Have you checked the Credits ICO

Hey, what’s up Meatheads? This is Brian Pfeiffer aka the Marketing Meathead and today, I’m gonna talk about the credits ICO coming out in February 2018.

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Alright welcome back and so I’m going to talk today about the Credits ICO it’s definitely one that I’m looking to do I’m planning on investing in it and before I get started I just want to say that I’m not a financial advisor. I’m not looking to you know give you financial advice I’m just showing what I’m interested in and how you choose to take that information is completely on you.

Again I’m not a financial advisor do not take my advice and go and invest in something. All investments are risky, cryptocurrency is extremely risky and don’t invest with anything that you can’t afford to lose.

Especially in this market as volatile as this, so let’s talk about credits ICO today and well I’ll get started, if I look over, I’m looking at some notes because I did take some notes on this one as I’ve been going through and doing my evaluation on it, a couple things that I like to look at obviously.

You know the team is a big one, you know, what’s the token metrics as far as like? You know, what’s the hard cap, soft cap type of thing. How much are they trying to raise, you know where does that fall into Coin Market Cap and you know is there a chance that it could like you know 5x 10x 100x?

These are super risky. You know. It’s just like investing in any company out there. You know if you know there’s a pretty high chance, they’re probably gonna fail. So you know I look to like to look to see if there’s a Minimum Viable Product something that they’ve already got tested. Do they already have customers that have committed to using their product on the blockchain and you know that’s how it is, so let’s take a look. Let’s dive into this website here a little bit now it looks like they’ve made a few changes here since I went on here last time. I know at one time I think they had an ICO dated February first and now that has been moved to February 15th. Let’s take a look. This is their website, It’s a Credits.com basically you just Google it, and it looks like they have… Basically, there’s an ICO page here.

Yeah, here we go ICO information and now they’ve moved it to February 15 to the 28th, okay, so it’s got all the details here. What I found interesting, let’s talk about the home page first and what they are. Let’s talk about you know, some of the things that they have, comparisons to like Bitcoin and Ethereum which is pretty cool, the transaction time, and you know, how many transactions they can do, if you take a look at like the comparisons between Ethereum and Bitcoin.

I found this very intriguing, I do use both Ethereum and Bitcoin currently the bitcoin is like land sloth slow like literally like you know, it takes like an hour and a half two hours just to get my Bitcoin from one place to the next, Ethereum, two, three minutes, but this can really you know really improve the whole system even quicker.

So it is like a smart contract platform now that space is kind of crowded nowadays but you know potentially here, they have something that is you know even better than what’s out there right now and you know so let’s take a look at the roadmap. What their what their projections are, you know they got the Alpha, the ICO, pre-release so you know if you put your money in this in February. There’s a pretty good chance you might not see it come out.

You know have an opportunity to take it out until you know sometime in May or June, okay. When it may be hits the exchanges, you know, what can it be used for financial banking internet. You know a lot of stuff. They’ve had some technical audits on their system, which is good, Columbia University, Entersoft. They’ve had legal audits as well, which is good. They’ve kind of done their homework made sure they’re not you know gonna get in any trouble here.

They have some users already, a lot of stuff in the news. There’s just a ton of stuff here guys, I would go through this if you’re interested in this going through and make your own judgments.

You know there’s a button here if you scroll up here. If you go to participate in ICO that’s on the homepage. You can fill out a white paper or not a white paper, but a white list. I’ve already filled one out. I don’t think I’ve heard anything back on that. I think there’s probably a backlog of some sort.

Obviously here’s their news. You know go through and check this out if you want, read them. I don’t go to them, I look at some of the news of the recent stuff see if it’s legit. There’s also a site I use, check this out it’s called ICOBench.com and you can just go in here and type up you know, Credits and they’ll give you like a rating of like how much hype is kind of behind it like you know is there a community is there a… You know is there a Telegram you know, group out there?

Is there Twitter a lot of Twitter action? You know what’s the following of this, and if you take a look here Credits is rated three point six, which is pretty good. That’s a lot of hype. It’s in the green.

You know you can do your own research on this of course like this is not financial advice. So just you know do your own research, I did an ICO that I’m interested in Refereum, so let’s take a look on that, one three point nine so that’s even really high. This is on like a four-point scale I believe so you know, pretty good, Refereum’s good, Credits is good a lot of hype behind them. There’s a lot of people talking about it these ICOs are gonna be hard to get into guys like you got to literally like be there probably on the day the minute it goes on just like a concert that’s a you know, hot rock group or a band or whatever man. You know how you got to be there on you know, Ticketmaster whatever, try to buy the tickets a second they go on sale.

And you might get in, you might not it’s you know these are opportunities to maybe buy in pre-ICO and then they’re gonna be hard to get so you know as this market continues to progress these good type ICOs that I’m looking into are you know, they’re gonna be hard to get into and if you can’t get into on the on the ICO then you can you know keep an eye out for Monday exchanges and possibly buy them when they first get launched and that maybe it would go up.

Alright, so that’s that’s the news, let’s talk about the token metrics a little bit, soft cap at 1.5 mil free I see a hard cap at 3 mil, you know, the pre ICO is released on December 27th and it looks like 700 contributors, okay, let’s take a look at the alpha version. Yeah, that was good. There’s actually a video here on the MVP which is the minimal Viable Product take a look at that it’s pretty cool.

Obviously you got your documents here, you got your white paper, your technical paper some presentations. If you’re interested in this I would go through all this before you invest your money and make your own decision obviously ,and the caps one of the things I like to look at is the cap here. Let’s see, Escrow, caps, okay.

So basically, one Ether is going to be worth five thousand credits. Okay, if we take a look at the cost of Ether today it’s about 950 so divide that by five thousand and you’re about 19 cents each, okay. So you get about five thousand credits with one Ether now. Ether has been going up and down. It was lowest 850 yesterday, it’s up to about 950 today. It seems like it’s hovering right around a thousand. You know week to week here.

Maybe by the time this thing launches. It’ll go up. I hope it does. I got a bunch myself. I just bought some more when it was at its low so kind of excited about Ether actually. But again if you put it put your money into this you’re probably looking at a you know, Five six months of you know your money being held up or probably about four or five months your money being held up in this ICO so just keep that in mind now. This is money not you’re not gonna have access to.

So it talks more about the the market cap here. Let’s see the hard is twenty million, so let’s go over to CoinMarketCap.com, and we did this the other day with the Refereum and you know, I think was the same same market cap okay, so if we go to I think it’s view all here, and that’s gonna put us down in twenty million. Okay, that’s gonna put us in what position here guys, so we’re in like position 347 okay so is credit something that is you know gonna be enough hype behind it. Enough you know viable product, enough you know is there enough that you could possibly see this thing going from twenty to forty? Or from you know say 20 to 80 or from 20 to 200. That’s a 10x, okay.

200 would put it at you know. Let’s scroll up here, and they’re gonna be at like in this range here, and then you’re gonna be in the top like basically cracking the top 100, okay. Is this gonna be an ICO that could crack the top 100? That’s what you need to ask yourself okay?

Because if you think it is and the Possibility and the hype and everything that’s surrounding it and it does crack the top 100 and you happen to buy in on that ICO level and it does go 10x. You know 200 million basically on the 20 million, that’s gonna 10x your money okay? That’s how it works.

That’s why these ICOs are kind of exciting. I would have invest anything you can’t afford to lose that’s for sure, but if you can afford to maybe put a grand or two or three possibly in there and you happened to 10x that money well, then you know there you go.

So let’s talk about a little bit more about Credits here, you know you can read through this guys it talks about the founder’s tokens. There’s no ICO bonus. You can participate in the ICO here, that’s also on the ICO page. They got their. They did their legal homework it looks like which is good.

I think it’s gonna be available in the United States as far as I can tell you know there’s always ways to go and you know purchase through a VPN Like Hide My Ass Pro, but you know that’s maybe beating the system, and it could get yourself in trouble here, the documents, I showed the minimum product. Let’s talk about the users real quick. It says more than 100 projects are ready to implement on the Credits platform which is really good. I mean the fact that they already have customers that are willing to use this platform, this is this is big so this looks like a solid project to me. You know I see the MVP a minimum viable product. Let’s look at the team.

What I liked about this team was it’s big. I mean they got a big team here, I didn’t do a ton of research on every single one of these people but you know that the fact that it’s a large team. They got their LinkedIn’s attached here, most of them.

They got a pretty solid Advisory Board it looks like. I don’t know much about these people personally, but you know I think the idea is good. They got customers. I got an MVP, you know. Go through and read the frequently asked questions and make a decision for yourself guys, so you know that’s the Credits ICO, I think it’s a, you know possibly a good opportunity here to get in on something that could potentially 10x or you know even 20x.

So hopefully I can get in you know that’s the plan I’m gonna keep an eye on my email for the, you know the white list, that I’m on the white list and you know they’ll let us know when it’s gonna be ready to go. I’ll have some Ether ready to transfer over if it’s ready to go and that’s about it guys, so that’s the Credits ICO, if you like this content I would really appreciate you subscribing and you know dropping a notification bell over there, click on that and then if you want to leave a comment below that really helps my videos to go viral. I’m really working hard on building this channel. I’ve been doing a ton of research, and I’m trying to bring you guys the you know the best stuff from multiple channels that I listen to and you know in order for me to do that I got to see some you know, action in the comments and you know some thumbs up some likes and I’ll keep putting these on for you guys, okay?

Have a great day, and we’ll talk to you later. Thank you