Never Buy Instagram Likes – Here’s Why

Never Buy Instagram Likes – Here’s Why

Instagram can be a powerful way to promote your products and services.

However, the platform is only as useful as you make it.

Here is a video on the topic

Without an adequate number of followers, your account may not be reaching enough people to make your efforts worthwhile.

Likes and followers are an effective way to make your brand more visible on new feeds, which essentially attracts a larger audience.


There is a clear correlation between a high number of likes and high traffic on Instagram accounts.

Because of this connection, many businesses have resorted to buying likes to keep ahead of the competition.

I call this “gaming the system”

Unfortunately, buying Instagram likes can have negative consequences for your business and overall growth.

While buying likes on Instagram may make it seem like your business is doing well, it can actually harm your brand.

When people see that the number of followers you have do not match up with the inflated number of likes, your reputation can quickly become tarnished which in turn decreases engagement.

The use of social media black markets can make your page appear as spam which will turn potential customers away.

If you have purchased Instagram likes in the past or plan to do so, reconsider your approach.

Why Businesses Purchase Likes on Social Media

Go to Google and type in “buy Instagram likes” and you will be bombarded with page after page of results.


These likes are often offered for super cheap prices as low as one cent each or even free when you exchange likes with others.

Why are there so many websites that offer free or cheap social media likes?

It’s because engagement is critical to the success of your account.

Instagram’s unique algorithm makes engagement a vital metric when determining the popularity of a post.

That means the more likes that a post has, the more people will see it.

While there are all types of people that buy likes on Instagram, the most common buyers are those that lack the time or know-how to build up likes the authentic way.

These are people who are looking for a quick-fix way to grow their Instagram presence and are willing to take risks to achieve their goal.

Unfortunately, buying Instagram likes can result in serious consequences and could cause all of your hard work and money to go down the drain.

In some instances, your account could even be shut down.

Let’s say you have a new e-commerce brand and you want to get the word out with Instagram advertising and your Instagram page only has a few likes.

You expect people to see that and think the brand is not legit.  Why not just put in the header description that this a brand new page and let people know its a newer brand? 

The Risks of Buying Instagram Likes

While buying Instagram likes can have short-term benefits, the long-term repercussions can be significant.

One of the biggest risks you face when buying likes is the effect it will have on customers.

If consumers find out that you are trying to grow your business with shady practices, they may avoid doing business with you in the future.


Your account may also get punished by Instagram itself.

Instagram will often remove posts that have brought likes, and if you are a repeat offender, your account could get banned.

The social media platform may also take the additional step of restricting your IP address which prevents you from making new accounts.

It is also important to remember that the fake likes you purchase do not equate to real business growth.

You could have thousands or even tens of thousands of likes on your Instagram but if they are all bogus, you will not see your profit margin grow.

Unlike real people, the fake likes you purchase are from bots that will not actually purchase your product or service.

This means that you are essentially spending money on the illusion of growth but are not really getting results.

In November of 2018 Instagram started removing fake likes, comments and follows 

Following shortly after Facebook and Twitter took similar actions,

Instagrams machine learning is smart and your followers and competitors can tell if you bought fake likes 

  • Watch out for like buying services that follow people’s account this is one way to tell
  • If you see an account that has little or no activity or followers and doesn’t have a profile picture then this could be an account created for fake likes 
  • Be cautious if the like to follow ratio is t0o high and there are a disproportionate number of comments, this can be a potential red flag 

Building Your Brand the Authentic Way

You don’t have to rely on purchased likes to grow your presence on Instagram.

It’s not a secret that Instagram is great for brands, Instagram in house research says that 60% of its users follow at least one brand

There are many authentic ways to create engagement and increase your followers and likes genuinely for real results.

Start by creating engaging content.

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Inspires
  • Informs

As Instagram focuses on visual stimulation, create content that engages your followers.

Educational Content ideas:

➡️ Tutorials this could be a series of instructional videos or photos 

➡️ Reviews are also popular on products and help with purchasing decisions

➡️ How to Guides – teach your following step by step how to do something

Entertaining content, this allows people to pass time and enjoy your stuff in a fulfilling way 

➡️ Mental test that provokes thoughts, quizzes, trivia, etc

➡️ Humor – people like to smile and laugh, funny posts and stories will get people coming back for more 

➡️ News, current events, or just entertainment in general, people love to gossip, and trends, sports, and celebrities 

Content that uplifts and inspires people, mainly evoking an emotion

➡️ Opinions – lean toward strong, thought-provoking perspectives

➡️ Images that Inspire – content that is related to your brand or page 

➡️ Stories – personal and about life in general, people like empathy, easier to show these days with Instagram stories

Informative content that tells your audience something new or they that they don’s know 

➡️ Share content that you find interesting, relevant stories, etc

➡️ News, trending topics, happenings in your field

➡️ Research and analysis – gear this toward your subject matter to your audience will be interested 



When you post photos on your Instagram account, create an emotional connection with your followers by using photos with faces. Research has shown that photos with faces receive approximately 38 percent more likes than photos without faces.

Also, take advantage of captions on your photos.

You can easily get the attention of users on the platform by mentioning the handles of other Instagram influencers.

You should also tag your location when possible as research has shown that photos with tagged locations receive higher engagement than those without.

Tag your location

Tag your location

The strategic use of hashtags can also make a difference in your visibility. Each Instagram post allows you to add up to 30 hashtags.

Check out Tag Blender for some cool ideas

While you don’t want to appear as spam, adding a few specific hashtags can help you connect with more users who are interested in the same topic you are posting about.

In addition to posting the right type of content, you will want to take some time each day to engage with your followers.

The more that you interact with your followers and other Instagram users, the more you will increase your visibility and exposure.

Start by responding to comments left on your posts.

We have also noticed Instagram Stories are getting a lot of action these days, we use Storrito to schedule stories, HooperHQ for regular post scheduling, and Animoto to design the stories 

You can also like and comment on other peoples posts that may be similar to yours.

You can find content similar to yours through the search tool, hashtags, or by reviewing Instagram’s recommendations.


(Image from Ad Expresso)

Another great way to increase your engagement on Instagram is by including a call-to-action with each post.

Here are some examples:

✅ What are your thoughts on this?

✅ What do you like about it?

✅ Tag a friend if they ____

✅ Yes or no in the comments?


These captions should promote engagement by having your target audience interact with your posts.

This can be achieved in a number of ways.

For example, you may ask a question in your caption which prompts your followers to write a reply.

The goal of your CTA should be to create discussion between your followers which makes them want to return to your posts.

You can also ask people to click a link in your bio to learn more about your products or services or to sign up for something.

There are other creative ways to acquire likes on Instagram in an authentic way.

You can choose to host a giveaway or contest with the prize being one of your products or services.

This is not only a great way to attract new followers as people love free stuff, but it is also an effective method of familiarizing people with what you have to offer.

Instagram giveaway and contests often result in an increase in likes, followers, comments, and even new customers.


You can maximize your results by asking your followers to take action to be part of the giveaway by spreading the word.

If you want to check the authenticity of up to three Instagram accounts for FREE check Hype Auditor

In Conclusion

Buying Instagram likes can be tempting.


Businesses often view it as a fast and easy way to grow their social media presence with minimal effort and a small investment.

However, the risks are hardly ever worth the results.

If you want to grow your Instagram following and increase the number of comments and likes your posts get, it is best to do it authentically.

By taking some time each day to create entertaining posts and engage with your followers, you can create more visibility for your brand while building trust with your audience in the process.

If you want to learn how I have grown several accounts to over 10,000 followers using Follow Adder and Captivate here is a link to the latest blog post