Tricking Your Subconscious Brain and Getting Things Done to Reach Your Goals

This is Brian Pfeiffer aka the Marketing Meathead. And today I’m going to talk about your subconscious and how to beat it. I just wanted to give you a nice fairly quick video today and I’m sure you guys face this similar type of scenario that I face on a regular basis.

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Basically when you know you don’t 100% know how to do something you kind of put it off. You know like you’ve ever had that feeling where like you know I’ve got to do this but I don’t really know exactly what to do and kind of put it off put it on the bottom of the list of things you got to get done. And maybe it goes to the next day and maybe it goes to the next day after that and it just never gets done. I call that your subconscious basically your subconscious is basically tricking you into saying like you know do something easier. OK. Do something that you know you can get done quickly and then it’s going to be easy. Kind of along the lines of procrastination. I’m sure you know everyone’s been to school and procrastinated on getting a paper done for a test, studying for a test until like the last minute. I’ve been there you know many times. But as you get into real life you start to realize that you need to get things done in order to start making real money and moving businesses forward to meet those goals that you want to hit.

Unfortunately if you continue to put stuff off you don’t move the business forward and you don’t move toward your goals which is you know depending on where you’re at your stage of your working career. You know I’m planning on retiring at some point. I’m a little bit older, I’m 45. I don’t feel like I’m old. I don’t feel like I look that old. But the fact of the matter is at some point I don’t want to work you know past a certain age you know I kind of put that number my head, maybe 50 maybe it’s going to be 55. I don’t know but I’m hoping by some point I can you know build up a business and cash that business out and then move into something that maybe is more like a part time you know more of an enjoyable hobby type of role maybe I can make some money doing something online that’s more along the lines of something I really enjoy like you know whether it be boating or fishing or photography or something along those lines. So at the end of the day you know like you always have things that you want to learn and do better. OK. Like right now I’m shooting a video. While this video was supposed to be done earlier in the day and I knew that it was going to take me a second to prepare for it. Put it all together and you know what. Everything just was so much easier to get done than shooting this video. And unfortunately now it’s late in the day. I’m not going to put it out at 11:00 at night. I’m going to have to wait put this out tomorrow. So I missed you know I miss the day videos.

You know so I fight with it too just like everybody else and it’s kind of unfortunate that you know it’s a subconscious like you know telling you like, listen you can get this done and this and this done. But you got to prepare for that, you’re going to have to do a little research. You know it’s like that guy on your shoulder you know he’s telling you like nah just put it off. You know you can get to it later. You know and then there’s then there’s a guy on the other shoulder saying hey listen you know you need to move your business forward and get this thing out and you need to get it done. So I face it constantly. I mean I’m sure you guys do too as you’re trying to progress in the Internet marketing world. This is kind of you know make money online, have a channel and I run into this all the time you know we just ordered our first order for Amazon FBA and fortunately I was able to afford to hire someone to kind of help me with that and get that business going but most people aren’t you know most people actually have to go through the whole course and learn it. I unfortunately haven’t been able to have time to go through the course. I will eventually. But we’re already you know already wiring money to China to bring products over here so you know that’s one of those things that instead of me like going and subconsciously putting it off and waiting till like the fall to get that.

I just want to hire someone and now I have him working on doing the research and finding products for us. And I went over to China myself and set up that relationship. So you know I wanted to get an Amazon FBA business going this year. That’s one of the big things that you know I wanted to do and if I would have like let my subconscious like put it off it would have never got done. OK. So I forced myself to get somebody hired, buy a couple of more courses or actually we bought one more course. And you know now we’ve actually got an order placed in China. I flew to China myself and got a good relationship going over there with some suppliers and boom that business is now you know in business. I’m going to shoot a video on that later this week and talk a little bit about more. The direction we’re going with that business. Also this year I’ve been able to you know I’m learning the trade Crypto. I follow a number of YouTubers as I listen to Crypto every day. Now some of the stuff that was like completely foreign to me and my subconscious was telling me I don’t know how to do is now becoming like second nature to me I can talk about it I can see stuff on charts I can recognize things and I’m just like wow like it’s becoming easier and easier. So you know that’s one of those things that my subconscious in the beginning was like telling me not to do. And I figured out a way to come around and overcome it.

So there was another project that I worked on that took me a lot longer than I expected but you know it was learning Infusionsoft. And I thought I was in the middle to whip out you know a nice campaign for the main VIP hosting business. Well that ended up taking almost two months that project. So you know a little bit on that is that you know most of the time when your subconscious is telling you to you know put it off or whatever and procrastinate and whatever, I find that about nine out of ten times the thing that I’m actually trying to do ends up being easier than what my brain is telling me it is. OK. About nine out of ten times. Now that one out of ten times it takes ends up taking way longer to learn it. And you know to really get it down then what your brain is telling you. And that was the case with that Infusionsoft like it just was a very time consuming process. It wasn’t hard to learn. It was more just the putting the time in to get it all set up right. And so many campaigns I think we got out like something like 70-100 campaigns. It’s insane. But it’s all working and it’s all really helping the business. In fact my numbers in March were up 50 percent from a year ago, April 50 percent up from a year ago and in May we were up 15 percent from a year ago and May had a killer month last year. So I was you know still above last year which is great.

So you know we’ll see how June turns out but I’m pretty sure we’re going to be another 40-50 percent up on in June just based on reservation. Now that’s with VIP hosting business so we’re doing really well. But I think the follow up and the automation, all that stuff that I built out and spent all that time doing was worth it and now it’s paying dividends now down the road. But trust me like I literally was trying to build out an Infusionsoft campaign for my business for two years. If I only like hired somebody paid them five thousand dollars to get it started for me. And then once they got it started for me and got to go I kind of learned it then I built the rest of it out myself with my virtual assistant and my sales guy and we built it ourselves. But literally I wanted to do this I think it’s actually longer than that. I think I bought Infusionsoft when I was paying a monthly subscription and really not utilizing it for almost four years. So I finally got around to doing it this year and I got the numbers now to prove that’s working. So you know that’s a fight with your subconscious and you know it’s going to take some time and you know it’s going to be hard work. But you know you got to push through that somehow.

I don’t really know like the formula 100 percent that I’ve been using to get by this year with that subconscious-beating but I’ve been beating it pretty well out of all the years I’ve been in business this year for sure than the year that I’ve got the most stuff like done and part of it has to do with me hiring another sales person and taking away some of the internet leads and whatnot. He’s handling a lot of those now and it’s freed up a little bit of time. But you know I’ve got my YouTube channel going. I started that in January and I’ve been pretty consistent about putting up four to six videos a week. I’m trying to do some fun stuff. I bought a camera, I’m starting to learn how to use that. I’m actually going to probably hire a mentor at some point and have someone you know really show me how to use the thing and shoot good video and edit better, I’m getting better at editing, obviously never really edited a video before and I’m getting a little better at it my videos aren’t great, I know that and they could be better but I’m not a professional editor so that’s one of the things that my subconscious is telling me like listen go out and get that you know you’ve got to go out and get that mentor and speed up the process. I put out another info product which is going to be coming out sometime in June here that’s ready to go. But we’ve been building Websites, funnels. You know we have actually put together a whole back door system and teachable. We uploaded all our other past products on the teachable. I’m basically learning right now, I’m reading books and I’m watching videos and I’m spending a lot of my spare time learning how to do like the 1.5 Hour presentation in order to sell it in full product and make it like an evergreen product at some point.

So you know I’ve been able to really really beat that subconscious this year. I can’t really tell you exactly like how I’m doing it. But as I start accomplishing more and more and getting more and more stuff done. I just feel like I’m kind of unstoppable you know. So I think my best advice to you with beating that subconscious is to just go out there and just go out and do it. You know I’ve read a lot of books and a lot of people say put the hardest thing to do on the top of your list and get that done first in a day and then easier stuff get them later. I think that’s good advice. However that’s not the way I’ve been doing it. So I don’t know if that’s going to change, I’ve been able to beat it by… I’m so busy during the day and I’ve got so many calls and texts coming in that I don’t really have time to concentrate fully when projects are what I’ve been doing. I’ve been getting all my life. Pass it on. You go to the gym late at night and I’ll come home. Ten eleven twelve sometimes one in the morning and I’ll sit down when my phones was like off my crazy like, check my crypto and I’ll have like an hour, 2 hours, 3 hours just like non-interrupted time. And that’s what I’ve been getting a lot of the stuff done, doing some reading or watching another video but really watching you like taking notes. So that’s what’s working and working for me. Yeah am I work crazy long hours.

Yeah I am I would say I’m consistently on a 15 to 16 hour day. But you know look at all the stuff that I got done this year, I am working you know kind of the GaryV lifestyle grind, bringing in you know what I have been writing you know I’ve been getting a lot of stuff done and gotten a lot of things to accomplish this year. What bit more things to get accomplished. And you know at some point I might take a little break. I’m going to take a couple weeks off in July and I’m thinking about a good chunk of the summer and traveling and just not doing anything out of my closet is having fun. Some photo shoot stuff like that. Overseas you know I don’t know exactly when it’s going to go on but the matter is here in the office and in Vegas. I’m not traveling I grind. I work hard, I get it done. And I beat that subconscious every day. And I think that’s what you guys need to work on right now is beating that subconscious, figure out a way whether it be in the morning, whether it be late at night you know, whether it be midday like when you know you’re more intense and you know you’ve got stuff to do in the evening and you have that little window in the afternoon, beat that subconscious and get that stuff done. You know figure out how to beat it. I mean that’s probably the most important thing I can tell you guys about moving a business forward from somebody who’s built up a seven figure business and growing is that you just got to figure out a way to beat that subconscious, that works with your lifestyle.

You know there’s always going to be that guy on your shoulder saying, Oh just put it off. You know procrastinate. But you know what man. You’ve got to figure out a way to beat that. And in order to really move your business or learn how to beat that subconscious. I’m the Marketing MeatHead. If you enjoyed today’s video, I’d appreciate a thumbs up. Comment below and let me know your means of beating the subconscious.