Funnel Mastery Review

Funnel Mastery Review

This is a review of Funnel Mastery produced by High Traffic Academy’s Jason McClain

4 Modules with 2-3 5-20 Minute Videos Each

  1. Getting Started
  2. Lading Pages and Driving Traffic
  3. Auto Responders
  4. Retarget Examples

Main Points in order

Make sure you headline matches you ad, and you have a clear message

Make sure the call to action is above the fold

Add a Relevant Video

Implement a/b testing

Use Cues and Arrows for as text for Images and Videos

Display real testimonials

Offer a free trail or guarantee

Traffic sources, Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, Email, Guest Posts, and more

Email Auto respond sequence – Frequency

Day 1 Intro, Day 2 and 3 just be there to exist, Day 5 and Day 7

Email Content, Connect with voice, relate to their problems, first few lines are key, honesty is very critical

People work with people they trust. in order to do business with them you have to spend time with them

Above all deliver value, give them something in every one of the emails, people love giving their opinion

Use 35 Characters in the subject line


SMS #1 Day 1 Thank them for showing interest

SMS #2 Day 7 Give them something of value that is time sensitive

SMS #3 Day 21 Remind then of the value and what is waiting for them and give them incentive to engage and move forward

Shorten Links,,, Google Link Shortener

Mobile Landing page is key

SMS Platforms







Last Module

Retargeting: Ads that follow you around on the Internet once you have been cookied, pay per 1,000 impressions

Funnel Examples

Group On, Value Proposition

PPC Mastery, Free crash course instant credibility

Mixergy optin to content, read more content must subscribe

Divorce Web Site, shows a massive automated back end segments based on on users actions and dynamic code on the website based on segment in the funnel

Finally, demo on Hot Jar for Recordings

Over all, some nice nuggets in the program Funnel Mastery, if your new to online marketing you will get a lot out of this, experts should pass on this, I went through it twice and was able to get some really good ideas.  BUY THIS NOW