Vick Strizheus Four Percent Scam Alert

Hey what’s up marketing meatheads this is Brian Pfeiffer a.k.a The Marketing Meathead and today I’m gonna go over how I was scammed by Vick Strizheus or Strizhoos however you want to say it. I don’t mind the guy actually I don’t have too many bad things to say but he did get me pretty good on a Mastermind that I invested in with High Traffic Academy so I thought I’d share that with everybody so they can make their own decision about working with him going forward. I will not be ever again working with him and I will show you today in the video.

Alright welcome back. I am gonna show you real quickly how I was scammed by Vick Strizheus, he’s an internet marketer, been around since 2002.

Have some notes here basically sentenced to a 90-day prison sentence in 2009 for like a grand theft insurance thing. Apparently he didn’t do that, he did probation, he had a one of his big claims of Fames was this thing called the 48-hour traffic machine.

He put what he calls a wrapper on a product that turned into a big promotion for him, affiliate marketing and then he came out with his own product called High Traffic Academy that’s when I actually jumped in on his stuff right around the time when he was in the Empower Network as well which was a network marketing company and his wrapper for that was called The Big Idea Mastermind.

There’s numerous stuff you can see here online on him, scam, whatever people saying that he had a pretty amazing funnel for Big Idea Mastermind and he would throw his own link into a rotator so that you’re basically you’re getting people to sign up under him as well as yourself.

I don’t know how true that is, you know I actually followed Vick since before then it was High Traffic Academy, he, you know, he gave pretty good advice. I wasn’t too disappointed with you know some of the knowledge he shared and what not.

You now he never really actually showed campaigns that much that he actually ran the real numbers and the things actually running but he did teach a lot of pretty good stuff and he was a pretty good speaker at the Empower Network back in the day and so I followed him into his next adventure.

He basically got booted out of Empower Network, I don’t know exactly, I know there was some legal things going on with North Dakota I think that’s where he’s from or South Dakota. One of those states, anyway he basically had some legal issues going on so Empower I think either cut ties with him or he cut ties with Empower. I don’t know how that all went down but all of a sudden he just disappeared.

So then basically Empower started kind of going down the toilet and it wasn’t all because of him it was other things, the network marketing company was just kind of fading out, it wasn’t converting and they’re out. I didn’t really push the network marketing company, I did like some of the content that the days Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe, the other Dave put out.

And it was good content for you know people that wanted to get into network marketing but Vick went on to start his High Traffic Academy which was a basically like a you know next level from his product.

He basically came up with like an entire school, and he joined forces with this guy named Jason McClain, and they came out with you know it was kind of like a High end version of High Traffic Academy.

They had a kind of a kickoff summit. Here’s my pass here I went and I was a certified elite. (See Video)

You know I went to that thing it was just down in Orange County, Newport Beach I believe. I went there and it was a pretty good event you know it was put on by Jason and Vick and you know I did like Jason and Vic. I think they did add some value to what I was pushing but you know I wanted to go up to the next level, I felt like they were adding enough value that I wanted to be a part of their next level, their Mastermind and if you know anything about me I spend a lot of money on masterminds and I don’t believe in like you know taking the slow road or slow boat to China. I like to take the Concorde to you know China and get there really fast, and I’ll buy my way to the top you know pretty much every internet marketer that I’ve ever worked with that pretty much bought their top package and generally aside from Vic, I’ve become friends with them and they end up you know coming to Vegas we ended up hanging out.

I end up doing you know I do VIP hosting company in Vegas, and I do their bottle service sometimes. In many cases I have a lot of internet marketer top-level guys that I’m really close with. You can see some of my other interviews I’ve done stuff with Bill Walsh, Greg Davis. You can see me with Jordan Schultz, Ronnie Sandlin, John Crestini, Chris record you know just to name a few there’s more than that.

You know all these guys are like my personal friends one of the reasons why I’m friends of them now is because I bought their Top package and went through their mastermind and learned from them, so I wanted to do that with Vick I mean, I felt like he was you know pretty pretty stand-up guy. He has some pretty good quality content throughout you know about three or four years of following him so I went ahead and jumped into his you know his Elite Mastermind.

It was like fifteen thousand bucks so you know I felt like it was you know there was a lot of stuff and I’ll show you here in a minute.

A lot of the stuff that I was supposed to get that ultimately I didn’t get so you know I’m pretty fair guys so I’m gonna go through this this list here and let’s get started with that.

Basically, here is The High Traffic Academy, let me make this a little bit bigger there we go. Okay, so this is basically the letter that I wrote to Vick when HTA basically fell apart and HTA was the High Traffic  Academy with him and Jason McLain and they did it for about a year and then they were actually gonna have a big event in August of about a year, year and a half ago in Vegas you know this is part of the deal I was supposed to get and we’re supposed to be with Les Brown.

Couple of other bigger names there and they canceled the whole event I guess sales weren’t going well enough I’m guessing and basically the whole thing just crumbled I mean the whole whole High Traffic Academy just disappeared so you know here’s the track record.

You know Vic had the you know you know had the high traffic Academy product, which was you know whatever was the product that’s fine. I put all products they you know they have their lifespan and then he went on to you know Empower Network and did the Big Idea Mastermind and had a ton of success there he was the number one producer there and you know that faded out he got kicked out whatever. I don’t know exactly what went down, but he was gone then he moved on to the High Traffic Academy and you know obviously that fell apart after about a year, year and a half got me pretty good.

I’ll show you everything and then now he’s in this like 4% Club that’s his new wrapper, and that was promoting Tec academics with Chris Record who’s no longer even there and you know Vick was pushing that and now he’s got some other new big things, so we’ll, we’ll look at that here in a second.

But let’s talk about HTA for a second just so you guys have the the real proof and you can make your own judgments I’m not you know I’m not going out here and ranting on Vick Strizheus but I you know he did rip me off and I want you guys to see this so you guys can make your own decisions based on my you know what happened to me and this is like proof. I haven’t seen any videos out there where actually someone breaks it down with you know what I was supposed to get and what I actually got so I wanted you know I wanted to give you guys the real deal here. This is like this is exactly what happened to me. I have letters written I you know I disputed that on my credit card and actually I ended up losing that I didn’t get my money back but he got it pretty good.

So, but let’s you know let’s go through and see what I you know was supposed to get and what I didn’t get. So this was a letter addressed to HTA. So I paid 15k for the mastermind master marketer program it was called actually it’s been a big of a disappointment.

This is when they were still kind of in business. I appreciate that I was able to attend the star group this was a you know a gathering of like all the other master marketers, I think it was about 10 to 12 people. one of Vick’s main guys Miles was there and a bunch of other kind of newbie people it was, it was a nice thing to put on it was at a beautiful resort up in Santa Barbara but the content was kind of crappy. I’ve been to a lot of masterminds, and it wasn’t there wasn’t really anything I took from it so okay, so I got to go to that whatever they paid for the room which was kind of nice.

Mind you I paid 15 grand so 15 grand is the room wasn’t 15 grand so…

So here we go inside the Bacara Resort I also appreciate I don’t have to pay $197 a month they were having like a monthly fee subscription type of thing for the elite to the end of the year. End of the year, not really with what happen with this and for the 15K was promised much more.

For sure so see below, let’s talk about what we were promised okay, so I was promised access to the elite mastermind services.

What you’re referring to is I didn’t see any of this. They said it was $2,100 didn’t exist okay, never got that so check.

Alright, then I was supposed to get free access to all HDA training programs. Okay. Yeah, I did get that but you know basically there was a you know there were supposed to be more products, a bunch of more products and then Vick was just gone. He just disappeared and McClain.

I don’t know that they had it got into it or whatever, but you know they they’re just gone supposed to be like $11,000, $900, 900 or $400 value, and it wasn’t even close to this I mean like I spend a few thousand dollars a month currently on education and I was at that time as well and the products were very lackluster they were not valuable I mean they were like two hundred dollar products tops, okay.

And they maybe put out like you know three or four products that I would consider any value so maybe a thousand dollars with the products tops. I mean they they weren’t that good. They really weren’t, I take a lot of product. I’ve been through a lot of products and these were not that good okay, very general knowledge.

Okay. I’m supposed to have access to the traffic lab, there was no traffic lab. Don’t even know what that is so Vick was gone. Nothing’s there, okay?

We’re supposed to get personalized marketing campaign review up to five reviews a month, don’t even know don’t even know where I would utilize that it was you know I have some campaigns that I wanted reviewed, never this never happened so there’s you know another thing that never happened.

We were supposed to get a Premium Master Marketer sitting at all events no events have even taken place you know and and then do I get to go to an insider success event no it didn’t happen none of these events even happen so that that’s another negative, boom!

Premium upgrades and priority support, support has been okay, but it was no priority for me. Okay the HTA Master Marketer’s Badge, never happened. Okay free access to the HDA summit, didn’t happen, it’s supposed to be a 497 value.

Personal one-on-one coaching with the HDA team, never happened. I got one call from Jason McLain, and it was like less than five minutes. It was completely joke nothing nothing there. That was a joke.

Free ticket to the star group workshop. This was, this was nice. The hotel was first-class, I got to meet Jason and Vick. There’s a picture here him and I and this was not a 10k event the content in this event was, I’m not gonna say it was garbage but it wasn’t good basically they just told you you got to get good at making videos, which I was already pretty decent at making videos before so definitely didn’t get much out of that event certainly wasn’t worth 10k.

There’s a thousand-dollar event maybe 1500 with the room okay, tops it and it was like midweek so the rooms aren’t expensive, midweek at a beach place that didn’t went 60 degrees out, okay?

Free ticket to the star group workshop, okay I just talked about yeah.

There was also supposed to be a marketers cruise that never happened marketers cruise with Vick and Jason where’s that? I paid for that never got it okay.

There was also this supposed to be some sort of bored of like 15k level masters that were supposed to be on. No board, never happened.

And then I on top of that I put in 1500 in traffic with Click Promise, their affiliate network, and they wouldn’t give me my money back. I actually did a dispute on that here.

This was my dispute for the the Click Promise that never happened so yeah, basically I said I wrote a letter to my bank was trying to get the money back on this Entra Funnel that they came out with. I put a thousand bucks in or 1500 in, never ran the traffic never got it back. I ended up losing that dispute. So that was that was garbage.

So lost 1500 there so basically I’m sixteen five into this whole High Traffic Academy, and let’s talk about this one more here HTA was on the, I was one of the founding members of..

Basically, this is my letter to them okay HTA as one of the founding members and I’ve stuck with Vick through a lot, a lot of success and start and failures whatever. I was sold on a program. That was supposed to take me to the next level, I think at this point Vick is gone Jason is doing his own thing with insider success, I remember that now Jason was trying to start some other spin-off of High Traffic Academy that never went anywhere called insider success or if it did they must have took me off the email list because I was disgruntled.

It would be fair to say you know basically. I was asking for a partial refund. I wasn’t he you know I’m a pretty fair guy, I run a number of businesses and I understand things don’t always work out the way you expect them to and I was willing to take like a you know maybe a discount on this you know like I paid fifteen grand, I certainly didn’t get obviously even close to my money’s worth but I was more than willing to kind of like you know like you know give me a partial refund. You know let’s work something out. Let’s let’s be fair, okay?

I’m a fair guy. I’m understanding of the situations, but like Vick, come on. I’m like dude I spent 15 grand you only delivered on like two of your promises here this thing went out of business it is what it is. Let’s see what I offered here. I never asked for refunds, and I really haven’t. I’ve never asked for a single refund and I bought a couple at least two to three hundred thousand dollars in products over the course of my lifetime. Never once asked for refund, okay?

I never asked for refunds and I buy a ton of products but this was a huge, huge letdown. You let people in the star group that upgraded to the 6k package so basically what they did is they they allowed people that went up and sold like a 6k package to go to that star group that I talked about okay.

So basically for 6k you were given the star group and all the products which is basically what I got so I’m like okay you know why don’t we be fair about this? Get me back my 8k. I’ll let you guys keep my six, and we’ll call it a day okay with Vick out and I was promised one thing and never delivered I think a 9k refund. So I was asking for 9k back since the whole thing fell apart

I will suck it up and eat the 6k since I enjoyed the star group and you know the few products that were put out today so I did you know go through all the some products actually did some reviews on them and I’m a hard worker. You know I actually you know whatever so I was cool that like let’s be fair you know give me my 9 grand back. We’ll call it a day. You know this is what I you know what I paid, how much, this is all my numbers now mind you they got me for 1500 on the Click Promise which I never got any traffic from and never made any money from then I got I put in 15K here and basically what I proposed here I pay the six grand, refund me the rest and you know plus. I’d like my 1500 back from Click Promise

You know I can count things blah blah blah

So that was a fair offer in my opinion that was like very fair off and like you know what keep my six grand you guys delivered on that give me what you didn’t deliver on and we’ll call it a day. So of course you know they don’t write me back or anything. I don’t hear from them nothing It just as you know goes by the wayside. So you know what I didn’t file a you know a dispute with my credit card company and basically. You know I wrote took that letter and what I wrote on and you know I wrote another letter basically, this is my dispute letter and you know basically saying big stuff not with the company blah blah blah I wrote a whole letter. Ended up losing the dispute. I didn’t get my money back.

They went and you know showed proof that I was at that stupid star group which wasn’t even worth two grand and that that’s how they ended up winning that dispute because they had you know pictures of me or like you know that I checked into the room and whatnot so you know it is what it is, man. You know. I’m not gonna cry over spilled milk.

I think it’s pretty shitty that Vick you know went ahead and just basically went out of business and left me hanging when I gave him a very fair proposal, but you know it is what it is, so you know at this point. You know you guys can clearly see that I’m not just like you know trying to get traffic to my you know YouTube channel because you know I’m calling Vick Strizheus and 4% a scam.

You know he’s really he’s really he really did scam me I mean, this is like legit proof that I you know paid for a lot of stuff that I didn’t get and You know it’s very very unfortunate that It happened to me. I mean you know it is what it is. I don’t have a relationship with Vick. You know I think if you were to reached out to me and said listen we can’t give you your money back, but how about we do something together? Let’s try to work it out.

You know that would be a genuine person that would I would consider like you know down the road like maybe we you know we could do some business together. Maybe we could do a launch together, maybe we could do you know maybe you can help me out build a funnel or something you know anything You know like to be like friends, I can’t give you your money back. It’s you know we’re having some hard times financially whatever it is.

You know reach out to a guy that drops 16, 18 grand with you 17 grand you don’t you reach out to guys like me. I’m like not the kind of guy that you just like sit here and screw over you know like I spent a lot of money with you. I’ve been following you I’ve been a supporter of you, and you just basically screw me.

I mean, you know I don’t get it every other internet marketer that I bought their top package with I’m friends with to this day and have on like Skype and cell phone I can hit up today and let me write back like.

Yo Vick like come on man that’s some bullshit.

So let’s take a look at some of these you know some of your promises for your new 4% here and you know I’m gonna have to call you out on some of this stuff you know.

It can go out and I can go on and on, but you know basically Vick’s promise and let’s see he’s got he talked about a success pill okay “to take that that metaphorical success pill every day all right and…”

Listen to this and then he talked about you know he talked about the best training ever that’s coming okay. “Hey it is what it is, man yeah, it took us a long time to launch this stuff, but I’m telling you this what we’ve got what we launched is hands down no question the best most powerful training available anywhere in the world…”

Hey guys let me get let’s get something straight here okay, Vick’s gonna try to get you into his next thing okay. He’s on until like number four now since I’ve no one I’m in five years, maybe five. I think he’s still doing the four percent, but it’s another wrapper for another thing. They were doing tech academics. That’s done I think, it’s not converting so he just goes on to the next converting thing so guys don’t be you know don’t be sucked into this don’t be sucked into this you need products that are gonna like show you how to make money online not stuff like into the next MLM or next opportunity.

Remember Vic makes all his money from you guys signing up okay, when he when you sign up and he gets other people to sign up underneath them and other people underneath to you, he’s making money. That’s how his systems work, okay. He’s a great salesman.

He’s awesome at selling people he’s awesome at selling the dream, but I promise you if you keep following Vick Strizheus, you will not make money online you will not, you can learn some stuff from him. He does talk about he does give some good advice like he talks about you know like not depending on one traffic source.

That’s 100% true. That’s great advice. You know he talks about getting really good on camera, that’s great advice.

He talks about you know the people that are like listening to you you know dealing with the same things you were at one time probably and you know relating to them and speaking directly to them you know stuff like that is very good advice. So he doesn’t give like crappy advice, but he’s a great salesman, but don’t get sucked into his next thing man.

If you guys can just see everything that I’ve done. I guarantee you in six months 12 months 14 months. Whatever it is Vick’s gonna be on to the next deal. Okay. He’s probably ,I heard him talking about crypto. When is Vick Strizheus a crypto expert you know now he’s jumping on the crypto bandwagon.

So you know I I don’t know I I know him and there’s a couple other internet marketers that I’m friends with so I’m not gonna mention their names they got some big new things coming up. And they’re trying to get you know a team and everybody you know into it, and you know however everybody pushed the products.

Come on guys you guys should know by now. You’ve been through empower network. You’ve been through tech academics. You’ve been through 4%. You know all this stuff. Are you making money? Are you really making money?

You gotta find a guy that is actually doing this stuff online. That’s actually running traffic, converting offers. You know doing all the things that you need to do to actually make money online.

Those are the guys you need to follow not not Vick’s next offer, it’s not gonna work for you. I promise you it’s not gonna work for you. If you follow Vick you will be broke in 6 months 12 months a year from now. You’re still gonna be broke. So that’s my advice.

You know I do got my own whole set of products coming out this year, so you know hit the subscribe button. Get the notifications from me. I promise you I will not put out garbage. I will put out really really good stuff that’s gonna really teach you how to make money and how I built a seven-figure business online myself.

I have 1 product down below. It’s a good starter product if you want to get started right away. It’s a 497 entry type level with a working campaign on how to make money with an offer on Facebook, and diet it works 100% works. We have testimonials.

We’re actually gonna be building out an entire sales page and stuff for it we did a coaching group this this past December in 2017 we finished up on early 2018 and we already got some successful students making money.

So you know stick with the guy that’s gonna show you guys how to really make money?

I’m not trying to get you into the next big thing. I’m not gonna make money off you bringing your friend in okay. That’s not how it works.

So you know that’s my advice you guys could take it or leave it, but hopefully after seeing this video you just see that you know what you’re really getting with Vick Strizheus. Talk to everyone later, Thanks