Grow With Video Live Master Mind Event with Sean Cannell

Grow With Video Live Mastermind Review

Las Vegas Neighbor Sean Cannell put on a great Grow with Video Live Mastermind event at Red Rock Casino in mid September 2018

I have been working hard the last 8 months on trying to grow my personal brand and You Tube and was excited for the opportunity to get to network with fellow Las Vegas resident Sean Cannell at his Grow with Video Live Mastermind.

Sean has been online for the better part of 10 years and has built up a couple of nice channels Think Media and Video Influencers.

He has a great story of how he used to help with church videos when he first started with just volunteer work for the Sunday Session, learning Adobe Premiere and then started with his own channel later on and then on to the big 2 above.

One thing I have noticed is when you get the opportunity to support someone like joining their mastermind, generally they will go out of their way to help you when you ask them.  I have had plenty of success with this method with guys like Chris Record, John Crestani, Jose RiveraRonnie Sandlin, and Jordan Schultz. To this day I invested with all of these guys, heavy in some cases and they all have helped me advance my internet marketing career tremendously.

The Grow With Video Live Event was 2 days and unfortunately I couldn’t make that event, but did make day #3 for the mastermind and was certainly glad I did!

Here is the video I shot talking about my takeaways form the event, please check it out is loaded with golden nuggets!

Other amazing things that happened – I met another local, Mike of the SquattinCassanova channel, and him and I are going to do a collaboration shoot in.  We had some nice synergy since he is the pick up of women business and I own a Bachelor Party company.

Finally to end the day, Sean had a nice networking social hour with drinks and views and he was nice enough to do a shoot with me so we could talk about his latest product VRA2 or Video Ranking Academy 2.0.  I am excited to take this course and leave a review on it coming soon, check out the interview here: