The 34 Most Important Affiliate Marketing Terms

The Top 34 Affiliate Marketing Terms


The Facebook Avatar is the small square photo or image on the upper-left hand portion of a post. This thumbnail image (e.g. avatar) represents the person posting the content. Your Avatar generally will be a photo a person (not a logo or inanimate object, pet, etc.)… and the photo should be of the most attractive character to the niche audience that you are attempting to appeal to. If your audience is younger women in good health, you would want that image to be of a younger woman in good health smiling looking up at the title showing the whites of the eyes. This will make your post or your ad appeal to your target audience.

Ad Account

In order to create an ad on Facebook for the first time, you must open an advertising account.

Business Ad Account (Business Manager)

Business Manager is a tool designed by Facebook for managing your Facebook Pages and ad accounts. With it, you can have multiple ad accounts and users all combined under your Business Manager account.


An action that’s counted when someone interacts with your ad (for example, clicks a text ad or views of a video ad) and then takes an action that you’ve defined as valuable to your business, such as an online purchase or entering their email address.

Funnel Hacking

Researching and discovering a successful marketing funnel (ad + pre-sale page + offer) and emulate that funnel to save yourself time and increase your chances for success.


Products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

Top Offer 

A product offering from a vendor that is performing very well converts well has a good payout and low refunds.


An offer in marketing is the product being offered plus includes elements that represent additional value to your customers, such as availability, convenient delivery, technical support or quality of service.


Video Sales Letter.


A person or company offering something for sale.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email as a means of communicating commercial messages to an audience – including offering items for sale as well as sending emails with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. 

Swipe File 

A swipe file is a collection of writing examples, images or other inspirational examples, from powerful headlines, to well-crafted sales emails to impressive landing pages, to ads, ad copy, ad images or videos or even full marketing funnels… anything that we may want to emulate or copy. Marketers use swipe files to inspire their content and improve their skills.


An affiliate is an individual or company who earns a commission by promoting other people’s (or other company’s) products.

Affiliate Manager

Someone hired or assigned to dealing directly with affiliates to an offer. A vendor may hire an affiliate manager to manage their affiliate program, to speak on behalf of the vendor to the affiliates, to negotiate payouts, to provide the affiliates with marketing materials, helpful information or to speak directly to the affiliates.

Super Affiliate 

A super affiliate is generally referred to as the top 1% of all online affiliates. They earn the title by excelling at marketing. Often times, though a vendor may have hundreds or even thousands of affiliates promoting their offer online, it may be that only a handful of top super affiliates are generating as much as 90% or more of the entire sales of the offer.  I like to say someone that has earned $1 million in profit in a year.


An advertisement created by an affiliate or a business on Facebook that’s served up to Facebook users. The audience who sees the ad depends on the users’ activity, demographic information, what device they’re using, information provided to Facebook by Facebook partners, and by off-Facebook activity which Facebook tracks from many of its users.


The measurable number of sales or actions you are able to achieve through an effort. 


An ad that scales well means its level of performance increases to a high volume of sales when tested to a larger audience.


Return on Investment. To calculate ROI, the earnings are divided by the ad spend. The result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio. E.g. If you spend $100 and earn $200, you just experienced a 100% ROI. If you spend $100 and earn $300, you just experienced a 200% ROI. 

You can use an online ROI calculator.

Pay Bump 

When a vendor agrees to extend an affiliate a higher commission payout usually based on the affiliate’s exceptional performance. 


The amount paid in cash from the vendor to the affiliate in exchange for the affiliate achieving an action such as a sale or an email submit.


Cost per acquisition (CPA), also known as cost per action, pay per acquisition (PPA) and cost per conversion, is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for a specified acquisition – for example a sale, click, or form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc.) 


An Advertorial is an advertisement disguised as a non-commercial editorial article or blog post. Sometimes an advertiser pays a popular website to have their advertorial placed on a website. It appears to be a regular article but, in fact, it’s an advertisement. Other times the advertorial would similarly be an advertisement disguised as an article posted on your own domain and you run paid traffic to it (e.g. Facebook ads pointing to your advertorial article).

Ad Copy 

Ad copy is a term that refers to the main text of a clickable advertisement


The process of improving your marketing efforts to maximize your desired outcome.

Ad Campaign 

An ad campaign is a series of ads sharing a single idea and theme. 

Ad Funnel 

Your marketing funnel is made up of several stages throughout which would-be customers move from first awareness of your brand to post-sale evangelism. It’s the process of converting a visitor or browser into a paying customer. 

Presell Page 

Your presell page is disguised content, be it an article, advertorial, video, quiz or any other number of possible pages. This page leads readers to your actual sales page or leads generating page. The Presell page is crucial in certain situations because it is the content that inspires readers to click through to your conversion page.


Terms of Service. 


Reinvestment is using the profits earned from your ad to fund additional ads, rather than receiving the distributions in cash. 

E.g. to put the profits from previous ad earnings back into the same place. 


In marketing, promotion refers to any type of communication used to inform or persuade target audiences to buy a product or service or to take some other action. 

Ad Spend 

The amount of money spent on advertising a product.


Copywriting is the process of writing text-based promotional content. Copywriters are responsible for the text on sales websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more. This text is known as “copy.”

Crushing it

An Affiliate Marketing Term that means making a lot of sales and/or profits.


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