How we sold out the Haunted Halloween Ball at The Congress The Facebook ads breakdown

 Another stellar year for the in 2016 as we sold out the day of with 1900 tickets


We started the tickets at $20 for the Pre Sales, then to $30, then $40 and finally up to $70


For the Facebook advertising I picked a couple of Images of pretty ladies that were with in the facebook terms of service, not to much skin etc















The mentality here was guy love to look at pretty ladies and so to women


It worked well as I was able to split test the two images and quickly pick the winner after about a $40 ad spend.


I started with a $20 per Image budget and the used the New Facebook Pixel as the conversion 


I structured a conversion as a person that landed on the blog post and then clicked the actual Halloween web site.  We ran the ads as page post ad.


Here is the blog post I wrote:


They idea on Facebook to get the pattern interrupt with the pretty ladies images and then sell with out selling as you can see by the copy and the blog post I was never pushing people into a sale just warming then up with benefits, like a scary hotel for a Halloween event etc


We started the ads in early late September when the pre sales were gone


Did it work??


Well of course it did my team and I are on track to do over a million dollars in ad spend this year on Facbeook and this method is killing it for us day in a day out.


Check out the results

Mobile Window Conversion 1 day we were down to $1.06 a Conversion


Mobile Window Conversion 7 day we were still $1.18 a Conversion


We tried desktop and mobile and mobile was clearly the better conversions


Pretty solid considering ticket prices were $30 and most people buy 2 or more so average of $45ish paying $1.06 to get a $45 sales is a good day in my book