Facebook Retargeting Ads – Step by Step Guide

Facebook Retargeting Ads -A Step by Step Guide

Facebook Retargeting AdsMany of us remember the days with advertising on Google was pennies and Facebook was just for college kids.

You could run all sorts of verticals like dating and diet, with before and after photos, and get a ton of traffic to your offer for next to nothing.

Unfortunately, those days are long gone and the likes Google and Facebook are, for lack of better term: greedy corporations that are looking to maximize share-holder value.

There is increased competition and tools like Click Funnels have lowered the barrier to entry


If you know the right tactics you can drive your ad costs down and up that desired Return on investment(ROI) from Facebook Retargeting Ads

A simple tactic, I like to use is Facebook retargeting ads.

I will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to retarget Facebook ads, as well as some pro tips to maximize your results

Retargeting ads defined:

So let me explain exactly what retargeting is:

I was on a helicopter site the other day looking up prices for a Grand Canyon Tour for one of my customers and clicked around on a few sites to compare prices.


Next thing you know I am on You Tube, then Facebook, then a random web site and low and behold wherever I went, there was a Grand Canyon ad or Helicopter tour ad. It was like they knew I was coming and they knew I had interest in the subject!

Well that my friends is retargeting! Kind of a creepy feeling right??

I felt like I was being stalked across the internet…

The cool thing for us marketers is that it is totally automated and pretty easy to set up.

By definition per Retargeter.com:
Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit.” 

Not only is this available on Facebook, but as I mentioned above, sites like You Tube, Google’s Display Network, and many other sources have the ability to retarget.

Basically, it’s getting your product or service in front of the same audience again and again.

The best part is you can specifically target people that have shown some interest in your product or service already.

So, one may ask “Why Would I want to show my Ad to someone that has already seen my stuff or didn’t buy??”

There are so many reasons, here are just a few examples…

We live in a world of short attention spans and so many distractions, is it possible they were interrupted in the check-out process?

Maybe, they get paid Friday and it was Monday when they were looking on your site and cash was an issue??

We have the touch point rule called the 5-7 times factor, which means generally, you have to touch your customer or interact(see your message) 5-7 times before they will know, like, and trust you enough to buy or take action with you, trust me this is 100% the case.

To sum it up if a person lands on you site or gets the check-out page, in most cases this is simply not enough for them to buy, always be thinking how can I touch them five to more seven times.

This is the power of retargeting you can touch people 5 more times or 50 if you want a fairly low-cost advertising.

This Is Warm Traffic, With High Return on Investment(ROI), and High CTR(Click Through Ratio)

Don’t you wish you could control people actions and get them to buy from you (Hilarious):

This is the special sauce that puts your ads in front of the people they are interested in you offer and likely want to buy your product or service.

This is powerful stuff because it’s warm traffic, meaning people are interested in your offer, as opposed to cold traffic where you are just hoping and preying they will be interested in your offer.

The more highly targeted people that see your ad the higher your CTR and Conversion rate, and ultimately the higher your return on investment.

Here are a couple of methods or lessons for Facebook ads Retargeting

Depending on how you are driving traffic you will want to use one or the other

Lesson #1 Retarget with The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code the is easily installed on your landing page or website. When some lands on you site or landing page there is a bit of code that is place in the visitor’s browser.

As soon as the person goes back to Facebook, Facebook knows to serve them your ad… the creepy feeling!

Step #1: On your landing Page or Website install the pixel

Here is  Video of me setting up Facebook Ads retargeting for a Halloween Event I throw:


pixel code

This is pretty simple to do most Word Press Sites have a place to install pixels and software like Click Funnels have a place to install the pixel, Here are some detailed instructions:



They are constantly changing the Facebook interface but at the time of this writing you go into all tools>events manager>custom conversions and create an event, in the case of my Halloween event I am looking to retarget the people who view my web site (View Content)



#2 StepRun traffic to your offer through creating ads

You’re going to want to get a fair amount of traffic about 1000 clicks or so before you really use your pixel and create ad sets

If you send a whole bunch of ads to the 1st 50 people it’s not going to work that well

Be sure to have you pixel turned on when you create your first ads, If not Facebook will not track people that visit your page, notice in my example 3000+ viewed the content



# 3 Step Use the Pixel to define you audience with a second set of ads

Now that you have had your ads running for a while and the traffic has “seasoned your pixel” you will want to create another set of ads with a custom audience that are determined by your pixel. You would do this instead of using interest targeting.  In my video example I include the people the viewed the site and excluded the people that already purchased.

custom audiences


Create a “Lookalike Audience” this is where Facebook take a look at all the people that you have pixeled on your site and/or landing page and uses their insanely massive amount of data to create a bigger audience that looks similar to your pixeled audience

Note: these people will not be a warm audience so you will likely not want to use for retargeting

Once your pixel audience is created, serve them your amazing ads.

Lesson #2 People that have Engaged with Your Ads

Ever watch a Video from an ad in You Tube or Facebook and then get retargeted? Well there is a method to that madness as well, you can actually Facebook Ad retarget people based on how much of a video they watched.

As in my Halloween Video Ad Example this method doesn’t require a pixel, Mr. Zukerburg and Facebook know everything..

#1 Step Choose engagement or Video Views when creating your 1st ad set



As in the Halloween Example Facebook will serve the ad to the people that will most likely share, like, or watch the madness.

You need to let it run for a while to get plenty of engagement.


#2 Step Based on Engagement create a second ad set with the custom audience

create custom audience

You can choose things like people who have interacted with the page (comments, likes, shares, etc), people that opened the lead form, and people that have watched the video for a certain amount of time

create audience

Custom Audience will be fans of your business or service and have engaged with you on some level and this will be a nice fan base for your company or offer. In my example I can serve my Halloween people my New Year’s advertising.

Some Pro tips to dominate retargeting

Pro tip #1 Use a Special Offer

These people have seen you site or landing page and shown some sort of interest, sometimes a special offer, a coupon code or discount offer, or and really good free lead magnet, or free shipping might be able to push them over the edge or nudge them to buy from you.  In my Halloween example I remind the people that have viewed the content and not purchased that the there is a pre and after party that is included in their ticket.

Pro tip #2 Audience Segmentation in Retargeting

Imagine knowing that 70% of your traffic was female and serving them gender specific ads that were geared just for them…

With retargeting you can easily base ads on gender, age, etc and design you ads to laser target your audience and appeal to them on a whole new level

Pro tip #3 Use new ads a.k.a creatives

Showing people the exact same ads that brought them to your site in the 1st place may convert ok, but we have found that changing the images, call action, angle, copy etc can really up your ROI.

In my Halloween example the first ad they see is a high converting video, then next will be a high converting image. For the people they just randomly land on the site we can serve them the high converting video first.

Pro tip #4 Messenger Ads and Instagram

The popular apps might get a lot more use from many people these days than big daddy Facebook, you can easily hit up your warm audience here as well. Keep in mind the 5-7 touch rule!!

The Final Word

Retargeting is simply put, a magnificent way to increase conversions and ROI. You are touching the warm audience with your brand or offer many more times on multiple platforms. These people are interested in working with you on some level. Expect to see your conversions go up and a better return on your ad spend if you follow this method and take my advice.

Now go Facebook ad Retarget!