PayPal Dispute Transaction Hack

The best way to protect your business from PayPal dispute: The customer service message hack


PayPal has made a name for itself, and customers trust this application a lot when it comes to transactions. As business owners, especially the ones who deal online, PayPal is a necessary wallet.

It is popular with buyers because:

  1. It is an already established wallet
  2. The security
  3. It instills trust
  4. Buyer-friendly

What are the PayPal dispute transactions?

When the customer wants to get the money back for one reason or the other, they will raise their concerns with PayPal, and PayPal opens a dispute.

In genuine cases, PayPal dispute transactions happen when:

  1. The customer does not get the product,
  2. Does not like the product/s or services,
  3. Gets the wrong product
  4. Does not match the description
  5. The item was damaged
  6. The box was empty
  7. It was an incomplete order
  8. Unauthorized transaction


However, there are fraudulent cases, as well.

Either way, PayPal dispute transactions are something to be wary of. If your business transactions normally take place on PayPal, then you need to be extra careful in such scenarios.

Every dispute will cause you a hit.

They freeze some percentage of money until the dispute comes to a conclusion.

In the worst-case scenarios, your account will either freeze or shut down by PayPal.

Here is a how-to video I did on avoiding disputes:

What is the best way to protect your business from PayPal open dispute?

Ever heard of PayPal customer service message hack?

No? You are in for a treat.

This hack has helped several businesses in avoiding PayPal disputes and can help your business too.

PayPal allows sellers to write a message that will show up on the screen before a buyer raises a dispute.

You can use this space to either explain something or write a general message that encourages people to contact you first before going through PayPal to raise the dispute.


PayPal customer service message hack

To write the message, do the following steps:

Got to settings (a wheel-like symbol)

Click on Account Preferences

paypal open dispute

Look for customer service message

paypal customer service message hack

Click the button update to write the message

Here is a sample that I have written in my customer service message

➡️ Header:


➡️ Body:

Hello, we are sorry you have had to get to this point

But we want to have one last chance to make it right for you. We are not happy if you’re not happy

Please reach out to me the owner and let me know what is going on?

This email is for VERY HIGH PRIORITY cases such as yours here and treated by a separate dedicated team.

We would love to find out what is going on and solve this case ASAP!

Please remember, there is a much higher chance you will get your money back if you get in touch with us and explain your issues.

Disputes aren’t the fastest way to solve this. We look forward to your email.


The format for customer service message

In format,

  • The header: should be straight-forward and attention-grabbing.


  • Let the customer know that you are on their side,
  • ensure that the service will be fast and handled by a separate team
  • Updated contact details that are easy to reach
  • Ensure that this is the fasted way to resolve the issue.


  • End with a positive note like waiting for your message to let them know that they are welcomed.

This message is general at best.

If there is a certain section of the operations that isn’t working, you can mention that in the message.

You can do this when there are several complaints due to one issue alone.

For example, one of your shipment partners isn’t able to deliver on time, write the name of the shipment company, let them know the reason for the delay in shipment, and tell them when the shipment will arrive.

This will encourage them to wait a bit longer and not raise the dispute.

Along with this, you can fill out your business details like the logo, name of the business, customer care number, and other contact details. This will ensure greater trust on the customer’s part.

This method helps you bypass PayPal and resolve the dispute on your own.

This saves you a penalty on PayPal and gets you the best results.

What happens if a buyer still goes through with PayPal open dispute?

A message like this will work does work, but not all the time. In case, the customer still goes through with the dispute:

  • You will have 20 days to resolve the issue with the customer.
  • During this period, PayPal will hold the amount.
  • If you are unable to come to a conclusive agreement with the customer by the end of this period, then PayPal will decide the outcome of the dispute.
  • In this, you or the customer can raise a claim, and then PayPal will ask for relevant documents to come to an appropriate conclusion.

During PayPal disputes, try to strike a balance between what you and your customers want.

Remember that in such scenarios, client satisfaction is your key goal.

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