Many of today's sophisticated traffic sources don't require tracking tools the artificial intelligence of today's pixels make it easier than ever to make a profit with minimal optimization.  if you want to really master this section get good at spying and spend a ton of time researching before you launch this will increase your chances of success -Brian 

When it comes to any profession just about every master has tools.

A surgeon can’t operate without knives and stitching tools.

Affiliate marketing is no different. There are certain tools that'll make life easier and are essential for success.

Since I use these tools on a regular basis, I've made it easy for you and will vouch for you on all of the following tools.

1. Affiliate Networks – You will need them

Think of an Affiliate Network Marketplace for offers.

Without a marketplace you don’t have offers to promote.

It's free to join and you never actually pay them anything, they make a percentage from what you generate conversion wise.

Why A4D?

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of affiliate networks out there, most are not newbie-friendly.

Generally, if you have no experience most of the top networks will not even consider you.

You end up wasting a lot of time filling out forms, and never get accepted.

Another problem we've run into is, some affiliate networks have kind of a bad reputation in the industry. This has become less and less of an issue over time.

This is why I recommend A4D CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

I have worked with them for years and they never done me wrong and typically have pretty good offers that convert well.

You can sign up here and reference Chad McKenzie our Affiliate Manager when you sign up.

This is my number one recommendation.

My number two recommendation is a group called Common Acquire.

They run a lot of native traffic intended to let affiliates run similar offers on Facebook.

We have had a lot of success with most of their offers they've allowed us to run.

Here's my sign up link four common acquire CLICK HERE

2. Let's talk about tracking software

There are a number of tracking tools out there, at the end of the day it really doesn't matter which one you choose but you must be able to track your campaigns.

Without tracking you cannot optimize your data, it’s that simple.

You need to know exactly what's going on with your ads at the first click you get.

The only way to make money in affiliate marketing is when you're able to make data-driven decisions.

My recommendation is Click Tool

Cost $49 a month, start with the lowest plan.

A lot of people will recommend voluum or potentially Thrive those are the most popular trackers.

Click tool is significantly less expensive and does just as good a job.

Remember the story earlier when I mentioned my affiliate buddy Carlos Cruz that worked for a mentor for free, well turns out Carlos invented Click Tool and designed if specifically for affiliates like himself.

3. Purchasing Hosting Another Must Have

We went over hosting earlier, you'll need this do you have your landing pages on the internet without hosting you don't have landing pages.

Most campaigns will need landing pages to be successful. They are your 24/7 online salesmen.

You can almost always count on higher conversions when you have landing pages, your salesman - they don’t sleep, call in sick, or complain.

I highly recommend the VPS from liquid web as I suggested earlier to host your landing pages.

They will be extremely fast, which is what you need to be successful in this business.

I'm sure there are lesser plans, but I currently pay about $250 a month for all my websites. I have a lot of traffic and web sites. 

I suggest learning this as you will need it in your business going forward.

Click on this link to see your options.

Checking in at the time of this writing it looks like there's a pretty good plan for around $59 a month.

Cost for essential tools

Click tool: $49/month
Hosting: $59/month
Total: $108/month

Not too bad to start a business at $108 a month!

The big barrier to entry is the cost of traffic. This is a low cost to enter business with high potential for those who work hard.

All right. Those are the essential purchases…

Now, let's look at what else you might want:

4. Private Forums – For Some People

Well, obviously, it’s a forum where other Affiliates are going to hang out.

When you're new, you will have questions, it's nice to be able to go to a forum and get those questions answered.

There are free forums out there and there are paid forms out there generally you can get better quality people on the paid forums.

Good advice is typically not free…

I personally have not spent much time on the forums, but I definitely would recommend them if you don't have a big Inner circle of affiliates.

This business can be lonely as well and you may want to make some online friends that are like minded.

The Top Paid Forums

What do they offer?

  • Advice and tips from other affiliates.
  • Mastermind groups.
  • Top Affiliates hang out regularly and comment.
  • They have follow along campaigns.
  • Case studies of successful and failed campaigns.
  • Cost of $99 a month

This is the real deal people showing you what's working exactly with their campaigns.

It’s a good start if you can't afford to take a course are other high-level training.

I would recommend investing in your education and a forum is a good place to start if $99 is your budget.

5. Outsourcing

My go-to for outsourcing is Upwork

Upwork marketplace is loaded with talented people that can pretty much perform any task you might need.

If you're not a coder or a designer you can find one on Upwork.

Another option is

Cost will vary depending on how much work you need and what you need to be done.

One word of advice is that if you have a project and you can afford two people to do the same thing and compare their work that might give you a better idea of who to work with going forward..

6. Spy Tools

I've already mentioned Anstrex in an earlier section but another good spy tool is Adplexity.

I'm sure you've wondered what other Affiliates are running? 

This is exactly what a spy tool does, it allows you to spy on other affiliates.

Nowadays Facebook has made it easy if you find the affiliate Fan Page you can click on the info and ads to see all their current ads.

I cover some more in depth spy tactics on my You Tube channel and go super deep in the paid course.

It was like Christmas in July when this happened!!

Now if you're running native ads and want to get a good idea of advertorial the landing pages that are really working I recommend Anstex.

This is a great place to find working, images, and landing pages. Native ad guys know their stuff with ads, angles, and landing pages. 

Not all the stuff on Native ads will be allowed on Facebook, but it will give you an idea of what is working. 

You will lose a ton of money in a hurry on native ads if your stuff is not working, so you can bet most of what you will dig up is converting.

Pro Tip: Look for ads that have been running or seen by the spy tool for a while, so we know they are working.

You can take the angles, the ad copy, some images if they're not too grotesque, and the landing pages if they're compliant, and take them over to Facebook and immediately get conversions.

As far as mobile goes Adplexity, they rule the mobile spy market.

If you're running mobile I highly recommend Adplexity, also take a look at Ad Expresso and

Your two options as a newbie I would say are going for Facebook do your research on Facebook and find the info and add section of the affiliates you're looking to spy on.

Check your news feed for ads, you can save the ads I have 100s saved.  (See me You Tube for my hacks)

If you're running a demographic for example women that are 50 years old try to track down a person that is 50 and is female and that hangs out on Facebook, like your mom for example, and check out the ads that are getting shown to her.  Fire the purchase pixel on Facebook, (See My You Tube)

If you want good working copy angles get Anstrex.

 And if you're running mobile spy with at Adplexity.

Pro Tip: Last piece of advice on spying is this is where the money is made I mentioned it earlier, my media buyers and myself typically spend one to two weeks straight researching an offer before we even think about running traffic.

7. VPN 

VPN stands for virtual private Network.

Have you ever been to another country and noticed that things on the internet look a little different?

That's because the internet recognizes you are in that country.

If you'd like the Spy on ads in another country you need to make sure your browser or IP address is showing up in that country.

This is why I would use a VPN as an affiliate.

We can check offer pages.

Before we run an offer especially in another country you're going to want to login VPN, put yourself in that country browser wise and make sure your offer is showing up properly.

Be more secure with a VPN.

When it comes to security your ISP or internet service provider, the government, and hackers won't be able to see any of the data of your transmitting via VPN.

Plus you VPN Will mask your IP address so the website can't tell which country you're in. This is great for advanced spying.

If you want to advertise on a certain website combine a VPN with a incognito window and you're free to see what the internet looks like from other any other countries point of view.

My recommendation Express VPN or Hidemyass Pro

Most of these have free trials or free versions, typically if you sign up you can get like 30 days for free.

Then cancel and potentially sign up with a different email when you're needing a VPN or it's fairly inexpensive just to pay for a yearly plan.

8. Translations

If you're running International we going to need a translation service.

I've used Google Translate for a lot of stuff and it works pretty well but it's not perfect.

You're going to want to get somebody with the native tongue to at least proofread your copy to see if Google Translate was correct.

A service that I like to recommend is called One hour Translate

You want to make a hundred percent sure that you're getting people that actually live in that country to translate.

Think about this if you saw an ad in English that had a lot of misspellings and was poorly written would you buy the product?

It's the same in every language.

Make sure the grammar, punctuation, and spelling are correct. Quality is important in this business.

Next Actions

So if you're still reading this and have done these three things, then let's get going

Setup the tracking with Click Tool and start practicing.

And if you're ready to go more advanced

Join stack that money

Get Anstrex

Get a VPN, express VPN and HideMyAssPro

Set up one hour translation

 Get an account set up on Fiverr or Upwork

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