Social Media Retargeting

Advertisers often use retargeting strategies on Facebook as they typically cost less than other methods and result in more conversions.

Users are more likely to engage with ads from established brands that they trust, making retargeting a promising option.

There are a number of retargeting strategies that have been found effective in attracting users on Facebook, including the following:

  1. The Gradual Approach

When it comes to Facebook ads, it’s best not to rush into anything.  As they say, “slow and steady wins the race.”
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This concept applies to marketing on Facebook.

Think 1st date here you don’t want to ask the girl to marry you on th 1st date??

You want to ease into customer relationships instead of throwing your ads in their face.

Start by posting a brand awareness ad that introduces your audience to your business.

You can then create a custom audience off of the users that engaged with your first ad and create a retargeting ad that is likely to get more clicks.


After they have viewed your video hit them with some more Social Media Retargeting that entices them to click

You can also create a custom audience for people that engaged with the instant experience 


  1. The Temptation Approach

This next strategy involves tempting your audience with a product or service that they may eventually buy.

By using dynamic ads and custom audiences, you can dangle that proverbial apple in front of Facebook users to keep your products on their minds.

Once you retarget, viewers will see the ad again and will be more tempted to pull the trigger and purchase it.


Make sure you exclude those who have purchased:


  1. The Longstanding Approach

Sometimes you have to be in it for the long-term.

Customers come and go and while some are gone for good, others are simply waiting in the wings for you to engage them once again.

Take advantage of this opportunity by using a retargeting campaign to connect with users who have purchased from you in the past or simply engaged with your website.

This can be done just a couple months later up to one year following the initial engagement.


This is a good time to add a “We Miss You” Headline in your ad copy and combine that with a tempting offer and you will have a winner!

  1. The Evergreen Approach

Some marketing campaigns work great and don’t need to be modified to be effective.

If you find a retargeting campaign that works, stick with it.

Dynamic ad campaigns are one such example of an evergreen campaign that can continue working long-term.

These ads feel targeted to the user which is likely why they remain so effective.

Keep an eye on these campaigns to make sure they continue to be effective.

Things can change on Facebook in a blink of an eye, so always take a quick glance at these daily.

  1. The Personalized Approach

A large percentage of customers add items to their virtual shopping cart only to walk away without ever making a purchase.

These shoppers are considered high-intent potential customers and can sometimes lead to an actual purchase if you retarget correctly.

To reach these customers, create a custom audience and set up inclusionary and exclusionary targeting designed for people who have seen your “view your cart” page but did not go through with a purchase.


  1. The Mobile App Approach

With the majority of web users accessing the internet from their phones or other mobile devices, it only makes sense to take advantage of this technology.

The Mobile App Approach

The Mobile App Approach

Both small and large businesses are investing in mobile apps that can help keep your brand relevant by offering something of value to customers.

By creating a service-based app, you can attract an audience, and then use in-app activity to create a retargeting campaign.

If someone has viewed your product but did not convert, show them the product again.

  1. The Sequencing Approach

Many Facebook users do not purchase a product after the first time they see an ad for it.

It may take several tries before they decide to buy.

By running multiple ad campaigns in a sequence, you can help your target audience increase their exposure to your brand and increase their likeliness of making a purchase.

You can build a custom audience with different days from when they were on your web site and show them another sequential ad.


Facebook Ad Retargeting Works

Facebook ad retargeting strategies provide advertisers with endless opportunities to increase their brand visibility, as well as their conversions.

If you haven’t already, give these Facebook retargeting strategies a try.

Check out my recent Video with Retargeting Campaign Set-Up: