Infusionsoft Hype Campaign

One of the most amazing things about InfusionSoft is that the platform can basically be used for an excitement campaign. In case it’s the first time you have heard of an excitement campaign, it’s a series of messages (email, text, call) aimed at hyping up your customer’s visit. This is also a great opportunity to up-sell.

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By now, you probably already know at least the basics of InfusionSoft, if not, you can check out my previous blogs about InfusionSoft to get you started. This isn’t going to be a whole new process, all you really need to do is to create a new sequence that’s dedicated for customers who have already booked their trip.

Right now you might be asking what’s the point of creating an excitement campaign? There are a lot of reasons it’s in your best interest to create one, for my business, I mainly do it to make my customers look forward to their trip. This technique is also done to keep the customers from retracting their booking, this is very important since anything can happen during the waiting period.

Basically the whole idea is to make them feel good working with you by building the excitement from the time they put down their deposit until the day they get to use the service or get your product. In the excitement campaigns that I make, providing tips, guides, and up-selling are among the things I make sure to do.

To state a few examples, one email may contain tips like reminding them to bring sunscreen, a pair of shades, or even a pair of earplugs because clubs here in Vegas can get crazy loud with their music. The idea on this email is to create trust and to make them like you. This part is crucial especially that transactions these days are mostly done on the Internet, so there’s very little personal interaction. And to bridge that gap, make sure to send emails like these.

Next up, after you’ve sent them an email/emails aimed at giving them tips or probably introducing yourself, you are now ready to up-sell. It is really important for you to only up-sell relevant products, because if you throw in everything (imagine up-selling frying pans on a bachelor party), your customers might think you’re employing dirty tricks just to make more money.

The way you position these offers are paramount, an example of a product from one of my excitement campaigns is an IV drip service. You might think how the heck is an IV service relevant to Bachelor Vegas? I tell them that if they get too drunk or hungover, they can let us know if an IV drip would interest them to get them back up and running and ready to have more fun!

I up-sell a lot of things during the Excitement Campaign but I make sure to space it out in a few days so to make sure that my emails aren’t too long. Most people these days don’t like reading long emails, so that’s one thing to remember. One one email I offer the IV service and, our sister site where customers can get event tickets or concert tickets in Vegas.

On another email, I can go ahead and up-sell Open-door helicopter rides, ATVs in the desert and Shooting Experiences on the next. There are a lot of ways on how you can make this very effective. One thing that I do is I include a video of myself and my business partner ripping up sand dunes on an ATV and other activities.

So in summary, make sure to warm things up with an intro email or an email with tips and guides for the trip/service they’re getting from you, then you build from there. Once you are sure that the trust and hype have been established, go ahead and up-sell. Make sure your offers are relevant. This may be a daunting task at first but if you do this right, an Excitement Campaign can really give a lot of value to your business.