This is where the fun starts and you can bring out your creative side. When you spy on a competitor and swipe their ad copy that may work for a while but the real money will be when you model competitor copy, put your own twist a.k.a. the angle on it and make it even more clever. - Brian 

How does Ford market their trucks?

We've all heard the slogan Built Ford Tough. They claim to be the toughest trucks on the planet. I'm sure we've all seen the commercials where they put a massive amount of payload in the truck, withstands the weight.

The "toughness" is what we call an "angle."

It's how companies approach their marketing; they create an angle.

This is what we call an angle. It's how companies approach their marketing, they create an angle.

Let's look at some other car company slogans and see if they sound familiar:

  • Porsche: "There is no substitute"
  • Volkswagen: "Drivers wanted"
  • Audi: "Never follow"
  • Acura: "The road will never be the same"
  • Saturn: "A different kind of company a different kind of car"
  • Chevrolet: "An American Revolution"

By having a different marketing angle, each of these cars appears to be in a different market and not in direct competition with each other.

1. How you can use angles in affiliate marketing

Most people don't understand how to implement marketing angles properly.

Overtime, in affiliate marketing, you understand this is one of the most important aspects of a campaign.

Most people think about these:

  • Headline
  • Image
  • Description of the ad
  • Call to action

You approach campaigns from a higher level when looking at the angles.

A typical newbie affiliate would instead try to test 10-20 images and see which one performs the best.

But you want to pick certain angles and test those first. Angles will help you understand why an image works, and how you can replicate success in the future.

The core of each campaign is marketing, don't just get caught up in the clicks, optimization, images.

At the end of the day you're creating an angle getting to a certain audience.


Let's look at the dating niche.

You're running a female offer and your target market is guys.

Guys tend to be more visual. They like looking at images with a lot of skin and other robust features. I am sure you have been on Instagram and seen girls in thongs with enormous followings.

Typically, women are emotional, so a love and relationship angle would play a more significant part.

2. Here's some examples of angles we could use:

Let's think of some attractive men (Women have a stereotype of what they want in a man).

  • Young entrepreneur showing success
  • Schoolboy nerdy type
  • Buff guy with his shirt off
  • Animal lover type
All these are standard type of guys, but which one's going to work the best for your affiliate campaign?

Remember the key in affiliate marketing is to get a high click-through rate so we can pay less for traffic.

If you launched one image of each of the above angles, you probably would not get an excellent sample of what works.

You will want to find images of four images of each angle or sixteen images, which will give you a better idea.

Let's look at some hypothetical data

  • Young entrepreneur with a car: average CTR = 1.7%
  • Schoolboy nerdy type: average CTR = 1.3%
  • Buff guy with his shirt off: average CTR = 0.7%
  • Animal lover type: average CTR 0.6%

Based on these numbers we can conclude the young entrepreneur has the highest CTR.

But you're going to want to look at all the images and check their CTR and you might notice School Boy Nerdy Type has one image that had a 1.8% CTR.

You might want to keep that one in the rotation as well.

There are no hard-fast rules to follow here, look at your data side which is going to be the best for your marketing angle.

We have a winning angle what do we do now?

Expanding the Angle

Big surprise women like men with money…

No, it's not really a big surprise we see it all the time, especially in Las Vegas!

Test a more targeted offer. Instead of Plenty of Fish maybe try a wealthy man type of offer like

Hit the ads hard. Now that we know that certain kinds of images work better than others, test out 20 + images that are similar.

You're going to want your angle to affect the landing page. Test out different headlines angle test out different cars, different men, see what works.

Try out more angles. In the above sample, we test it out for angles until we have a winner, but there could be another out there that is even better. We just haven't tested it yet.

You get better and better with testing your campaign.

The entire process will become more powerful and more profitable. You'll learn what works and what doesn't and pay successes off other successes.

You'll soon have a super profitable campaign and know what works for that offer, and you can try other Traffic sources.

How Do You Come up With Angles?

There's no exact process for coming up with angles. The best thing you can do is just sit down and brainstorm.

Here are some tips that I use:

3. Put yourself in their position

Use your imagination and visualize yourself as a 35 year old woman. What type of men would they like?

How about if you were to come up angle for battery life. Most people's phones are always dying.

Maybe you can develop an angle where individual carriers and certain phones have a prolonged battery life.

You're going to want to research and understand the mindset of your target audience.

I like to look at forums for certain markets times; you can find great angles on forums.

Typically,  people take about their biggest pain points on a forum, and you can learn how they talk with the terminology they use.

Another idea is going to a retail store and if you're looking to market something online and they sell it in the store, go in and talk to potential customers, find out what their pain points are. Find out what they're looking for as far as benefits go.

4. Looking at bigger companies for inspiration

In many cases, most of the good angles have been around for years. The larger companies have already marketed to these angles.

They have done a lot of research and ran a lot of traffic on working marketing.

5. The Life Force 8

Can you align your angle with any of the above?

Why do women like entrepreneurs with a nice car?

Most likely because #1, #3, #4, #5, #6, #8.

6. More angle ideas

I want to give you a few more examples of awesome angles we've used to understand better how to work on your angles. Keep in mind current events can be a nice angle as well.

  • Solar panels - save money on your electric bill is one big angle, government is giving away free solar panels is another angle.
  • Weight loss - looking good for spring break is one angle, another angle is losing within 5 days with this product
  • Testosterone boosting product - one angle is the product delivers a better sex drive. Another angle could be feel young again.
  • Student loan debt: One angle could be lower your payment. Another angle could be government is offering student debt relief to lower what you owe.

Developing a system

Hopefully, these examples have given you some ideas and I've been able to show you how essential angles can be an affiliate marketing.

We've had campaigns literally go from losing money to making a ton of money just by changing the angle even slightly in some cases.

As a team, we have systems in place to launch campaigns quickly.

We do a lot of spying and a lot of industry research to see what's working and then formulate a plan and angles based on that.

If something doesn't work, no hard feelings, there are 1000's of angles and campaigns to test. Just like in trading stocks, you can't let emotions get involved.

If you try something and it doesn't work, move on to the next.

One thing's for sure; if you find an angle that no one else has tapped into, you can make tons of money.

People have sold lots of crazy stuff on infomercials just based on angles.

A new angle can be worth millions!!


Now that you have an offer, brainstorm six new angles for your offer. Once you have those, jot it down, do some research, and see if other people have come up with the same ideas.

If you come up with something new and creative, test, test, test, and see if your idea is congruent to the market!

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