How to Setup an Autoresponder Campaign with InfusionSoft and CallLoop

How to Setup an Autoresponder Campaign with InfusionSoft and CallLoop

Being an Internet marketer will take a lot of your time especially if you have a small team to help you with follow-ups or responses for your customers. Let’s change that today with the help of InfusionSoft and CallLoop. I’m going to take you through a step-by-step process to get your Autoresponder up and running in less than 15 minutes.

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An autoresponder will be very useful for a webinar response or a quote for a customer especially if you can follow it up with a voice mail, a text message, or multiple emails

Step #1 Setup Your Campaign

First, what you want to do when you get to the landing page of InfusionSoft’s interface is to click “Actions” from the upper right part of the screen.

Infusion - step 1


Once you click “Actions” you’ll see a dropdown and from there, click “Make a Copy”
Infusion- Step 2


It’ll then show you a message box where you can type your campaign’s name, click save.
Infusion - Step 3

When you’re done putting up a name for your campaign, you’d want to go ahead and edit the tag on the sequence. Click the round icon that has a tag image inside.
Infusion - Step 4


When you click the tag icon, it will give you a message box where you can configure your tag, go ahead and type what you want to tag your campaign as, then click save.
Infusion - Step 5


Next, go ahead and choose a category from the dropdown menu.
Infusion - Step 6

Choose “Customer Tags” then click “Apply Category,” click Save.
Infusion - Step 7

You’ll see the message on the lower left part of your screen that says “Tag Created,” you’re done with the first step of the process. Next comes setting up the Follow Up Sequence.
Infusion - Step 8


Step # 2 Setup Follow Sequence

In here, you’ll see a basic flow of what’s going to happen, for the mean time I’ll set it up to 1 minute just to test it out, you can change this to however you want later on, depending on how long you want to wait until the system sends a follow up to your clients.
Infusion - Step 9

Click “BTV Follow 1” or the third icon to edit the automated email’s content.

In here you want to make sure everything is setup accordingly. Make sure you have the right email addresses, setup the appropriate subject, and even the preview text. In the email’s body, I also make sure to add a link for my YouTube channel so my customers know they can trust me. Throw in your Yelp link too if you don’t already have one. You can check mine out here:
Infusion - Step 10

You can pull a signature from InfusionSoft or you can create your own. I’ve been trying to import a signature in from but you can’t use it on InfusionSoft, it would have been really nice if that were possible because it’s a really good tool for getting your signature looking real nice like what you would find on Outlook. Once you’re done, click save.

Next, let’s setup the voice mail option, it’s the fourth icon, next to the mail icon, the one with a telephone handset image in it.
Infusion - Step 11

All I have to do is click “Add Message” and it will allow me to put in my phone number. I’ll change the message name to BV Quote Follow Live 1 then I’ll just leave a message. So basically, when somebody picks up the phone when the system calls, whatever you recorded here is what they will hear. Now if the call goes to voice mail, you can also record a different message as seen on the option below.
Infusion - Step 12
Infusion - Step 13

The recorded message can be the same if you want, but I’d like to change it up a bit so to make it more personal. 

Step #3 Setup Call Loop

Now next is the Call Loop, you can set it up when you click the 5th icon on the image below, the one that has an arrow pointing to the right with “http:” in it.
Infusion - Step 14

This one gets a bit more interesting, I’ll leave InfusionSoft’s website first and let me take you over to CallLoop and show you how to set that up. Once you’re on the page and you’re already logged in, click the “Groups” tab on the upper right part of the page.
Infusion - Step 15

Once you’re on the page, type in the Group name, the select InfusionSoft as the provider then click “Create Group.”
Infusion - Step 16

What you want to do next is to go to “Messages” on the upper right part of the page then click on “Triggers.” Go ahead and type in the trigger name and populate the Message body then click “Create Trigger.”
Infusion - Step 17

When you create your trigger, you’ll see a page similar to the one below, just click “CODE” then you’ll be presented with the code which you will copy.
Infusion - Step 18
Infusion - Step 19

Go back to InfusionSoft’s interface then paste the link on the space as shown below.
Infusion - Step 20

Then after pasting the link, go ahead and click the button on the upper right part of the screen that says “Draft” to set the CallLoop to “Ready,” do this on all the icons to make sure you’re all set.
Infusion - Step 21

You can repeat the process on the proceeding follow ups that you can find when you scroll to the right. Make sure to change the messages up as appropriate to make sure your campaign follow up procedure will go smoothly.

The whole process gets easier once you do it a couple of times more but there you have it. An easier way to make your follow-ups look more professional and less time consuming.