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Thank you for stopping by Marketingmeathead The Rich Jerk Review, If you haven’t heard the Rich Jerk has made a huge comeback in October 2015

So who is this Rich Jerk Guy??

The Rich Jerk first surfaced back in 2006/2007 with his first Internet product – “The Rich Jerk”  This product was responsible for many full blown Internet marketers that made their first dollars online and many of the went on to become full time affiliate marketers and make 100’s of thousands and millions in some cases.

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So this is what the course will teach you and what’s all in this Training??

Product Review for Rich Jerk on Marketing Meathead

Here is What’s Inside:

Instant Access to Everything You Need to Succeed Online.

This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of everything you’ve ever seen before.

There’s a reason that I’ve been around for over 10 years and have helped over 120,000 people from more than 60 countries.

My program has jump-started the careers of countless former losers who went on to become industry leaders.

And this is how we do it:

Module #1: Rank and Bank

How to Easily Create a Website in 15 Minutes and Rank it on Google for Thousands of Search Terms.

Marketingmeathead The Rich Jerk Review

Newbies will be up and running with a profitable website in no time, WITHOUT any prior SEO knowledge – even if you have no idea how to make a website. It takes just 15 minutes to get started and it is broken down into simple step by step instructions that anybody can understand.

Quickly skip ahead to Module 4 (aka the secret sauce) if you already make over $10k per month. Be prepared to have a brain-gasm because experienced SEO’s will instantly go “next level.” If you can’t crush it with this, you should be ashamed of yourself.

This EXACT method has netted my team 7 figures and worked for over 2 years, up to and including the present day.

Google LOVES this strategy, and it has never been revealed before by anyone – EVER.

Watch over-the-shoulder videos as two multi-6 figure websites are shared with you LIVE, including EXACTLY how to duplicate them, STEP BY STEP.


Module #2: Honey Pot As Domination

Follow along as a reclusive marketing genius spills his guts with EXACTLY how he uses Facebook ads to generate $400,000 per month for his business.

Marketingmeathead The Rich Jerk Review

All you have to do is COPY him.

How to set up profitable ads on Facebook over and over – taught step by step from A to Z.

Everything is shared – exactly what to sell, the images to use, text, audiences, targeting and landing pages.

How to get EXTREMELY targeted clicks on your ad for pennies, while your competitors go broke.

Even the most experienced Facebook Ad gurus have no clue when it comes to what is shared here.

Case studies of mega profitable campaigns in weird niches (like insects).

Beta testers with NO EXPERIENCE have gone from zero to earning over $28,000 per month.


Module #3: Launch Jacking Mastery

The ultimate “launch-jacker” reveals for the first time exactly how he made $1 million dollars by promoting online product launches.

A behind-the-scenes blueprint on how to “jack” commissions from online gurus EVERY TIME they launch a new product.

The “ugly website template” you can copy and use yourself, proven to rake in commissions WITHOUT an email list.

Easily discover which products to promote, months in advance, and which ones to avoid like the plague.

How to “double-dip” on commissions with cheap ads that earn $2.00 for every $1.00 you spend.

Video case studies showing us dominating multiple product launches for products by Eben Pagan, Dan Kennedy and Brendon Burchard.

This is the quickest way for a newbie to make money online – period.


Module #4: Best of Guests

This bonus section is made up of guest training from the best marketers in the world, who I convinced to each share their MOST profitable secrets.

How to crush it on Amazon, from a guy doing over $10 million/year selling supplements.

Copywriting secrets from a guy who charges a $50,000 retainer per client (and he’s ALWAYS booked).

The anatomy of a $20,641.49 per DAY sales funnel, and how you can swipe it.

A genius lead generation system that collects and sells leads to local business owners WITHOUT a website.

How to create a membership website about almost anything, with hundreds of recurring monthly customers paying $97/month.

The secret formula to using FREE traffic from Google hangouts, from a guy doing over $10k/month.

A stupidly simple way to build, rank, and rent simple websites to local businesses. (this SAME information is being sold for $5,000 by other gurus)

Selling mega profitable t-shirts on Facebook without a website, without any inventory, and without needing to ship anything. (I was shocked by the case study shared here)

A never-before-shared blackjack strategy that my buddy used to make $1.2 million in one Vegas weekend, getting blacklisted from the casinos in the process. (this is wild)

Well there you have it, I really enjoyed this project, not only was it fun for “us losers” to watch, there was a ton of valuable information in the product.  The team behind The Rich Jerk was nothing less than stellar.  This is certainly not a get rich quick scheme or a overnight push button millionaire, but the concepts and systems taught with enough time and practice can and will make you some series cheddar. The SEO process has worked for me in ranking a number of sites in the top position on Google and this is exactly the type of marketing I do in my business daily.


This is must have product for anyone serious about internet marketing

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Marketing Meathead Disclaimer – there is no guarantee this will happen for you – while nobody is 100% certain if he’s a real person or not – his training is definitely the real deal and if you follow it training there is a very good chance you YOURSELF can see the success you’re looking for!

My Rich Jerk Bonus:

For those of you that are new to internet marketing a bonus is just that an extra product or perk that I am offering you to purchase through my link.

A little bit about me I am the creator of a number of web sites and events notably the VIP hosting company and the recent sell out event

I regularly work with Internet marketer superstars Chris Record, Russel Brunson, and speaking expert Ted Thomas


Brian Pfeiffer and Chris Record

Brian Pfeiffer and Joel Comm

Brian Pfeiffer and Joel Comm

Marketingmeathead The Rich Jerk Review

Brian Pfeiffer and Ted Thomas


Brian Pfeiffer and Michael Hanson

Brian Pfeiffer and Russel Brunson

Brian Pfeiffer and Russel Brunson

So why I am telling you all this?  If I am consistently working with the top internet marketers and have a number of successful online businesses that generate revenue monthly then I can help you and offer advice in your business

There is a lot of HYPE around this product, but despite all that the product is here to help you build a profitable online business, even if you fall into the newbie category

If you enjoyed my THE RICH JERK Review then CLEAR YOUR COOKIES and click on the link below

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My Bonus to you:  Personal Coaching Session With me -$2000 Value


Once you have finished the program, I am sure, like I was for many years,  you will still be a bit lost to start, so I will coach you through this and get you on your way, as I have been there

If you are still stuck after a few weeks I will personally work with you until you are up and running

Why  should you care?

I know my stuff. I have had a successful online company since 2002

I can show you how I sold out a 2,000 person event in 30 days, 4 days before the event itself

I can show you how to Build an SEO Friendly site

I am a great person to know, and truly enjoy helping people.


Written by Brian Pfeiffer