Underground Shopify And Affiliate Spy Tactics in 2019

Affiliate Product Research for 2019 | Step by Step Guide

Underground Spy Methods for Affiliate Offers and Shopify Ecom Products

Keep in mind is super important to pick a product or offer that solves a problem and that is not readily available in stores or on Amazon.com

In this video, I show you everything you need to know about product research for affiliate offers and drop shipping in 2019. I specifically cover seven methods to find hot selling products and high converting affiliate offers. I will show you what a winning product looks like and give you an in-depth breakdown.

Facebook has been my honey hole for about 5 years now asides from the annoying account shutdowns, it still the best money maker in my eyes.

Facebook Spy Method #1 (Download Turbo Add Finder and Facebook Pixel Helper on Chrome)

• Tailor your Facebook Feeds to show offers regularly• You need to become a “buyer” or “engaged shopper”• You will be high-quality traffic firing the purchase pixel event• Learn the info and ads section

Pixel Purchase Script and URL to Download Videos

fbq('track', 'Purchase', { content_type: 'product_group', content_ids: '[X]' , value: Y, num_items: 1, currency: 'USD', })


https://www.fbdown.net/ to download the videos and check views

Facebook Spy Method #2 (100,000 to 500,000 Views)

• Search Common Sense Key Words• Look at Only Recent Posts & Videos• Info & Ads SectionsFacebook Search Keywords

Search Terms• Buy now• 30% off today• 50% off today• 60% off today• 30% off• 50% off• 60% off• Order here• Claim yours now• Free worldwide shipping• Get it now• Get it here• Get yours now• Get yours• Grab yours now• Shop here• Click here• Order here• Buy it here• Order link• Tag A Friend• Tag a friend who would love this• Tag someone who needs this• Tag someone that would love this!

Instagram Method

• Open up a Niche Branded Account• Find Pages in your niche, follow them• Find Hash Tags in your niche, follow them• Save ads from products or offers• Copy Link and take over to desktop and emulate a purchase

Spy Tool Method

• Sign up for Adplexity Here:


Ecom Hunt Method

• Top Selling Products Curated• Easy Way to Find Trending and Top Selling Products• Special for $20 a Month(Make Money Back Easy)• Sign up here:


Ali Express Method

• Choose a Category and sort by orders• Do a search for a Keyword and then sort by orders• Look in drop shipping center for more ideas and more detailed product insights

Unlock Ali Express Drop Shipping Center: https://home.aliexpress.com/dropshipper/ds_center.htm

Bonus the Google 300 X 250 Method

• Search Keyword and got to Images• Go to Tools then Size• Sort Exact by 300 X 250 and 728 X 90• Find all sorts of landers

If you like what you have seen here today and would like to go deeper, we have a deeper dive in our paid course coming soon, email brian@marketingmeathead.com to get on the waiting list

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