Winner product for this Christmas: Smartwatch controllable Quadcopter (Special Xmas Offer)

Winner product for this Christmas: Smartwatch controllable Quadcopter. Getting gifts for children is the best.

The moms and dads of the family are looking for the next best gift that they can give to their kids.

This smartwatch controlled quadcopter is ideal for kids.

It has excellent reviews and a money-back guarantee.

You can turn this product into a best-seller this season.

Here are a few tips on how to sell this product with ad samples, strategies, and more.

  1. Campaign optimization:

Optimizing advertisement campaigns on websites is the most crucial step for any affiliate marketer.

I believe in optimizing each of my advertisements for either purchase or creating an advertisement with the ‘Add to Cart’ option.

In both the options, you are aiming for direct sale.

One of these ads may function better than the other.

That is something that you will have to figure out yourself.

The red color “warnings” and zero data have never been my concerns.

The pixel will try to scare you to choose a more expensive option, in my opinion, skip over it.

Also, during optimization, I opt for a 1-day click conversion window.

It means that Facebook will target people who take the desired action within one day.

Depending on the cost of your product, you may have to change the option as per need.

  1. Daily budget and quantity of Ads sets

For each campaign, I start with around 5 ad sets.

Each ad set needs to have a different targeting option, audiences, ad types.

There is no point in creating 5 identical ad sets.

As for the budget of each ad set, start low with $8.50 to $12 in the beginning.

Later, you can opt-out of ad sets that are not working and add more money to the ones that are getting the most returns.

  1. My take on targeting and strategy for the product

The targeting options available for this product are pretty straight-forward.

The gifting responsibility falls in the hands of the adults of the family.

The mothers, fathers, and grandparents will be looking for the ideal gift for their bundle of joy.

The intended buyers are very young children or people in their early teens; however, targeting them will not get the best results.

One product page:

As this product comes in one design alone, it is only fair to create one page that lists all the features of the product along with the features and the articles available in the package.

You can target people looking for a more futuristic toy that will force their kids to move around while intriguing them.

Here, I targeted:

1. Women (20-40) with kids aged 5 years to 14 years:

Offer it as a one-stop solution and the only gift they need to give their kids for a fun and fulfilling Christmas with a special discount.


2. Men with kids aged 5 years to 14 years:

Similar to the one above, along with the importance of a good gift after a whole day stay after long with the child.


3. Men and women with kids 4 years to 16 years:

Ad focusing on the joy of the child because of having a product that no other in the friend group will have.


I would like to target people, who have an interest in futuristic items like smartwatches, star wars, etc.

Have a good sample audience.

I start small with 100K, or more, you can opt for a smaller audience if you like.

  1. Placing ad

I mainly target users on Facebook, and sometimes I will mix in Instagram.

For Instagram, I will create separate ad sets.

You can choose to have the same ad sets or opt for the different ones.

For Facebook, I target both mobile and desktop users, whereas, for Instagram,

I only target mobile users.

  1.  Ad type and copy

For the images and the videos, you can either find the ones available online and use them.

You can get in touch with the seller to get more video footage to use.

Some examples of ads I created are below.


Use cute photo ads as they work for both Facebook and Instagram feeds.

  1. Pricing and selling strategy:

Enticing pricing will help with getting sales and a healthy conversion rate.

You will have to wrap your head around the numbers to figure out the details of the charges that work well for you, and the buyer will be willing to give.

For this, start by taking the base price and determining the shipping cost of the product.

Once that is done, look for a healthy profit on the product.

For some, having lower pricing with higher shipping might work better than having lower or no shipping with higher pricing.

You can also show that you are giving a major discount on the product.

The product page should look trustworthy and fun with a cool description, and photos that show the little details of the product. Reviews are mandatory.

Setting a price is an important step. When done right, it will help you in getting sales with a healthy conversion rate.

And if done wrong, your conversion rate is going to suck, and you won’t even get any sales.

Selling Strategy:

Always give significant discounts to purchasers who are willing to buy more than 1 product in the single go.

As the quantity increases, so should the discount.

You will have to cap the number at some point.

For this product, the maximum discount should come at 3 units.

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It is one of the better products online that is selling like hotcakes.

The reviews for the product are good, and the conversion rate will benefit from this.

This will sell well all over the world.

You will find success only when you keep trying.