Facebook’s 3 New Relevance Scores for Ads

Facebook recently unveiled new metrics designed to help advertisers more accurately measure ad relevance

Instead of relying on a single comprehensive score, businesses can now take advantage of three ways to measure ad relevance.

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These three metrics include quality, engagement rate, and conversion rate.

So what is negative feedback?
The platform’s relevance scores are calculated based on both the positive and negative feedback that Facebook can expect to receive from a target audience.

There are a number of advantages to knowing the relevance score, such as lower costs to reach people, ability to test ad creative options before running an ad campaign, and the option to optimize ad campaigns that are already in progress.

With the most recent Facebook updates, the social media networking service has eliminated traditional relevance scores from the equation and replaced them with three new metrics.

These include:

⇒ Quality Ranking. This metric is used to determine how your ad’s expected quality compares with Facebook ads that are competing for a similar audience.

⇒ Engagement Rate Ranking. This metric provides advertisers with an in-depth look at the ad’s expected engagement rates in comparison to ads that are competing for a similar target audience.

⇒ Conversion Rate Ranking. This final metric shows how an ad’s expected conversion rate performs in comparison to ads that feature the same goals of optimization and that compete for a similar audience.

While Facebook has unleashed several new changes to their Facebook ad platform, you won’t have to work too hard to get caught up.

In fact, the three new relevance scores provide advertisers with even more opportunities to boost their rankings.
three new relevance scores

In addition, the new relevance scores can help clear up any confusion about what factors are driving scores up and down.

Quality Ranking

The quality ranking is one of the most important metrics when it comes to Facebook ads.

If you have a low-quality ranking, it means that your competitors have ads that are placing higher than yours.

If your ad quality is low, it’s time to take a closer look at your image to ensure that it is clear, concise, engaging, and easy to understand.


Ad from Facebook 6 Image Ad tips

You can help increase your quality ranking by doing the following:

⇒ Showcase your product by posting images of people that are benefiting from your goods.

⇒ Create a focused message that is brief and to the point.

⇒ When it comes to text, less is more. Use a small amount of text to avoid making your images appear cluttered.

less is morevia Giphy

Engagement Rate Ranking

Improving your engagement rate ranking requires you to get creative and find ways to encourage engagement.

One way to accomplish this is with video.

People are more likely to watch a video then look at static content. When creating videos for Facebook, consider the following:

⇒ Personalize your story for your audience. Also, consider creating different versions of the same video for your various target audiences.

⇒ Grab your viewers attention within the first few seconds(scroll stopper). This will help keep them engaged longer.

⇒ Invest in your production equipment. Viewers want to see crisp, clear images – not blurry shots.

⇒ Tell a story with or without sound. Not everyone has a device that is able to use sound or your viewer may be in public and not able to use sound.

no sound

Conversion Rate Ranking

Conversion rate ranking is different than click-through rate.

This metric focuses on the actions that a visitor to your website takes after clicking through to your site.

To make the most of out of your conversions, consider the following:

⇒ Have your ad copy reflect your customs’ intentions. You want your ads to match the goals that your visitors want to accomplish.

⇒ Take the time to test numerous landing pages to ensure that you are providing your visitors with a great experience from the moment they click.

⇒ Try remarketing to boost your quality score and ensure that you are showing your ad to your target audience.

While it can take time to get used to change, Facebook’s introduction of the three new relevance scores has already seen great success among businesses in all industries.
Quality Score

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