How to Make Money on Yelp Without Spending Advertising Dollars

How to Make Money From Yelp

Here are Some Ninja Tricks for Making Money on Yelp

Brian Pfeiffer aka The Marketingmeathead runs a VIP Hosting company in Las Vegas, Chicago, La, and Miami.

This video shows how I make money for on Yelp without spending money on Yelp Ads.

I tried the paid route for a few months and was not getting any results, maybe 1 or 2 visits a week and no sales. I am not saying paid ads do not work, they do in some industries, I used to buy ads for the party bus company that I used to own and had a nice return on investment and a buddy of mine owns a plumbing company and kills it with Yelp ads he claims he spends $3K an month and gets a solid ROI.  They just didn’t work with my hosting company.

I knew there was business for the hosting company on Yelp because I had an affiliate that was sending me a ton of leads off Yelp
without spending a dollar. The Video above shows a couple of ninja tricks that work wonders for leads and helped me get about $1,000 to $3,000 a month in business without spending a dollar.

1.) Get reviews in front of the the eyeballs in your industry

2) Find an Elite Yelper to write a review where the eyeballs are in your industry Note, you will get your review removed if you promote your company under another company, as you can see in the sample

I do not promote Surreal Night Life, my guy Mike mentions me and my cell only


Most people will not think of these two ninja tricks, but I promise you they work and will get you leads.

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