Super Affiliate System Review

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Review

I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend with John Crestani while he was filming content for the Super Affiliate System

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Have you heard of John Crestani?

Product Name: Super Affiliate System

Product Creator: John Crestani

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I 100% Recommend this training


Well, whether you’ve heard of him or not, he did something like $2mm+ in affiliate commissions the last few months or so on Facebook ads.

He’s pretty low key and underground right now, but on the verge of blowing up, BIG. So please read on.

Keep this on the down low, but he’s looking to work with a small group of dedicated people, I think it will be less that 15 or so, to pass along his affiliate marketing knowledge to, and to work with him on his network.




He showed me this screenshot the other day, and its pretty impressive, especially considering he’s mainly WHITE HAT:

JC Voluume






I went through the entire program all 12 weeks and its awesome!!

A few things you will learn over the 12 weeks:

– How he made 2,000,000+ in affiliate marketing last year and how he is created a 12 week education program to show you his methods

-Set up the entire system, domains, tracking, landing pages, and ads

-A bunch of great video on mindset

-Paid Advertising on Facebook, Native Ads, and Ad Networks

-Technical Skills

-Mastermind of other affiliates

-Forum and Resources

-Required tools, spy software, etc.

-Tracking Software


-Data Analysis

-Time Management


-Advanced Copy Writing



-Hiring a team

Feature #1 Training

Here is an Overview of the training

  • Week 1 – The Basics of Affiliate Marekting
  • Week 2 – Click tracking set up & Choosing Your Niche
  • Week 3 – Required Tools ans Softward
  • Week 4 – Creating and Finding Landing Pages
  • Week 5 – Facebook Training and Buying Ads
  • Week 6 – Google Ad Word and Buying Ads
  • Week 7 – Advanced Facebook and As Techniques and Live Campaign Examples
  • Week 8 – Overcoming failure
  • Week 9 Advanced Copy Writing Techniques
  • Week 10 Native Advertising and Optimization
  • Week 11 Building a Team and Scaling Campaigns
  • Week 12 Summary and More to Come

Feature #2 Done for You Campaigns 


Ready to Launch Campaigns and templates with everything you need

  • The Affiliate ads
  • The Landing pages
  • Top Offers
  • The Audience to target
  • and more……


Feature #3 The Mastermind 


The Mastermind is great and I get tips and knowledge from the SLACK group everyday.  The people in the group are all affiliate marketers and are learning and sharing knowledge on everything about affiliate marketing.  You can ask questions and learn 24 hours a day 7 days a week






Feature #4 The Comunity


Here another great resource you will get with the purchase of this product.  John has created his own forum inside his educational program where you can ask questions, do follow along campaigns, and more





Funny story, but the last time I saw him, it was actually at a conference in San Diego and Before that he booked a Nutryst Network Table with me at the Affiliate Summit West

He’s not very flashy, which I like, and he has a massive beard.  You’ll see it on the video of the interview below.
But the best thing about him is that he’s straight down-to-business. Transparent and straightforward.
These sorts of opportunities don’t come often. I’d really like it if you ended up making the cut to get into his media buyer training course.
Now, obviously the first step is to fill out the application, and watch the interview below and you will see he is genuine, see if you’re going to be a good fit for working with his team…

His success is unmatched, and I haven’t heard of anyone revealing secrets like this before
If I were in your position, the first thing I would do is fill out his application

As a BONUS for signing up I will give you 2  hours of Skype Sessions to help you get jump started with me!

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Thank you