How To Remove Your Facebook Search History and More Privacy Tools Coming Soon

Have you ever wanted to remove your search history on Facebook?

Facebook and many other internet-based companies are in the hot seat these days when it comes to data protection and data sharing.

Recently, Facebook has unveiled a new tool to control how websites share your data, more on that below, but first, let’s walk you through step by step on how to clear your Facebook search history on desktop and mobile.

Here is how to clear your search history step by step on the desktop:




For Mobile:



After you have cleared your search history you may be wondering how other web sites share your data and you guessed it Facebook is on top of this by allowing you the user if you want your data shared with 3rd party sites.

A new feature (Clear History) has been added to Facebook in select geographies.

It was announced last year by the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.

This feature can be used to delete all the data that the third-party websites and apps share with Facebook.

It has been renamed to Off-Facebook Activity.

This has been done specifically to ensure that everyone knows what data is being revealed.

This has been confirmed by David Baser, who works as the director of product management.

How does this feature work?

A demo video by Baser shows the steps a user has to take to see what applications are sending what information to Facebook.

This feature allows you to stop the data-sharing (if you wish) on the website, app-level or across the board.

The range of new transparency tools around advertising and content has been added to the platform after Facebook came under the scrutiny of The Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Another factor that has led to the rise in the number of tools is the spreading of misinformation on the platform.

The task which this feature does not perform

This feature does not delete any of the data a third party might have gathered about your online endeavors.

It only breaks the connection between that data and the information available on Facebook.

All the old data linked with the account is deleted in this process.

The impact of using this feature

If you decide to use this feature and disconnect your off-Facebook activity, your Facebook account will be logged out from any website or app where you have used Facebook login.

Baser argued that maintaining this connection is beneficial for both consumers and businesses because this assists Facebook is showing only relevant ads on the platform.

These features have been made and publicized to ensure that they are known to all.

Also, these are accessible from the main setting, making them extremely easy to use.

Facebook has created a comprehensive surface like no other available in the market.

The easy navigability of the feature and the ability to get more information progressively makes it a very effective tool.

As per Facebook, they worked with privacy experts to create this feature and had to alter the way they stored data to make it viewable and controllable for the users.

There are chances of improvement, like the control of certain types of data.

This may include purchase history or location data, but only if there is a demand for it. As very few people are aware of types of data, the demand is unlikely to rise anytime soon.

At present, the Off-Facebook Activity tool is available in Ireland, South Korea, and Spain. It will expand to additional countries in the future.

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