Facebook Champion Review

Facebook Champion Review

Product by Jason McClain of High Traffic Academy

Just about everyone knows about Facebook, but no everyone knows that is a Honey Hole of Traffic

Module #1 Master Your Traffic Source 

Jason Started out the product with some facts about Facebook

1.5 billion active users, people check Facebook more than email, 4.5 billion likes

Other facts 83 million fake profiles, 300 million uploads a day, Avg American 4o mins a day on FB

Module #2 Account Setup and Audience Engagement

Jason suggested setting up Google Analytics and Ad Expresso

Module #3 Create Your Ads

Some other tips were make ads granular, use video, use canva for Images and headline variations

Create a custom conversion

Module #4 Dissecting you Data

Looking at filters in data can really bring you value

Finally, setting up filters in ad expresso, a walk through

This over all was a pretty general training, a nice overview for a newbie, I have been through a lot of Facebook Training and there is better out there in fact I recently took the EPA Training for Shopfiy and their Facebook ads training was much more detailed that this, they took you through a lot of actual campaigns and showed you how to set up reports that helped a lot