Tanner J Fox Personal Branding Mastery Review, Is it Worth It?

A.K.A The Marketing Meathead and today, I’m gonna give you a review of Tanner J. Fox’s personal branding course.

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Alright here, we go guys. So let me give you a little pretty phrase about myself and personal branding.

I actually kind of knew about all this stuff a couple years ago started a YouTube channel and you know got all excited made a blog, I was part of a network marketing company that was, you know teaches top blogs and whatnot so I pretty much knew about a lot of this stuff a couple years ago, my other business started taking off.

I bought another company and I kind of like basically just put it aside for like the last year and year and a half and e really started getting into YouTube probably pretty heavy of like late 2017 I don’t know I’m sure I had a video or something pop up in my feed for Tanner J. Fox And I started watching him on a daily basis kind of following him, and I was pretty amazed by how he went from you know basically starting a YouTube channel in February of 2017 to… now it’s 2018 and he’s got about 100k. He’s at 92k as of today, but I hope it’ll be 100k probably this month and 100k followers in one year, and you know based on some of the stuff he’s put out where he shows his income you know we’re talking two hundred to three hundred thousand dollars a year or a month you know just selling courses, Amazon revenue, you know different partnerships and whatnot and you know.

Basically, he’s kind of like where I’d like to be right now probably where I should be right now had I really pursued what I was should have pursued a couple years ago but you know I got tied up into another business, which is actually doing very well, it’s just not quite that profitable.

More like you know 30 to 40 grand a month in the busy season, but which is still pretty good I’m not you know. I’m not complaining, but at the end of the day you know it’s not 300 or 200 thousand or a half million dollars a month like Tanner’s making so if I glance away guys I’m looking at notes here because I did want to you know make sure I brought some points up.

This is gonna be a review of the personal branding mastery by Tanner J Fox, there is gonna be an affiliate link below, If you do buy from that link I do get credit for that so I am one of Tanner’s affiliates and I would appreciate if you guys are gonna buy the course and you watch this review if you bought it from me, you know it is kind of like a split with Tanner, and I so I would appreciate that.

Full disclosure over here. I like to be transparent just like Tanner if you look at some of the other videos in my my YouTube, I’m trying to put out five to seven a week, and they’re all very transparent I show you guys my campaigns, my copy you know, where I spy all that stuff so you know my full accounts when I lose money when I make money everything so.

You know we personally have done on my team we’ve done two product launches in 2017 the first one we did 300k the second one we did 200k so about half a million of product launches and that’s with like no YouTube following legitimately no promotion on my end on YouTube.

So you know my idea whit this course was to you know get my YouTube going you know try to get a steady stream of subscribers. I’ll put out good content I have a lot to offer people just like Tanner does and so let’s get started with the course guys, and I’ll let you know how I feel about it you know if I liked it if I didn’t like it you know I’m definitely gonna give you guys a real review here because I did go through the entire course and I have taken some of the stuff and I rolled with it, and I’m already getting some results.

So anyway, so basically he starts out with an intro I’m gonna. I’m gonna scroll through the syllabus, and if you guys want to see this syllabus you can actually click on my affiliate link below and you can see the syllabus when you scroll down so he goes through there’s an intro then you know talks about choosing your niche niche or whatever you want to call it and you know I’ve kinda already had that I’ve already been in I’m affiliate marketer plus I have a services business, and I’m also you know quite an avid bodybuilder so I kind of got a hodgepodge of niches and I’m into Cryptocurrency as well so my channel is kind of a little bit everything I do have a programming schedule I’m trying to stick to and whatnot but you know he definitely talks about finding a niche here and close through some cool ideas, give some examples real good, next goes into YouTube.

The YouTube section was probably the most important part of this for me just because I watched him literally go from nothing to a hundred thousand followers in one year. I mean that’s like crazy so I was really excited about this, and it didn’t disappoint me. That was it was a good a lot of good stuff on here some stuff I didn’t know some stuff I did know.

So far I you know me personally, I started kind of dropping videos about mid January, this is 2017. It’s now mid February. I’ve added about almost 100 subscribers to my channel Almost doubled my channel is that like 150 when I started now those were people from like you know two years ago that you know basically were dormant on there and then all of a sudden you know I got about a hundred new ones so that’s pretty good I mean, you know I’d like to see it grow a little faster I’ve been putting out some pretty good content and a lot of valuable stuff in my opinion.

But you know it takes time and I get that it’s gonna take you know maybe two three four months of doing this consistently before you start to really get picked up in the algorithm with YouTube so you know he gave me some nice tips talking about you know how to do the SEO, how to make make your titles very like you know not clickbaity but like you know aggressive enough where people are going to be interested in it.

Talked about the tags and the longtail keywords to go after not the short little ones and some ninja tips, the nice thing about this course, which I really liked was he has like a you know a real legitimate business on YouTube, and he was able to go in and show you like his stats, he shows you like which videos did well. So you can actually like you know your my account doesn’t even have an advertising available on here you have to have a thousand subscribers and 400 hours 4000 hours watched in a year, and I’m not there yet and so I can’t really see in the advertising stuff, but he goes in and shows you his stuff and he shows you like how the you know how the YouTube videos…

You know which ones did well, which ones didn’t really good stuff. I mean like stuff you can’t get from really anybody else nobody’s really showing this stuff so you know that’s worth the price of admission right there keep in mind this is a 9.97 course and I feel like it’s definitely worth 9.97 so just with the nuggets with YouTube. I feel like I got enough out of this course you know not even worry about what else is in it, but definitely some awesome stuff. He talks about when to upload videos the times the days also, like you know what you know the how the algorithm works, what the YouTube looks for, he understands like you know likes he understands like watch time all that stuff and he really rules and breaks it down. I’ve actually watched a YouTube section of this particular branding course twice and It’s awesome. I’m gonna probably go through it a third time once I even get a little bit more advanced and start actually having maybe advertising on my my channel at some point I’m sure I’ll get to a thousand subscribers here before long and actually be able to monetize my channel slightly until I really blow it up.

But yeah, I’m gonna keep this around and I’m gonna watch it again, so it’s good stuff now the next section basically is Facebook it talks about Facebook you know goals the fan page, whatnot. I’m a pretty much a Facebook junkie I’ve been on Facebook pretty heavy for about seven or eight years now. I have like personally control about six profiles that are all maxed out at five thousand. I have a ton of fan pages my promotion company was big with Facebook, Facebook’s kind of number one if you look at like Google Trends I like to show people those people really believe me, but it’s true.

I’ve already known about this for a while just because of the way my accounts have been acting so go to Google Trends and just search Facebook traffic, and this will tell you the story. Let’s see, Facebook, and let’s put traffic and you’re gonna see what I’m talking about here Facebook traffic is uh you know if you look at it. This is one year. Let’s go 2000 past five years let’s go five years.

Okay guys what do you see here? This is decreasing traffic, okay? Significantly decrease in traffic. Okay. This is like seventy five down to you know forty okay, this is huge in five years. I already knew about this just based on like the amount of notifications I get every day.

You know one thing you can really tell is like when people wish you like a happy birthday, I used to get like 500 on every profile for my birthday now, I get like 125, 150. There’s just not as many people on it. Yeah a lot of my friends are getting older now, they probably got families and whatnot and then they aren’t doing it but that’s probably one of the problems with Facebook is that like unfortunately, it’s you know it is an older demographic and those people do get older and they just you know they have families and other things to worry about besides Facebook and the new generation the Millennials yeah, there’s they’re on Facebook on some levels but they are more on Snapchat, Instagram stories. There’s different you know platforms, that they communicate on you got Discord, you got telegram, you got WeChat, you got Viber, Kik, there’s just so many platforms for people to meet again, Whatsapp, It’s another one that one’s owned by Facebook and and now you can just pretty much communicate on facebook Messenger without even going down the platform to look at your profile.

You know there’s just so many different ways people are doing things so you know what has happened with Facebook is kind of crazy like it just isn’t, it isn’t like there’s people still on the feed and we still do a lot of Facebook advertising. We still make pretty good money with it, but is it gonna be good forever. I don’t know man. It seems like it’s a declining platform a little bit and certainly the fanpage part of it is almost a joke. I mean literally you can have like I got some pages that have like 20,000 real followers on there, not bought fake bullshit ones real followers, and these people like actually like real posts like a good post even like a good picture, and you’ll get like 40, 50 people actually see it, it’s terrible so growing a fanpage is not really too useful you really need to you know start with the groups and stuff and one thing I did like about Taylor’s course is he didn’t focus too much on Facebook because I could just kind of tell that he wasn’t feeling it just like I’m not feeling any more, but he did talk about the groups, and there was value in the groups and he did give some nice stuff for like rules and whatnot.

Different things like that you want to put in your groups if you want to pay it if you wanted free all that stuff was useful for me, so I you know the Facebook section was okay in my opinion, but it could have been better but it was you know it was good enough because like I said it’s not like a a really great profile now, let’s talk about Instagram for a minute, here’s where I really got some value. There’s some tips in here that I did not know and I wish I would have known about like three four or five years ago. I probably could have had a hundred thousand followers on all my instagrams my personal, my info product one, my you know all my business ones, I have like I think seven or eight instagrams.

So I’ve been growing my Instagram since I went through this section. I had a pace of about four hundred followers per week, so legit here guys Instagram was worth the price of admission as well, so now we got you know YouTube’s worth the price of admission, Facebook was okay, Instagram worth the price of admission so two things right there awesome all right, so then he talks a little bit about monetization how to monetize your personal brand another good section it wasn’t too long but uh you know useful information goes into courses, and I put out two courses myself, so this one was kind of you know for me It’s it’s not really stuff that I didn’t already know but there was a few tips in here that I liked I did like his you know his system on Teachable.

I think I’m actually gonna switch over all my courses to teachable and I try that platform, I like how shows the back end of teachable and stuff that I don’t really have access to and with just a course so, good stuff there. He did talk about launches and how to do launches and stuff and there were some nuggets in there, definitely some nuggets in there I would give the the course section a solid thumbs up. But you know it wasn’t wasn’t over the top it was good though. he talks a little bit about affiliate marketing and you know his idea affiliate marketing is a little bit different than mine, but good stuff.

I mean there’s definitely some tips in there if you’re gonna be doing you know how to set up affiliate links and whatnot and where to you know where to place those links to get a nice little extra income stream going, a lot about the stuff I already knew. We do Facebook affiliate marketing, we spent over a million a year just on traffic on Facebook, so we get the affiliate marketing game He doesn’t really do that that much he seems like his partner Dan De silva’s more of the Facebook marketing guy as far as paid traffic goes but good stuff.

So here was where he actually talked about the Facebook groups you know like I said there were some nice tips in there he does give a resources section of like the rules and stuff so you can copy those or modified those to put in your section. He’s got a drop shipping section here. You can see it’s pretty long, I’ve been through probably five big Shopify courses from some of the gurus and this is Dan de Silva who’s probably what I would consider a guru and Shopify going through he does pitch his own products a little bit Which is fine his products aren’t bad. He’s got one called try funnels another one called mail funnels you know I think they’re both good products. I don’t have anything bad to say about him, I have never used them personally, but they don’t seem like bad products but you know it’s kind of funny Dan’s you know teaching a big section in Tanner’s course then pitching his own products.

You know you can you can love it or hate it, but you know it’s okay with me it’s not that big of a deal some people might get a little bit turned off by that, but anyway he goes through pretty quickly gives you the basics for Shopify how to set up a store you know the biggest thing with Shopify guys is that you know it’s the finding the hot products you got to do your research and whatnot and I felt like this section was a little bit lacking and that they should have devoted almost the whole section on this or devoted most of the Shopify things on actually finding products giving you examples of actual products that would work and whatnot  and it’s really tough to do these days Facebook traffic is so expensive, the margins on these Shopify stores are low and you know I feel like you know they just act like it’s so easy but it’s definitely not easy, so you know a little disappointed there. But overall the section is good for somebody that has never been exposed to Shopify. I’ll give you a nice rundown of it, It’s definitely not a detailed course even Dan says his eCom Dudes course which he’s pushing it in this video or in this course is a lot more detailed and I know there is more detailed courses out there because I’ve been through about five of them.

So there is good stuff out there, but this is you know it’s just a nice overview, It’s not the main bulk of the course. I didn’t even think he really talked about the drop shipping part as a big section but he threw it in there as a kind of a bonus, which is fine, so like I said I’m already good with the course because of the Instagram and YouTube section, and this was just like a bonus. He talked about how to sell on social media good, good tips I agree with him a hundred percent on both these.

It wasn’t anything I already didn’t know but you know good read here and then the advertising, this is when he goes in and talks about Facebook advertising so it was Dan Da Silva basically going in and doing all the Facebook ads I think Dan probably runs Tanner’s Facebook campaigns which is fine, he’s an expert. I actually have a media buyer on my team so when I do my Facebook sections and my courses, I have my media buyer who does it every day. And you know I only do it here and there he does this section so I’m okay with that I get that you can’t be the jack-of-all-trades unfortunately

You know I wish I could be good at every single thing digital marketer wise but it’s not possible one thing I did was a little bit disappointed in that he didn’t have in here was a whole section on YouTube advertising because I do know they advertise on YouTube And he didn’t really go into detail about YouTube advertising so you know Tanner if you ever do watch this just add a youtube section on here on how to advertise on YouTube and how to really get good traction there. I would like to see that, but I already knew most of his Facebook stuff we actually have a Facebook marketing course too and so this was this was all kind of common knowledge for me It was a pretty good run down.

We go into a lot more detail and even Dan says he’s got other courses that go into a lot more detail You know it is what it is. It was a it was a good enough overview to get you started and you know I’m comfortable, one thing I did like about this Dan put a bonus in the resources section of some funnels and some sales copy and whatnot for you to use and model.

That stuff’s pure gold worth the price of admission right there as well. So there was a there was some really good to come out of this section, and I do appreciate Dan doing that so What else okay, he basically has a module nine here talking about using like an expert, this is kind of what I was just talking about guys, you can’t be an expert at Amazon FBA, you can’t be an expert at Shopify, YouTube, Facebook and advertising there’s just so many things nowadays out there digital marketplace, yeah, I’d love to be an excellent crypto trader, I’d love to be an excellent FBA you know guy I’d love to be an excellent Shopify guy, I’d love to be the best facebook marketer and all, but it’s not possible. It’s just not realistic there’s not enough hours in the day to master every single one of those so he talks about bringing in like potentially having like guy like Dan or in my case my media buyer or in my case my SEO guy the guy that works for me does all my SEO for all my sites you know bringing them on and paying them you know a percentage and possibly…

You know of course that you guys offer to do a section in that course so I get that I think there’s you know value in that so it was a nice thing, he also talked about people that maybe didn’t want to be on camera and whatnot obviously that’s not a problem for me, some people might not want to be on camera, It’s gonna be tough to build a brand if you’re not showing your face. But I do actually follow one guy in the crypto spaces has never showed his face, and he actually has good information so I’m not gonna say it’s not possible because it is.

He talks a little bit about the negative side of things which you know as you get bigger there’s gonna be some haters out there. It is what it is, You know people trying to steal your stuff. Potentially getting hacked, sued, I’ve been hacked. I’ve had I’ve had my credit stolen number of times it sucks I’ve been on that road, so I know and as far as business and structure goes yeah I knew all this I’ve had my own business for 15 years most of this stuff if you’re a business owner is stuff you just have to know and you know that’s about it. You know overall I think You know I give the kid. I give the course at an A- I would say If you know to get the full a I would have liked to seen some more stuff on YouTube, advertising I think I would have probably given it an A if you would have had a whole section on that.

That was pretty much the only thing that was really missing, you know the Shopify drop shipping section was a little bit like you know quick and you know pushing all the product type of thing I didn’t really care for that but again you know it wasn’t really promoted in the course as a big deal it was kind of like just a bonus thrown in there for everybody so I’m not really too concerned about that.

Instagram, awesome. YouTube, awesome, and a lot of golden nuggets throughout this thing so I’ve already watched a couple of sections twice and I’ll probably watch a couple of those sections third time, maybe even a fourth so overall I think guys I Definitely think this is a win.

This course is a solid A- in my opinion, and you know if you do consider buying it you see this breakdown I would love it if you bought it through my link below and then I get you know a 50% cut of that and Tanner gets the other 50% so that’d be awesome so that’s it guys Meathead is out and I hope you enjoyed today if you could hit the subscribe button.

Bang the notification bell and join the Meathead family, and we will always be delivering some value to you guys. Thank you. Have a great day.


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