Discover E-commerce Trends Early with Glimpse

Today, I talk about my initial experience with Glimpse, which is e-commerce trend-finding software. This helps you find the trends before they happen.


Predicting a trend before it happens can assist you in making a whole lot more money than you would while selling the usual products, especially in e-commerce and affiliate marketing. the application I am using.

Free Glimpse service

It is a free service with 2 exponential trend catches.
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There are paid options available that have more benefits if you are willing to invest.

There are two types of monthly trends

  • $20 a month
  • $479 a month

Both these plans have other facilities as well.

Moreover, the number of exponential trends available in a month also increases in these plans.

How does the Glimpse work?

You can check the trends based on products, companies, or industries.

How is it different from Google Trends?

Glimpse relies on data from Google, social media sites, media sites, entertainment sites, Amazon, and other sites, whereas Google Trends only factors in the trends on Google.

Why do you need Glimpse?

  • Launching products before they go viral
  • Source under the radar investments
  • Stay in touch with the world beyond your bubble
  • Understanding the marketing tactics in today’s world

Glimpse referral program

If a friend of yours signs up using your referral code, you will get 7 extra trends.

When you sign up for Glimpse, you get an invoice message whether you opted for a paid subscription or not. In case of an unpaid subscription, you will get an invoice of $0.00, but you will get an invoice.

You will get a report by Glimpse every second week of the month.

They will ask you to check out the last month’s newsletter till then.

Get on this website now, use my link above. And get your friends involved to get free trends.

Here is Video I made on glimpse:

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