Robin Hood Trading and Nano Ledger to keep your Crypto Safe

Hey what’s up Meat Heads? Today I’m gonna talk about how to keep your crypto safe. Word of trade coming soon and the big crash that happened today.

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Alright welcome back so I wanted to go over obviously some news that came out, you know you can pretty much Google anything right now and find out more bad news pushes bitcoin’s value below nine thousand, couple of things of note. Facebook basically said that you know they’re gonna restrict anything cryptocurrency ad-wise on the various platforms.

That’s pretty bad news for us since we’re Facebook affiliate marketers. Also, basically the Securities and Exchange Commission announced it was shutting down a cryptocurrency project called AriseBank. Said it was fraud and then there was from a couple of days ago the Tether subpoena happened so a lot of bad news for crypto and obviously the price of bitcoin is down eighty six hundred right now and Ethereum at nine fifty, I don’t know what to talk about Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash good thing I don’t own a lot of that.

But everything across the board if you take a look here I mean, it’s negatives. Down, all the way down, twenty, thirty, seventeen, you know, there’s one, Tether actually went up a little bit surprisingly. Twenty six percent, thirty percent, you know, it’s pretty much across the board.

So you know, it’s not looking pretty in crypto world today but you know, just probably the last crash a couple of weeks ago, this will probably a temporary setback. Probably a good time, if you’re looking into getting into crypto to buy right now. Bitcoin at eighty, you know eighty five hundred roughly, Ethereum under a thousand, I would definitely pick up some Ethereum if you can swing it, maybe get a couple Ethereums so you can play around with some of the altcoins when they start going back up, I did buy a couple of Ethereum more, more Ethereum today myself. I think it’s a good time to buy.

So let’s talk about when you do buy some you know, well first off where can you buy Ethereum and you know, Bitcoin and whatnot. I mean Coinbase is kind of a go-to for everyone but they have really high fees so let’s talk a second about Robinhood, okay. Here is my affiliate link for Robinhood trading platform, this is coming.

Basically they have a, you know Robinhood is a stock trading platform and if you sign up with the link below you’ll get a free stock and I’ll get a free stock I mean it could be, I think it was $3 stock when I signed up so it wasn’t much.

Basically you get you know, here’s a screenshot of what the app looks like. Right now it’s just an app, it’s not a desktop version and basically it’s a stock trading app and they’re gonna have crypto here see, get Robinhood crypto, click here and you can see like the past twenty four hours it doesn’t look to good.

You can invite your friends here and you know they can get a stock, you know that’s pretty much it. I mean it’s real simple to use as far as I can tell. I put a hundred dollars in and then I got the three dollars and forty seven stock and the money was available right away.

It’s supposedly a no fee app so basically you can trade without fees, now I think the drawback to that is if you’re playing in like beginner or novice stages you know you can buy on this app and they’re getting the money somehow. They’re not gonna build a you know, maintain an app not charging any fees.

So I think the way it actually works is you’re paying just a hair more for the you know the crypto, if you’re buying crypto or stock. If you become like really big and you’re investing like hundreds of thousands or millions even then you probably wouldn’t wanna use Robinhood because the app is more for you know the beginners and the intermediary people that are trying to avoid the fees but you’re actually paying a little bit more for the actual stock and that’s where they’re making the money on the spreads so I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. There’s no way they can have a you know, app and maintain you know the customer service and everything like that without getting some money somewhere, it’s just not realistic.

So that’s it, I mean that’s Robinhood. You can go ahead and sign up through my Robin Hood link, get the app, download the app. You can use the app right now. Crypto is not live yet on here but it will be soon. So that’s a great place to check it out.  And full disclaimer we each get a stock!

And then you know here’s what the website looks like when you sign up. So that’s Robinhood, right now if you wanna buy some Bitcoin, eighty six hundred on Coinbase roughly, Ethereum about nine fifty, I actually bought it at just under nine hundred, I’m not too worried about a little fluctuation like that. I’m pretty confident that Ethereum is gonna go back over a thousand in the next week so, so far my confidence has been pretty good, I’ve been able to predict a few things so we’ll see.

And you know, like I said it’s a bloodbath out there today, I wouldn’t stress it too much but if you’re gonna buy, then buy in today. Now once you have cryptocurrency assets what you wanna do is, you wanna go ahead and get yourself a nano ledger wallet. That’s what I’m recommending, okay.

And basically let’s go here to the website, this is the Nano Ledger S, okay. I just ordered this. Right now they’re sold out. I think so many people are getting into the crypto world. Basically a buy online right here. Seventy nine Euros, that comes out to about a hundred bucks with shipping and everything.

And then what I did is, if you click on this link, you can sign up through my link and I’m actually an affiliate for them. And the affiliates are actually, if you scroll down to the bottom of the website here, there’s an affiliate link down here, okay. You click on affiliates and then basically you know, you have an account, I bought the one Nano Ledger mine through my account.

So I actually got paid a commission, $7.90. So if you wanna save $7.90 on the actual purchase of your Nano Ledger sign up as an affiliate then buy through your affiliate link, okay.

And then once you get the, it’s not coming out until like… March is the next shipment possibly. So once you have the Nano Ledger wallet basically that’s just like a digital storage and what you can do is, you’ll plug it into your computer, you’ll transfer your Ether tokens. You know your altcoin tokens or Ethereum, your Bitcoin, you can transfer it all on your wallet and then that wallet once you unplug it from the computer, basically you’re off the grid, okay.

It’s not possible to get hacked when you’re off the grid I mean you’re… basically all this digital currency is like basically code and once that code is on the wallet, they can’t take it off. If it’s not plugged in, there’s no way to get to it.

So, if you lose that wallet, well then you’re gonna have a problem, so I would suggest, if you’re into this for the long haul and you think crypto is the way to go as a nice investment for you know multiple years down the road, you wanna buy some bitcoin now while it’s low, some Ethereum while it’s low, take it, get your Nano Ledger wallet. Put it in the computer, put it on the wallet, take it out and you go put it on the safety deposit box, and that way, it’s there. Sitting there, you own it, check back in six months, a year, two years from now, let’s see where we’re at, okay.

So that’s my suggestion, so my affiliate links are below for the Robinhood, sign up through me and my affiliate links below for the ledger wallet as well and I guess now is the time to get into crypto guys. So stay tuned we’ll see you on the next video, thanks!