Networking Still Has Value

Networking Still Has Value

by Brian Pfeiffer

Networking Still Has Value

My good friend Joel Comm was in Las Vegas and decided to take some initiative and invite some of his Las Vegas Connects to a meet up the Stratosphere 107 Level Lounge for a quick 2 hour networking mixer from 4-6pm.  I rarely get a chance to go to these types of events, but should make it a point to go more often.  Nowadays much of my day is perched in front of my PC with little face to face people interaction.

I had the pleasure of meeting tech and product review expert Chris Voss , success coach A.J.Puedan , and content writer Diana Lammerts. It was great to network with some other talented marketers and entrepreneurs and who knows there might be an opportunity to get some business going with some of the these successful people

Chris Voss is working on getting more meet ups in Las Vegas for tech people and invited me to join the meet up group.  I want to thank Joel Comm for his efforts and excited to get some great networking going with my new friends

I encourage all of my readers to get out there a join a networking great and get some face to face interaction going on.

Written by Brian Pfeiffer