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Hey what’s up marketing meatheads this is Brian Pfeiffer a.k.a The Marketing Meathead and this is a late night edition, I’m getting a Starbucks and I’m gonna release this during the day when I’m up filming it late night. Wanted to give you guys an ICO that it looks like I’m gonna probably try to invest in if I can get in when the ICO happens. I just kinda heard about this through the grapevine following a lot of Youtube guys that I follow and this is a little bit about Refereum okay.

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Refereum is a basically, it kinda goes along with what I’ve been doing for years with app installs and whatnot in the affiliate marketing world.

One of the biggest thing that we guys have a problem with making the advertiser the people that develop the app typically happy or you know with the people that actually downloaded the app on their phone and getting them to use it, okay.

There was always basically an issue with you know if someone were to download an app, you know, are they actually going to open it and use it or whatever.

Download’s one thing, using is a whole ‘nother. So these guys, Refereum have come up with a system with the blockchain to basically use for gamers that have like games and whatnot, and basically they have a token system that you know, if someone were to download a game, via install or whatever and maybe they set it up so that you know, when the person hits like level one, or goes through the full tutorial then they get the, you know the person that got them to install it, the influencer or whatever, you know, publisher.

Whoever got them to… got that person to download it, is probably trying to get paid but they have to do something inside that game to get paid and that’s gonna be setup through Refereum.

It’s pretty cool, I would go to and do your own research. Again I’m not give you financial advice, I’m not a financial advisor, investing in ICO is extremely volatile and very risky investment.

I’m not gonna put a ton of money into any one ICO personally but this is what I’m gonna do and you can you know, observe what I’m gonna do and again, I’m not trying to give you financial advice nor should you listen to what I have to say. In fact I discourage you from doing what I do with icos, I’m taking some high risks here.

You might as well go to Vegas and you know, invest your money there in a roulette table or a Black Jack table or a Craps table. You’ll probably have a better chance at making money that this but I’m enjoying this stuff, I’m having fun with it and you know, it’s kind of a little bit of a hobby for me right now, investing in this ICO.

So this is the one that I’m gonna try to invest in. February 8th is the date so we have some time to get this one… you know to keep an eye on this one, the hype around it is really good. I’m gonna show you a few things here to give you guys some hype. Show you the hype and stuff so first thing that I would do is go to the site here, watch the video from the founder and that’s pretty good.  (Update the cancelled the public sale)

It tells you kinda all about the ICO and how it works. It’s a pretty good idea, I think it’s actually got some real world… it solves a real world problem which is you know, getting these people to download these games is one thing and getting them to actually play them and use them is a whole ‘nother.

So I think it really… it could change the landscape of you know, apps and gaming and something like this, okay. Once you get through the video you’re gonna see a button that’ll say click here to see the white paper, you know. Here’s the white paper, the white paper is basically what the deal is, they got already an integration with Twitch which is a huge gaming company and that’s really positive.

Basically it talks about you know, everything here, you know I’m not gonna go page by page but you know one of the things you wanna look at is here’s what you know, the traditional system is, here’s what Refereum is gonna try to accomplish and then it talks about the blockchain, how it’s do it, it’s gonna do it with the Ethereum network, the ERC20 tokens, smart contracts. I’ll do another video on smart contracts and how they work basically but… you know it’s a very popular platform right now so I’m feeling pretty good about that.

I do buy a lot of Ethereum, that’s pretty much what I’ve been buying lately, you know. This is a good thing to read if you’re interested in this, go ahead and read through it, the next thing I’d like to look at is you know there’s a couple of things you need to look at here. How’s the team, this team looks pretty legit.

This guy here Oleksii he was a… you know he saved millions of dollars of Ethereum of July’s multi-sig exploit and he basically, he’s one of the main guys involved with this. You know he’s got a lot of hacker skills and he’s a pretty smart dude.

So this team looks pretty solid, they got some decent advisors, one of the advisors is you know, from Google and another one from Unity here. So that’s good, you also wanna look at the token, the token matrix here it looks like they’re gonna have a hard cap of about 25 million. I like to take a look at that and go over to and you know, see where 25 million puts us.

Coin market cap is basically, you know the place where almost all of them… everybody’s got their market cap listed here so 25 million, that’s gonna put us down, pretty down far here let’s see.  Look at that, market cap, okay. So we’re down here in 300, we’re down in almost in the 400s here, okay so here we go. So we’re gonna be around 25 million, we’re gonna be around three hundred and forty one, okay.

So what I’d like to look at here is okay, 20, you know, 25 million, where does that put us in the actual relativity of the rest of the coins that are out there and is this something that could possibly, you know go to 50 million, go to a hundred million, go to 200 million. And those are the, that’s like a 1 x, or a 3 x, or a 5x. What’s the potential on this, okay.

So if you feel like this project, Refereum has the potential to like say 4x or 5x, or 6x. You know that’s the kind of stuff you wanna look for if you feel like it’s actually gonna take you to the, obviously the… everyone would like to see a hundred x return I don’t know realistic those are these days with this many people getting involved in these ICOs but potentially like a 4 or 8 or 10x return might be doable in something like this. It’s got some really good potential, it’s a pretty cool project I think there’s definitely some high upside here, a good team, the hard cap is pretty low so basically when this hits the market you know it’s gonna hopefully go up, at least one, maybe two times or four times or whatever and it might be a nice investment.

We all hope it goes up a hundred times but that might be a little bit unrealistic but anyway, so what I’d like to look at next then is after the hard cap and how the token metrics breakdown and whatnot, I’d like to look at… There’s a couple of sites to go through, and you might wanna sign up for this, the ICO whitelist, okay.

That’s another site that I was checking out today and basically you gotta subscribe here, you sign up for alerts and then you look up, let’s see, Refereum, the ICO Whitelist, here we go.

So this talks about, I looked up Refereum here and this kinda talks about the you know, a little bit about the hype and what’s going on with you know, the Telegram Tracker and you can see Refereum’s up here pretty high it’s getting a lot of like, it’s getting a lot of action. Meaning there’s a lot of people talking about it and you know it talks about what the deal is here and what it’s all about, who’s behind it.

You know this is a place to do some nice research, basically just sign up for this and once you get in you can you know search your project here. And you could see the hype behind this so this is a big one.

Something like this I guess with this much hype, probably the minute it goes on sale, it’s gonna sell out kinda like a big concert and it’s probably going to sell pretty quickly so yeah, I would mark that date on your calendar if you’re interested on this one, that’s February 8th, I actually marked it down for February 7th so I can see what time zone they’re in and I see if I could get in on right when it opens so I’ll have the Ethereum ready in my Ether wallet to send to them to try to get some of these tokens.(Update No Public Sale)

You could see here there’s another one here, and you can see the rating hype, very high, risk rate normal, ROI rate high. These guys kinda rate everything, okay. So that’s another place to look. Do a little research for your own and yeah that’s about it.

So CoinMarketCap,, and then of course the actual website, you know Refereum and then white paper. Those are the places that I look, I feel like this is some positive… you know a positive project and you know what I’m tossing in like a grand, maybe two grand even into this one and you know hope for the best I mean that’s really what you do with these ICOs.

So that’s my take on Refereum, you guys can take it or leave it, again I’m not giving you guys some financial advice if you invest in this, you know. You’re doing that at your own risk but I wanted to give you guys that tip.

So Meat Head out if guys have any questions feel free to you know, hit me up, go ahead and leave a comment if you like this video, thumbs up, a like. If you want to subscribe to my channel I’d appreciate it and hit the notification buttons. I’ll be putting out a lot of stuff here for the next month I’m gonna do a lot of research. I’ll probably watch I don’t know anywhere from 6 to 8 hours of YouTube a day. Subscribe Here

I got a lot of guys that I follow. I’ve been doing a lot of research, making some pretty good connections and I’m trying to pass that information back to my users. I mean most people don’t have the time right now like I have to watch that much YouTube, they have families and whatnot but I’ll try to bring you the relevant stuff and I’ll give you guys like the, you know the best stuff I could find in the crypto world as well as affiliate marketing and some of the other stuff that I do.

So I hope you have a great day and we’ll talk to you later, thanks.