The winning product in the 4th quarter of the year: Alloy steel tongue drum, with Facebook Ads strategies suggestions

It is something about the New Year that pushes people to have a new start in life and make more progressive as well as useful life changes.

People who believe in the cause would love to facilitate the process with their gifts.

One such resolution is being more spiritual and meditating to control emotions.
Alloy steel tongue drum

It is November and people are on the lookout for new things that they can gift to their loved ones, that no one else will, and they have not already gifted to the receiver.

It is time to jump in and talk about how to sell the alloy steel tongue drums with ad examples, selling strategies, and more.

  1. Campaign optimization and type

I always opt for website conversion campaigns that I optimize for purchase.

Facebook will give you a red color “warning” that lets you know that you have zero data, but do not bother about it.

The quality of your ad, targeting, and product will get you the clicks with the potential clients

Other times, I opt for “Add to Cart” optimization.

You will have to test both before figuring out which one works better for the product.

Also, each ad account acts differently so it will be trial and error before it is trial and success.

I utilize a 1-day click conversion window.

This feature shows ads to people who convert within a day.

Facebook Pixel aims to milk more money out of its advertisers, and hence, Pixel shows you the warnings.

They would want you to start with View Content Optimizations and slowly pave the way to Purchase optimization.

There is nothing wrong with the process if you are a brand, but if you are selling one product for a limited amount of time, then it is the only option you have.

  1. Number of Ad sets to use and daily budget

It is ideal to use 3 to 5 ad sets for each campaign.

Test the different targeting options, audiences, and ad types for each campaign.

They should not be identical.

I personally assign and recommend $7 to $10 daily budget for these campaigns.

  1. The strategy to apply and who to target

There are several ways of selling this product.

You can opt to target people who have an interest in meditation, exercise, motivational quotes, and other such aspects of life.

You can create a cool look along with the pictures to get a higher chance of approval of sales.

I will discuss three strategies that I will apply for the job.

1 st strategy

Classic photo and targeted to the right people:

A photo containing the product, main features and the promise of satisfaction and time for inner thoughts would appeal to women and men alike.

This product is unisex, but on gut, it will do better with women, than men, so it is only logical to target them.

You can target women interested in meditation.

The targeting will look something like this.

As for the age group: Older people are more interested in the product, so if you are selling directly and not providing it as an option for a gift, you can target people between the age of 30-55 years.

You can also target men with interest in exercise, meditation, and other calming activities.

The targeting will look something like this.

Strategy 2

To gain more interaction with an ad that has a video with the sounds this product creates with hands and the sticks.

This will give people the reason to buy the product especially if they like the product.
Alloy steel tongue drum

Strategy 3

You can create an ad that will link to a blog talking about the importance of meditation and ways to accomplish the goal of meditating.

In the blog, you can push the readers to buy the product. This is a longer mean, but it can work.

Strategy 4

And the most obvious strategy is presenting it as a gift selection for the older people in the life of the youngsters who might not be interested in the product themselves, but think that their parents or grandparents will benefit from it.

The ad will look something like this.


  1. Where do you place these ads?

For the most part, I will start with the Facebook feed, and sometimes, I utilize Instagram feed as well.

However, if I decide on utilizing Instagram feed, then I will use separate ad sets for the platform.

Either way, the ad sets will work. For Instagram, I only run ads that are mobile-optimized, and for Facebook, I will optimize ads for both desktop and mobile.

Note: Do not worry about the zero pixel data, you will get conversions with the right ads regardless.

  1. Ad type and copy:

Here are a few examples of how an ad should look:
Alloy steel tongue drum

Alloy steel tongue drum

You can push for an article that people might wish to read. Make the article title clickbait for more clicks and push to sell in the article.

For images, you can use one of the websites that provide royalty-free images for commercial use like Pixabay.

  1. Pricing: The key factor

In this season, only a few people are buying for themselves.

Most of the people are buying for others, and spending a fortune is not an option here.

It is only a factor that will significantly affect your conversions.

I suggest around $64.99 to start

Firstly, calculate the total price of the product, shipping included.

Figure out the amount people will pay for the product easily when they see it online.

Create a balance between the shipping fee and the price of the commodity to get the people to buy it.

Increase the price and make it free shipping, or decrease the price and add a shipping fee.

People react differently to such products, and trials will lead to success.

Selling strategy that works

Christmas and New Year season means bulk ordering on the house for most people.

They are not buying for one, and you can use it to your advantage.

More discount on the price of the product along with free shipping for people who order 2 or more of the item.

Figure out a deal that works well for you and the client.

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Finding the right strategies and the target audience will take time and there is no such thing as one size fits all.

So, give the strategies a go and adapt as per needs to get the results you deserve.

Always import the reviews to your page.

Have questions; feel free to leave them in the comment section down below. You can also mention your own experiences, if you have any.