How to set up a Voice Drop and Text Drop Via Call Loop

InfusionSoft is a more in the higher-end as far as price goes but if you wanna get serious with Internet Marketing and you want to take your business to the next level, you’re going to want to learn how to use InfusionSoft. Plus, it even has a mobile app that you can use when you are on the go. Most of the internet marketers out there use InfusionSoft, in fact, I’ve used InfusionSoft at least once for a product launch. It’s kind of like the Cadillac of email systems.

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There are a lot of other email systems out there but you can never go wrong with Infusion Soft, others make fun of it by calling it ConfusionSoft but it’s really not. It’s a drag and drop program where you will be given a canvas where everything will be as easy as dragging icons and dropping them in sequence to create your desired automation process.

First, you will want to apply a tag to every contact that you get depending on your line of business. You can create multiple tags for a plethora of uses. An example is creating a tag for a quote, an appointment, etc.Next, you’ll see a timer icon beside the tag, this is where you will determine the time and day/s the contact will happen. I usually set mine within the weekday around morning. After creating the timer, the rest is up to you, you can drag an email prompt, followed by a text message, then a voice drop if you want.

You can space the contacts up by applying timers in between sets to your preference. Some people use the timer to strategically send follow ups so use this wisely. Next is the email body, this area is totally up to you, you can be formal or a mix of formal and being conversational. Just make sure that it’s appropriate with the business you’re running. In my business, I include my YouTube link so they can also check it out and I make sure to add everything else that’s relevant to the business like pictures of past projects or events that I hosted. That way you can take advantage of that opportunity for your customer to like you and feel the hype of what they’re about to get into should they choose to do business. After your basic sequences are done, you can go ahead and add something I call a “Hype Sequence” where I enter a customer into this tag and once they’re in, they will automatically receive messages to sort of hype them up the sooner their trip gets. I can also take advantage of this time to up-sell something or give them reminders and whatnot.

In conclusion, InfusionSoft is simple to use but the bits and pieces of each component may get complicated at times. So if you guys want a full tutorial of a campaign, let us know in the comments and my developer and will be happy to give it to you guys!