Review Data Secrets From High Traffic Academy

Data Secrets Review

Product By Jason McClain from High Traffic Academy

This is was a solid product by Jason and had a lot of golden nuggets.

Data is the new currency, Every single niche opens a new door

Email need to write it like you are talking to the person, Sales Data is where the money is

Who needs data:









Make sure you have a Terms of Service and a Permission Check Box

Jason Recommended that you don’t buy or rent lists, but monetizing the list is OK!

Formula for to monetize:










Ways to Monetize

Companion CPA Offers via Email

Email List Management

SMS List Management

App Installs

Postal Data

Lead Generation

Product Cross Selling

Call Center Marketing

Partnerships within your industry

Create a subscription plan(Recurring Revenue)

Develop a Community

Why do people give you their personal info

There is an assumed guarantee that the information will not me misused

Eligibility to win a prize or sweepstakes

Regular email updates from things of interest

Access to more or better content or information

Affinity Points

To Receive Targeted ads they are interested in

Make sure you have trust Norton Secured and E Truste Certifird Privacy











Email Sequence he suggests

Day 1 Intro

Day 2 or 3 be there need to exist

Day 5 then Day 7

Connect with voice, relate to their problems, First few lines are KEY!  People trust people and do business with people they know like and trust.  In order to do business with someone you have to spend time with them

Above all deliver value, give them, give then something in everyone of the emails, people love giving their opinion

Use for spam score and some of the recommended mail companies are Marapost, Ontrport, and Click Connect

Text Messages

Something I am very familiar with some key points 98% deliver ability, concise, great to use in a funnel

Best to use 2-4 times a month only

Terms and conditions must be on the subscription page, message data rates may apply, must give people the ability to reply x to stop

I actually know a promoter that was sued for a text and it bankrupted his company

















Use for the terms and conditions, data rates may apply

Always text during normal business hours

List Building

3 great idea, Create a Category List, Create and Prize Site, Create at Survey Site, I like Click Funnels Personally, he has some other suggestions

Use retargeting, you pay per 1000 impressions

Segment your data, Postal code he suggested

Make sure you have a good opt-in display:









Email Appending for more value:

Title, Phone, Email Address, Employee Size, Revenue, Sic Code, Location

Full Name

Full Address

Zip Code





Email Validation

Data Assurance

Experian Offers Data Append Servives:



Always Segment your list to perform better

Here is an idea of what you can do with data:


Pick an Affiliate Network and an Affiliate Offer:




Make sure you pay attention to details

No Shoddy Workmanship, will reflect poorly on your brand

Typos and Grammatical Errors

Getting Facts Wrong

Formatting Problems

Otherwise Illegible(Font Size to Small or unintelligible

Distance yourself from spammers, remind your list that they have given you permissions to contact them

Provide easy ways to unsubscribe

Be sure reply works

Use real physical address on the email

Have it signed by a real person

Publish and abide by a strict privacy policy


















































Funnel Examples Jason showed Group On-Value Proposition, PPC Mastery-Free crash course instant credibility, Mixergy-opt in for content, read content for more, Divorce Web Site-Showed his massive automated email on the back end by segments, dynamic code based on where the user is in the funnel

Use Hot Jar for recordings, follow users, heat maps and pools etc


Over all a solid training in data, I would recommend this course you can purchase it here!