See Competitor’s Linked in Ads

The ultimate method to view your competitor’s LinkedIn Ads


The best method to up your game in digital marketing via LinkedIn or anywhere else is to analyze your competitors thoroughly and understand their tactics.

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In LinkedIn, you can easily monitor the messaging, and deduce which companies advertise more aggressively and if you have a competitor (cough Coca Cola cough Pepsi cough) you might even get a few ideas to troll them.

Privacy has become a major concern in recent years; hence, social media platforms like LinkedIn have taken steps to make advertiser’s information more readily available.

This allows not only regular people, but also you to see your competitors Ads on LinkedIn.

Thanks to increasing concerns over privacy, social media platforms have taken measures over recent years to make their advertiser’s information more transparent.

Facebook led the way with its Ads Library, and now LinkedIn has added a feature where you can see all ads associated with a page.

You can see competitors LinkedIn ads, but remember that they can too.


What can you learn from Competitors’ LinkedIn Ads?

  1. Amount of effort: Not everyone puts the same effort into advertising. First, you can understand your competitor’s reliance on advertising on LinkedIn. There might be some who do not advertise at all, and others who have a significant number of ads.
  2. Format of ads: The efficacy of the format of ads changes with the type of business. You can gauge if they are only focusing on sponsored content ads or are they using lead gen forms, and then plan accordingly.
  3. Engagement check: check the engagement on the posts to determine which ones are working the best. You would not be able to see that directly on this page. To see competitors LinkedIn ads engagement follow these steps

Click on the icon containing three dots (Top right of the post)

see your competitors Ads on LinkedIn

  • Click on ‘Copy link to post’
  • Open new tab, right click on the URL bar and paste
  • Enter
  1. The creative touch: Ideas they use in their ads are worth noting. Images they used, still or a video with the product, the product in action, benefits they list, experience are all part of an advertisement that makes it more appealing to customers. You can jot down the ideas you like and try to incorporate them into your advertisements.

How to view LinkedIn pages’ ads?

To visit LinkedIn Business Page’s ads

  • Select the competitor you would like to analyze.
  • Go to their LinkedIn page.
  • Click on ‘Ads’ (At the left)Linkedin competitor ads

Voila, you are done. This page will show a list of ads used by your competitor.


The list shows the ads

  • In the order of creation (Latest at the top)
  • Active campaigns
  • Paused campaigns
  • Completed campaigns

It shows the LinkedIn competitor ads which have appeared on the feed of at least one member in the past 6 months.

However, you cannot see the targeting of ads, which is possible on Facebook.

Here you will be able to see the post as it shows on LinkedIn feed, with comments, likes, and more.

If you find one that is more engaging, then that topic is worth looking into in detail.

Now, you can start

So, create a list of competitors and start the stalking.

What do you think about this feature of being able to see competitors LinkedIn ads?

Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?

Let us know by leaving a comment below

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