Let me ask you a question, do you wake up every day knowing that you are going to make $1000 or more??

Another question is can you wake up whenever you want??

I know that most of you reading this will answer “NO” to both the questions.

I have been there, don’t worry; I know how you are feeling. That feeling like you spent the prime of your life helping build someone else’s dream or make someone else richer.

You are likely in a “trading your time for money” situation and or the famous “JOB” which in my world means just over broke! I am guessing you found me because you realize there is more to life then the
  • 8am to 4pm lifestyle
  • 2 weeks of vacation
  • A boss or co-workers you can’t stand
  • Or an unfulfilling job with no future
I have a passion for serving my students and I work extremely hard to build systems that will help anyone on this amazing journey succeed. Success takes hard work and massive action, if you read this entire guide and do nothing its like you have never read it, take action, make money enjoy life - Brian

Now imagine this: you wake up when your body tells you it’s time to wake up naturally, you log into your business portal and you have made more while you slept then you made in a week at your “JOB

How is this all possible??

Well this is how it’s been for me for nearly the past 5 years of my life.

Does that get you excited??  Don’t worry I am going to show you how, later on…

It’s now 2019 and the last 2 years for me we broke into the 7-figures range in revenue and 2019 is really looking up!!

I am sure you have seen or heard about this guru or that app developer or this You Tuber making millions off a start-up.

I am guessing you think like me, like man I wish I could get on that gravy train or get a piece of that action?

Well you actually can and you have already taken the 1st step to making it happen for yourself. The opportunity is right in front you on the internet and the underground industry has been around since the early 2000’s and it’s called affiliate marketing.

I think by now we have all seen an ad pop up on a phone or an annoying banner on a website??

Did you even wonder what’s going on behind the scenes?

Most likely an affiliate is behind it 

So what does an Affiliate do? We in broad terms help companies acquire customer and generate leads, calls etc.

Here is a 30,000 foot view of what an affiliate marketer does:

  1. We typically buy advertising form traffic sources such as Facebook and Google
  2. We have landing pages or web sites that we use to promote other people’s products
  3. We get paid a commission when we generate a lead, sale, or phone call depending on the offer
  4. The difference between what we spend on advertising and what we are paid via commissions is our profit or loss.

In many cases we are acting as the marketing department for these companies and we are paid for help in acquiring customers

There are so many ways to make money online, Shopify and Amazon FBA just to name a couple, but here is why I choose affiliate marketing

  • You don’t have to deal with customers
  • You rarely if ever have any contracts to sign, if you want to stop working for a company you simply just stop
  • You can have location freedom, all  you need is a laptop and an internet connection
  • As you can see from the above, sky is the limit on the amount of profit you can make realistic $5-10K profit days with a hot campaign
  • You typically never have to meet in person with anyone, usually Skype conversations or text message is about as close as you have to get
  • You don’t have to hold any inventory or fill and ship any boxes

Your job is the Market!

There is no shortage of companies wanting more leads, so this business is booming and the opportunity couldn’t be better.

So Why am I creating this guide for you???

There are so many fake experts out there giving out this training and that course, unfortunately some of these guys, a few who I know personally, had success a number of years ago and now make money just selling the information of the past instead of actually doing the affiliate marketing.

The are many ads on You Tube, Facebook etc, everyone trying to sell you the “next shiny object”

I have actually seen a couple of bigger YOU TUBERS, not naming names talk about affiliate marketing and you could just tell they had no idea about what they were talking about, I couldn't believe it.

I know it can get frustrating with this informational overload.

I want to make you a great guide that breaks the entire business model down in step by step system.

This wasn’t easy to create, yes all this information is out there on the internet, but to put it all together and make sense of it all would take years, and none of us have that kind of time.

I spent countless nights putting this source together for you and I decided to give it away FREE!!

Why would I do this, what is the catch??

     A. I am fairly new to the expert space

I recently started building my team, systems, social channels, etc, and I really have always had a passion for helping people. I feel the more people I serve value to, the more value the world will return to me.

     B. I want be THE Affiliate Marketing Authority and Go to Source for powerful information

With a team of media buyers and many successful students, I get opportunities that no one else gets like 1st cracks at prime offers, speaking opportunities, and network of successful people that is 2nd to no one

     C. This is an opportunity for you to know, like, and trust me and as we go into much more advanced topics, I occasionally offer coaching to students that would like to speed up their learning curve and turn this into a business, as I have done.

Offering you a ton of value for free in this guide, my blog, and YouTube Channel is a better strategy then trying to “get the sale” off the bat.

 I usually wait until I have something that is “crushing it” before I will even consider making an offer.

For me, I have 7-9 streams of income these days at any given time and certainly do not need to sell coaching or information to make a living.

I do it out of my passion to help people succeed, you see I have been there - $89,000 in credit card debt just 4 years ago, every month having no idea how I'd pay all the bills. 

If I can help one person learn the skills it takes to make it in this business and come out of a debt hell hole like I was in, then it makes it all worth it to me.

So who should be reading this guide?

Most of you have never heard of affiliate marketing before; if you have you likely don’t know much about it.

My goal here is to take you from a complete newbie to launching your 1st campaign. 

This is a marathon not a sprint and the journey begins here with your 1st step, this will be the map through the jungle to guide you.

I want you to have realistic expectations here, this is not the proverbial “easy button” to “making millions” in a week.

My goal here is to build a foundation that will help you develop fundamentals and the ability to think for yourself on a path to succeed in this space.

Having something like this would have saved me so much time and money for that matter when I first started.

For those of you that already have experience this will be a nice refresher course and who knows maybe you will dig up a golden nugget or three.

Brian Pfeiffer aka The Marketing MeatHead who am I?

I am known as America’s Lead Generation and Promotions Expert.

I discovered social media in the mid 2000’s and mastered generating leads from social media back in the “My Space” days

I started really getting serious about Affiliate marketing in 2014, and have had multiple million dollar years ever since.

Not only have I been a business owner since 2002, I now write and speak on the subject as well.

It wasn’t always like this.

In 2008-2010 I and many others took a beating in the great recession. I found myself in the middle of living beyond my means when my income dropped.

After accumulating nearly 6 figures in credit card debt I turned to affiliate marketing as my “Side Hustle” and never looked back.

My biggest issue was always running multiple companies and trying to run campaigns, there just wasn’t enough hours in the day.

The best success I had was when I brought in a “newbie” media buyer to help scale a profitable campaign I had and I that led me to my 1st six figure month!

This is where the good news starts, not only do I have the ability to create awesome profitable campaigns, but I have a knack for teaching students how to succeed as well.

So Here is How it works

This is a whale of a guide.

I recommend you go through once in full to grasp the entire model.
Once you ready to make your 1st campaign you can always come back to certain sections.
Please complete the homework at the end of each section, it’s there for you to really grasp the concept well.


  • Introduction
  • What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Mindset Training
  • Affiliate Networks we use
  • Free vs. Paid traffic
  • Offers
  • Traffic Sources
  • Ads and Copywriting
  • Landing Pages
  • Hosting
  • Tracking
  • Launching a Campaign
  • Optimizing a Campaign
  • A Strategy for Newbies
  • Here is my personal tool and resource guide
  • What is the next step

My Final Word

This business requires real work and effort on your end.

The information below will not get you anywhere if you don’t take massive action. 

I myself have been there and have been caught in a massive information vortex and in the end found myself never taking any action and then eventually forgetting what I learned.

The best formula is to put something into action before you move on the next thing.

Put the work in…

You will be glad you did.

Brian Pfeiffer

Brian Pfeiffer a.k.a The Marketing Meathead