Hot Jar: A Must-Try Tool for Data Gathering and Interpretation

What is Hot Jar?

Hot Jar is a software and a tool that website owners can add to their website to collect data.

It is fast and uses visual means of data interpretation.

The website owners can use the data to create changes in the website and make them more useful for the business.


What is the installation process of Hot Jar?

Hot Jar is reasonably easy to install.

You can visit Hot Jar here and install the software.

The instructions are simple and divided based on the platform you are using.

What are the payment plans for Hot Jar?

Hot Jar has four plans

  1. Basic plan: It is free of cost and will last forever. You can collect data from up to 2000 page views per day.
  2. Plus plan: The plus plan starts at $29 per month, and you can gather data on 10,000 page views per day. There are a 15 days trial and a money-back guarantee, among other benefits.
  3. Business plan: Business plan allows data accumulation of 20,000 page views per day at $89 per month. There are other plans under this banner based on page views.
  4. Agency plan: The website does not list the rates for agency plans. However, you can contact them if you are an agency that works for several clients.

The plans are well-thought-out.

You only need to figure out your necessities and choose a payment plan that coincides well with them.


You do not need to put in your credit card details to use the service for free.

What are the various features of Hot Jar?

You can check the behavior of the people who come to the website using

⇒ Heat maps
⇒ Recordings
⇒ Conversion funnels

You can also use it to take feedback by using features like
⇒ Incoming feedback
⇒ Feedback polls
⇒ Surveys

Why should you choose Hot Jar?

The visual representation of the data makes the information extremely easy to understand.

The software’s ability to gather data and create a report that is easy to understand adds to the experience.

Also, you can share the report with your colleagues and experts once you have established the places that need improvement.

Who should use Hot Jar?

Marketers: It is an excellent tool for marketers to get feedback from clients or potential clients who are coming to the website.

Product managers: The product managers can use the tool to establish how users are utilizing the website, removing the guesswork, and making the experience better.

UX designers: The UX designers can use the information to use where the users are getting stuck to ease the flow.


As an owner of several websites, Hot Jar has allowed me an insight into the user experience with several sites that I own.

I am using this information to make tangible changes to the website.

The tool does not ensure better performance of the website.

However, if you choose to utilize the data in hand efficiently, you will benefit your business and your clients.

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