become more active on the profiles, liking pics, commenting, replying to comments etc. It seems like not only uploading good images and video helps but the overall activity on the platform does as well after all it is a social network and it seems like as I am more social you get the fruits of the labor!!