How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

Most businesses wish they could get an insider’s view of exactly how their competitors create and run such profitable Facebook ads.

By understanding how others in your industry do it, you can improve the quality of your own Facebook advertising resulting in an increase in customers and sales.

Facebook Ad spy tools are commonly used to analyze and review the ads of competitors, giving your business an advantage.

Learn more about how you can utilize innovative Facebook tools to spy on your competitors.

Gaining Leverage

One of the biggest advantages of spying on your competitors’ Facebook ads is the ability to gain leverage for your business.

Remember that you don’t want to steal your competitors’ work, but rather examine what works for them to see if the same tactics could also work for you.

There are two main ways to spy on your competitions’ Facebook ads, including:

➡️ Facebook native advertising tools
➡️ Third-party tools

Spying on the Competition


Facebook offers a free spy tool that was recently introduced in 2018.

The goal of this tool was to show what pages are running what types of ads.

While this can be useful in a number of ways, marketers are using it to their advantage by seeing what ads their competitors are running at any given time.

One limitation to consider when using this method is that you can only see what ads are currently running, not past ads.

However, since most businesses continue using ads that work, this method can be very beneficial.

Spying on your competition using this free Facebook tool can drastically cut down on your research, give you a good understanding of what your competition is spending, and will essentially put your business a step ahead.

Once you have discovered ads that seem successful, you can use the idea and put your own unique twist on a campaign.

Another option involves the use of external advertising tools.

There are various third party tools available that can help you spy on your competitor’s Facebook accounts by searching a database of past ads.

Don’t settle on just one tool as the use of multiple tools can lead to a higher rate of success.

Here is a list of some of the tools that can be used to spy on the ads of your competitors:

➡️ Facebook’s ‘Info and Ads’ Tool
➡️ AdEspresso’s Ads Examples
➡️ AdSpy (PAID)
➡️ Big Spy (FREE)
➡️ Ecom Hunt (Ecom)
➡️ Drop Point (Ecom)

Reverse Engineering

While the various spy tools available can help you acquire an understanding of what is working for your competitors on Facebook, they’re not the only resources available.

If you want to get an even deeper understanding of how your competitors run their ads, consider reverse engineering.

You can also choose to visit your competitors’ landing pages or even retrieve their free offers to determine what lead magnets they’re creating.

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Using Facebook Ad Spy Tools

Research can go a long way towards determining what Facebook advertisements work and which do not.

With the use of the Facebook ad spy tool and other third party tools, you can gain a deeper understanding of your target market and audience.

With more information and resources at your disposal, you can build successful ad campaigns on Facebook that are even better than those posted by your competition.

While online marketing success doesn’t always happen overnight, using these tools can get your business one step closer to your set objectives.