Facebook Advertising Campaigns for The Skin Tightening Device

The holiday season is right around the corner, and buyers are coming to the point where they need to buy the products as soon as possible.

With buyers ready to shell out all the money they have this holiday season, sales are going to be high and you would want a taste of that pie.

Today, the product in focus is a Facebook advertising campaign for a skin tightening device.

This is the Simple care skin tightening device.

It is an electronic device made to tackle wrinkle, fine line, dark spots, UV damaged skin, sagging skin, aging spots, pigmentation marks, and preventing aging.

Do your research

The foremost step in the creation of any website is research.

In it, you have to establish your audience.

The audience is of three types.

  1. Warm audience: Warm audience is the one that visits your website. They are familiar with your brand and the product already, and you are targeting them.
  2. Lookalike audience: This audience is based on a warm audience. It is the audience that has engaged with your social media pages, or even visited your website.
  3. Cold audience: These are people who have not come in contact with your brand. However, there is a good chance that they will be interested in your product or services if they came across it.

Type and optimization

The first step is to select the campaign type and its optimization.

Always push the clients to purchase the product.

Facebook will tell you to take a different route by starting by engaging the audience and then slowly moving towards the selling.

However, this is Facebook’s way of getting more money out of your business.

Instead, optimize the advertisement for purchase.

You will see the desired results if you are selling a good product.

You can also optimize the campaign to have the ‘Add to Cart’ option. This works better for some while performs less well for others.

I personally choose the 1-day click conversion option during optimization.

The right amount of ad sets for the campaign and your daily budget

Trying a bunch of ad sets will allow you the opportunity to understand your concerns a lot better.

Create 5 different types of ads and use them to figure out what works best for you.

In the beginning, you can start with a smaller budget of $6 to $8 for each ad set.

Once, you get the numbers in, and see which ones are working better for you, remove the ones not performing and add more budgets to the ones doing well on the page.

Targeting work and strategy

Targeting is one of the most important factors of any advertisements on Facebook or otherwise.

Understanding your audience and what they need to see to get to the desired outcome falls on the shoulder of the campaign creator.

For a product like a skin tightening device, the main buyers come from the female gender.

Only a few men will be willing to put in the efforts to work on their skin.

1. Target women of 25 years of age to 29 years: For women in this demography, ads can focus on tackling aging from a younger age to delay the process of wrinkling while getting rid of the skin problems already persistent.

2. For women of 30 years of age to 45 years: Women in this demography can be targeted with ads focusing that promise significant wrinkle reductions, skin tightening, dark spot removal, and other skin benefits.

3. For women older than 45 years: Target this add as a new invention that will turn their life around. They are probably tired of all night creams and other products promising to provide results but don’t. Present it as a product that shows results from the get-go.

4. For men between 25 and 45 years of age: Target it as a Christmas gift for the women in their life who are always complaining about their skin but cannot find anything that works. It can be their considerate gift to their loved ones.

5. For single men above 35 years of age: This can be targeted to single men as a chance to look younger and more put together for the dating scene.

You can try to add interests like skin products, healthy life, and other such interests.

You can also target people who buy from particular brands that sell skin products primarily focusing on older women.

Keep the audience for the advertisement anywhere between 1 to 10 million Ideally.

Ad placement

Facebook is an excellent platform to sell products as it contains millions of active users, and for a product like this, the users especially, the ones older than 40 years is likely to be on Facebook.

Instagram might be better to sell the product to a younger audience.

Figure out what the audience is where and then place the ads and target them accordingly.

Ad type and copy

Try to use the pictures that have an older person with relatively better skin.

The idea is for it not to look impossible, but still a significant change.

The product should be displayed in all its glory with a background that compliments the product color and clearly states its uses.

An aesthetically pleasing picture is always a bonus on every platform you can think of.

Pricing of the product

Keep the cost of the product, shipping, profit, and other aspects in mind while deciding the price.

You can add the shipping charges into the product, and then you can claim free shipping, or you can give the product price and then mention the shipping price as well.

Take your time with this one.

If you are storing the product at a vicinity of your choice and not directly getting it shipped from the manufacturer, then the price should account for that particular expenditure as well.

Also, as the gifting season is on us, give them an incentive to purchase more than one.

Keep a good margin on the product and when someone purchase two, give between 10% and 15% discount, in case of 3 units, bump it up to 25%.

This way, you are enabling purchasers to opt for more units in one purchase.

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This is one of the better products to sell this season.

With more people spending on their skin nowadays, it has become a people favorite to gift to their loved ones to happen to be in the older generation.

Moreover, this product will appeal to not just the USA buyers but also people in other countries, I recommend Tier 5, or high GDP Epacket Countries.

Remember, advertisements are trials to see what fits. So keep trying till you find success.

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