Top 5 Crypto Currency Trading Strategies I used to Make $5000 last week!

Here is my my top five trading strategies and how he made five thousand dollars trading this week. All right welcome back. And I appreciate you guys coming today if you could please read the disclaimer. This is not financial advice, I’m not a financial adviser I’m simply a market enthusiast. And what I choose to do with my crypto money is my decision. I’m not telling you to do this. You can make your own decisions you can do your own research. And again this is not the best investment advice so let’s get started about the crypto bull run.

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OK we’ve had a good week I’m up about 5000 dollars this week. It’s definitely a nice feeling to be up instead of you know either breaking even or down. Made a few nice trades this week and everything’s been hunky dory. Couple of things I wanted to address in this crypto bull run that we’ve been having over the last week. Obviously you know Bitcoin is the most important thing to pay attention to and as you can see here we’re sitting right now at 89 36. Generally a lot of the market will follow Bitcoin; bitcoin goes up a lot of the market goes up and vice versa. This gives you a really good idea of where bitcoin is and where the market is. OK. And let’s take a look at this here. This is the chart I was looking for. All right. So the percentage of total market capitalization dominants. Take a look at this.

Notice how the coin market is starting to increase and the bitcoin dominance is starting to decrease. That’s a nice sign that a lot of money is traveling from Bitcoin into the offline market. That’s probably why we’re in this nice Bull Run with the all coins and I’m doing pretty well with my trades in the off market. So this is key thing to keep an eye on. OK. This is a really good indicator of if all coins are going to start to go into a heavy bull run. And as you can see just recently there’s a huge dip in the bitcoin dominates this is you know obviously an indication that the coins are going up and the bitcoin is going down. But ironically the Bitcoin price is starting to stabilize around 9000 and you know a lot of the traders that I follow they talk about another channel being above 9000. So if we can break above that 9000 resistance and get into that channel we’re between 9 and like say 11 or 12000. We could see a really significant bull run the uncoiling market as well as a nice increase in bitcoin as well. So keep an eye on the Bitcoin price and see how we’re kind of hovering right now around up 89 33. Kind of like testing that 9K.

You can see here we did tests that 9 K resistance level and then we pop back down and then back up these big Candle’s are typically big people coming in with high volume and you know I’m going to do another video later this week about you know the HFT is the High Frequency Traders that are causing these big jumps and you know big money coming in all at once. Big money coming in or coming out. And that’s what’s causing those really crazy ups and downs with bitcoin. But again it’s kind of on stabilization if you look over the last full day here it’s just you know big and then a big out, big in and big out that saw the trading buy. So it’s really hard to do a really good technical analysis on bitcoin when you’re messing around with a lot of HFT is on high frequency traders. In the end the bots and whatnot that are our algorithm trade or so but keep an eye on this is going to play a role in overall in the market. I like to look at another thing called Google Trends. Google Trends is a nice indicator to me. Let’s go over to Google Trends you just type in Google and then just type in trends. And that takes you over Google Trends. Now one of the things you can notice here. Let’s go to our bitcoin and we’ll type that in as our search topic. Let’s take a look here explore topics just like Bitcoin. This is a good thing to get familiar with guys. This Google trends you can kind of see a lot of things are happening and obviously notice here you know in December when Bitcoin was at 20 k it was getting a ton of searches a lot of people are interested. Let’s go to the we’ll keep an eye worldwide. And let’s go to the past like 90 days. OK.

And you can see here that it’s kind of been like Steady Eddie in terms of the searches even a little bit down right now which is interesting because the market has been into a bull market. So let’s do let’s take a look at cryptocurrency currency here topic and you can see here again. It’s not like a lot of new searches I mean we’re you know we were heavier in January and it’s been steadily going down and it’s kind of like breaking even. Look at this as a potential good thing right now that not a lot of like average joe retail type investors are going on and searching for cryptocurrency. They’re not searching for bitcoin as much that means that the money that’s coming back into the market. If you look at the overall market capitalization here this is the total market capitalization you can see that we’re starting to creep back up here. OK. So we’re at a market cap for blue that’s what 4 trillion dollars and the 400 trillion. And you know that’s a significant increase from what we were even a month ago. I think we were down around like 250. So a lot of money that has come back in. Now the interesting thing is that the money that has come in is not necessarily like new retail investor money it’s probably a lot of people that already had invested in the market maybe lost a little bit in the bear market and are coming back now because they’re starting to see these increases.

I can tell this because the people that are like searching cryptocurrency there’s not a lot of new searchers or not there’s not a lot of new searches for bitcoin cryptocurrency. Now let’s take a look at something else you have a look at one of the big exchanges is finance. So I like to take a look at finance and take a look here finance, we have you know again not a lot of searches. I mean it’s definitely you know kind of been Steady Eddie here. It’s nothing. Not a lot of new money. Not a lot of people searching for it. Not a lot of your average joe retail investors and so that just means that you know it’s another one here at Bitfinex topic. OK that’s another go for the word search term. Yeah this is another fairly large trading company and you can see it’s you know 28 searches here. Not a lot of new interest so the fact that the market’s going the Bitcoins a 9 K the market continues. The market’s going on a heavy bull run and it doesn’t seem like a lot of new money is coming in. That means a lot of the people in already know about bitcoin probably already had trading accounts probably invested in the market. They’re fueling this this new Bull run that we’re in right now which to me is a good thing and possibly an indicator that the bull run is just getting started because as people start to make money like I had a five day week I’m putting a video out saying I made five K in profit this week. Well that’s going to get some attention of course.

And you know I invested another one I put it another 15 or 16 K in fees this week because I start I’m starting to see the opportunity here. Well if I’m start to see the opportunity I’m telling you all about it my YouTube videos. Well there’s other YouTubers and other social media influencers and whatnot that are also telling people about what’s going on and they’re going to start to see like search terms like Bitfinex and finance and bitcoin and crypto are going to start getting searched more by your average joe retail investors and these guys are going to be coming into the market fueling even more of the bull run. That’s my professional opinion whether that’s a know 100 percent cash or not. I’d like to hear a comment below and let me know if you think the bull run is just getting started. OK so let’s talk about the top five strategies that I’ve been using now to go ahead and get 5 k in profit in one week. And one of the things I’m starting to do now is you know I’m only started look at investments where like as a swing trader basically I’m not day trading per se am I going in and trying to you know manipulate you know my my trades like all day I don’t have the time to sit there and look at charts all day in and day trade. But I do have time to do you know maybe a few trades each day and kind of wait and see. And then you go and don’t pull out or put you know based on you know how the trade did if it went up and I pull out my profits and you know go into something else.

Seven swing trading and what I like to look at is number one the golden ratio. You know I usually put a stop loss at around five percent. So if that thing goes down 5 percent from where I buy and then BOOM I’m out. So you know I pull out my money and I take my 5 percent loss. But I only like to look at stuff that’s got like either 15 or 20 percent upside as you can see like with the crypto market. If you go to let’s see this just go to market cap. All coins you can see like realistically some of these coins go up in a day. Twenty five percent. Here’s one you know 54 percent 16 percent. So there’s definitely those kind of swings in this market. So you want to look for coins that have like a 15 or 20 percent upside on your swing trades. OK so that’s what I did this past week and I pretty much had a hit on all of them. So you know that’s one of the reasons why I was able to pull down five K in one week. So keep an eye that, that’s your number one the golden ratio five percent Stop-Loss 15 or 20 percent upside as long as you feel like that’s your upside then I would go ahead and make that trade. The next thing I want to talk about is the portion size and you’re actually putting into these old coins.

You know the broke mentality of people is to go in and be like Oh I you know I want to go in this opportunity I see it, let’s go in and put the whole your whole nut into one you know one gold coin. Well that’s the kind of stuff that’s going to get you broke. OK. I would take more than like say your whole portfolio if it was 100 grand. Maybe like 8 to 10 percent in the one you know. All right. OK so take like eight to 10 percent. Put a stop loss and if it goes down 5 percent you’re out about 500 bucks and you call it a day. You move on to the next opportunity. OK if it goes up OK well then you just made a nice you know say went up 20 percent and made a nice 2 K profit. OK on that 10k you invested. So you want to make sure that you’re not going in and investing like all your marbles into one coin. OK. You know you want to keep your you know your portfolio sort of balanced and you want to keep your you know the amount that you’re actually swing trading with in one particular allocation at about one eighth or one tenth of your total Swing trading portfolio and it’s a good idea that if you’re going to be day trading and swing trading and holding that kind of like three separate portfolios. Ok. I pretty much right now just swing trading. So I kind of have 1 portfolio as I get a little bit better I might do some more day trading and you know I might even consider more like a whole portfolio on the products I really like. But right now more into this thing just to make money. I’m not really too concerned that much about the products.

I’m looking more for the market sentiment. I’m looking for is it a decent enough project that I feel comfortable investing in and can I make money. I mean that’s obviously why you guys are probably watching this is like how can I make that five thousand bucks in a week. OK so somethings you want to look at are aside to be bullish. The market sentiment needs to be good. That’s what I kind of just showed you guys there with the trends and whatnot. Keep an eye on the Gold Coin coin. What does that coin. Does Stahmann check the articles every day. I used to do that just to make sure there’s no fun being spread around if you know if you go all in on one of these all coins. That’s a gambler’s mentality and you’ll get wrecked that way. OK so just keep that money. All right. Number three is a mistake that I made when I first started trading and I started looking at some of these and I saw this like you know I’d see some of these coins go up 19 or 50 percent in a day and be like Oh man I got to get out on this. That is not a good strategy OK. Typically you want to buy the coins that are at a discount. OK these ones that pump like you know. Here’s the one that went up 25 percent in a day 16 percent of the day. You know those are the ones that like mentally as a human being. You think man I’ve got to get in on this because it’s going up.

But as a trader you need to be looking at those coins as not a good opportunity. OK. You don’t want to buy the pumps. OK. You want to buy it before the pumps or you want to buy it on the swing when it goes down when it’s in the red when it’s at a discount. That’s when your best shot is to you know get it and start making money. Not after it’s gone up like 30 or 40 or 50 percent. So keep that in mind. You know a good analogy one of my mentors was saying you want to be the shark at the poker table not one of the fish. OK and that’s 100 percent true in this crypto market OK so keep an eye on this. There was a coin that pumped like I don’t know it’s probably 40 50 80 percent I don’t remember but it was called Air swap and I bought in and I bought it at the top of the pump and I got wrecked on that one. I mean it wasn’t a big trade for me maybe 500 bucks but I got wrecked it went down a lot is actually finally started to come back. I held onto it and it’s almost back to where I bought it. I actually double cost average Down it and I doubled down on it. And it’s I think it’s back to above where I double down so I’m almost back to even on it. In this latest Bull Run but it’s kind of funny that was a mistake that I made at the beginning because I just didn’t know any better.

You think mentally when it goes up a lot. I want to get in on that but that is not the strategy that I would recommend. 100 percent not. The next. The number 4 trading strategy that I’ve learned that I’ve been taking in the fact is you want to put a stop loss strategy in place. OK. So obviously I talked about having that five percent stop loss when you buy something. Well as it starts to go up hopefully and you’re at end of this bull run you want to keep increasing your Stop-Loss OK so mind you if it goes up say 10 percent which is a great you know great return. I would move your Stop-Loss up to a plus 2 percent from where you bought it originally. Or a plus for 4 percent. So what basically what you’re doing is you’re guaranteeing yourself some profits at that point. All right. So having a good stop-loss strategy and a trailing stop loss strategy for lack of a better term is basically you want to move that Stop-Loss up keep moving it up as you continue to rise your position. So that’s one of the things I’ve been doing as they start to increase my profits a little bit. I moved my Stop-Loss up so I can always get out of that trade if it starts crashin and I got some profits and we move on. Okay that’s another thing that you want to take into consideration. And finally the last thing I want to talk about my latest strategy has really been working for me is you’ve got to have patience in this market. Okay.

Yeah we get a Bull Run right now. Everything seems to be going up but you know there’s going to be other bull runs and there’s going to be a tons of opportunity in this market. So don’t go in and start feeling like you’re missing out. It’s called Fomo – The Fear Of Missing Out. You don’t want to have FOMO in this market. You know listen to guys like you know that are out there that are professional you know traders and whatnot and I listen to a number of them and what I’ve learned is that they all have patience. I mean they yeah they still see stuff pump and it’s like whatever you know there’s there’s going to be plenty of other pump’s but you know don’t go in and buy stuff on the pump. OK find stuff that’s like at a discount buy in then. And then if it goes down a little bit more. Well if it goes below your 5 percent then you’re out. If it doesn’t go below 5 percent and it starts going back up that’s when you’re going to get your best gains and make the most money and that’s what I found so far. Now I was able to pull five K out of this last week. So I hope you guys enjoyed the top five crypto strategies that I’ve learned in the last few months and turned into a nice profit so let’s go take a look at the numbers on Monday. I do like to go in and show you know my numbers overall here and I did buy put in some more fiat.

I think I told everyone here My goal this year is to put 100 grand into crypto. So I do believe in the overall market and I’m willing to trade a lot better. I’ve gotten a lot better recently. This week I’ve made a lot of good moves and you’ll see that the numbers here. All right so I’ve got thirty seven thousand invested I actually put in 39000 and some change. Thirty nine thousand two hundred seventy three. But I joined I did a life time membership for this trading group that I’m a part of now and they do a lot of like ballpoint pics and whatnot. So I’ll be bringing those to you probably as I progress a little bit. I’m probably going to get my own Telegram channel going and I’m probably going to start putting some of my entry points like out on Twitter for now and then over time once I start really getting good if I start really showed some nice gains. Maybe I’ll do like a Patreon have like a paid type thing where I can give you guys my entry and exit points. I’m investing a lot of money into mentorship, investing a lot of money into my education and a lot of these groups and whatnot and I can bring that value back to you guys. But obviously I spent a lot of money so I’d like to get some kind of return on my investment with the trading and with possibly like a Patreon and so keep that in mind I’m not quite ready to do that yet. I’ll be looking at that board on the road.

You know all of this crypto marketing is going to bull run and I think we’ll see a big opportunity here. But let’s take a look at where I’m at here. Basically my biggest holdings I still have a ton of eternity I believe in that project. One of my buddies told me about that project and it went up a ton last week that was my biggest gainer you can see here I almost made up 3 K on just that one investment. I bought a bunch of more Litecoin. I have a lot of Litecoin I bought it at 128. And I think it’s at 151 today. And that was a nice gainer. I bought a bunch of Ethereum yesterday and that was at 634. It’s already up like 641 right now so that’s a big gainer for me. And I made some trades down here but I’ve already traded out of them I took some profits. Not enough big profits but you know profits profits so at the end of the day as of last week my overall investment I was down about 7 k. And right now I’m sitting at 35 for 72. This is my overall investment. And keep in mind I lost eleven hundred in Bitconnect. So that’s kind of out of this picture but if I add that and I’m actually only down about a thousand bucks in my total investment into Crypto overall which is pretty damn good considering Bitcoin is sitting at 9 K right now which is you know almost you know less than 50 percent of what it peaked out at and I got into this whole thing shortly after bitcoin peaked out.

And the fact that I’m sitting here almost dead even after a killer week I just had, I’m pretty happy with that. So I feel like I’m going in the right direction with this crypto stuff. Obviously have quite a bit of money invested in this stuff right now but I’ll be putting a significant amount more in when I feel like the time is right. But again my goal is to you know get this thing to 100k of my own money invested in potentially you know this year. I think a realistic goal would be to maybe at least double it you know. So that would be a nice 100 percent return. So I think that’s realistic with the market and especially what I’m seeing here in the current bull run that retail investors just had a really come back into this market yet really set. So I feel like the bull run is just beginning. I mean there’s going to be some dips. It is going to be some you know ups and downs but you know overall I feel like the bull market is coming so I hope you guys enjoyed today. I definitely feel like I get some good advice if you guys want to go back and watch this video and jot those notes down. I think those are good rules to live by especially in this very volatile market. I am the Marketingmeathead and I would appreciate if you’d subscribe to my channel. Bang that notification bell and I want to have a new model for my channel let me know what you guys think of this. Life is too short to build someone else’s dreams. We’ll talk to you later. Goodbye.