Facebook Feedback

Hello! Today we discuss the feature of the Facebook survey, especially adjusting the time it takes Facebook to send a survey to your customers.

What is this Facebook survey?

Once you start working on Facebook as a seller, Facebook surveys the customers to check if you are a legit supplier or not.

Go to facebook.com/ads/customer_feedback


This page will contain the pages you work on, and there is the option of ‘set delivery speed’ on the page.

In this, you can choose the option of between 1 to 8 weeks for the delivery of the products. You can change the delivery time for each country. The feedback form will be sent to the customer around the time of delivery.

time of delivery

With this, you can set the feedback form to be delivered to the person in between 1 week to 8 weeks after purchase.

Keep the extra time between the delivery and the survey because if they get the survey before the product, they are more likely to leave a negative review.

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