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How to Talk to A Vendor Or Affiliate Manager

When you talk to a vendor, many times that you’ll get inside information if you ask the right questions.

It’s a fairly simple process but it’s a question we get a lot from students I want to know how to talk to vendors affiliate managers,

I would say about 95% of our offers are run through affiliate networks and we deal with the affiliate managers and they talked to the vendors.

Maybe 5% of our offers we deal direct with the vendors, in some cases we talked to the vendors but still go through an affiliate network.

One of the most important things it’s the respect your vendor or affiliate manager like a friend and just have a good conversation with them.

In my recommended readings I suggest reading the book Getting More by Stuart Diamond.

This book will help you when you talk to vendors and just people in general how to get more out of your conversation with them.

It was a game-changer for me.

One of the most important things is to make sure you sound like an intelligent marketer instead of someone just asking questions from a script. 

How to talk to talk to Vendor resources:

Make sure you know you affiliate marketing terms and the top 11 Questions to ask your Vendor

There’s really not too much to it and you shouldn’t be afraid to become friends with the vendor or affiliate manager basically you are their partner.

If they happen to give you some valuable information make sure you thank them and in some cases, you may want to offer some kind of Christmas gift or gift card or birthday card just like you would any friend.Affiliate_Manager_Gift

In a funny real-life example, I set up a business partner once with a let’s just say, a “friendly lady”, I later went on to do almost 1/2 million dollars in product launches with him!

It’s really a good idea to have a little success turn offer let’s say about a $1000 a day before you really dig deeper and try to get more helpful information.

Once they see money like that coming in, they’re more likely to are you serious, and potentially offer you things such as inside information or pay bumps.

Keep in mind any kind of a pay bump is a good pay bump, they don’t necessarily offer pay bumps to everybody and the fact that you’re getting anything you should be very thankful.


Even if it’s a small pay bump you shouldn’t be upset you should be thankful and work on higher volume get even more of a bump.

If the bump is not enough to help you get where you need to be, explain the situation of what you spent and the kind of profit you’re making or nonprofit in some cases and maybe they might be willing to negotiate.

The cool thing about affiliate offers you’re not profitable or it’s not making sense you can stop that minute and jump another offer.

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