Landing Page Secrets Review

Landing Page Secrets Review

Another product from Jason McClain from High Traffic Academy

Claims to be the “Ultimate Formula” to get you an idea of a Landing Page that Will convert

4 Modules in with 2-4 Videos in Each

  1. Building The Right Landing Page
  2. Converting Your Landing Page
  3. Design, Colors, Content
  4. Track Your Users

Key Points from the training, learn the “One Second Rule”

Make sure you have a dedicated landing page for each traffic source

Write down your purpose

Factors you can Control

  1. Call to Actions
  2. Relevance of the page
  3. Length of page
  4. Make sure your headline matches you ad message
  5. Message and landing page are congruent
  6. Make sure you have error validation on your form
  7. Optimal Blend of content
  8. What your messages will be

On The Landing Page, you need to have a focal point and that needs to create a path to success

Make your call to action pop, use directions, cues, arrows etc

Conversion Prediction Formula

Conversion Prediction Formula














Secrets from your customer chart review

Buying Secrets






Colors-They Send a message

Yellow-grabs attentions youth and optimistic

Red-is the power of energy and creates urgency, Often seen with sales and with references to food

Orange-is aggressive power and good for calls to actions

Pink-feminine and romantic, market to women

Blue-this is for trust, police, government

Green-associated with wealth and easiest on the eye

Black-Illustrates royalty and power

Brown-is soothing and calming


Write for people and not search engines

Make the headline impactful, goal is to get 1st sentence read

Tailor you content based on audience

What is effective ad copy

Chunking, Relevance, Accuracy


Click Tail

Hot Jar, Jason did a demo of this

Crazy Egg

Must Have Resources

Auto Responder

Email Verification

List Management


This is more like notes from the product than a review.  After going through this course a couple of times you will have a good understanding of what makes a great landing page and formula for predicting success.  If you are new to Internet marketing then this is for you. If you a seasoned veteran than most of this will be common knowledge.