Winning Product: Selling The Automatic Magic Mop Cleaner | Guide with a full strategy on Facebook ads

The fourth quarter of the year has started, and it is one of the best times to sell products because people are not just buying for themselves but also for their friends and family.

So, we are selling some of the more house friendly products that one can use regardless of gender and makes for excellent gift choice.

This magic mop is a lifesaver for men and women alike.

Here is a complete guide on how to sell this product on Ali express along with the strategies and examples.

Campaign type and optimization

Start by creating a website conversion campaign that is optimized for pitching purchase.

The red color that signifies warning and zero data will mean nothing if your product, advertisement, and targeting are correct.

You will get the links clicks and desired actions on the site if the campaign is optimized efficiently.

You will want the purchase pixel to have a “Green Light” see below:

The other option that works well for me is the “Add to cart” optimization of advertisement.

In certain cases, it works better than purchase optimization.

It will vary as per the ad account, and hence, I suggest that you try out both before settling on one.

Do not fall into the Facebook trap that wants you to first opt for view content, and then slowly make way to the purchase optimization.

You will end up spending more money on any significant rise in sales.

In the conversion window, I choose a 1-day click.

If you are new to this, it means that Facebook will target people who take action within 1 day of the click.

There is a 7-day click option, as well.

Daily budget allotment and ad sets

You will have to choose the number of ad sets you want to launch.

It is a personal choice, but also a trial and error game.

So, have at least 3 to 5 ad sets for each of your campaigns(sometimes I start with 7-10 ad sets).

In each campaign, try a different targeting option, a separate audience, and a unique ad type.

Initially, you can budget each ad between $7 and $10.

Figure out which ones are giving you the best output and then focus more budgets on them.

Targeting and strategy

There is a huge audience available on Facebook.

And there are several ways to target this audience to ensure a purchase.

Mops are the product of the house.

Almost all the people can use them, but it is safe to say that children will neither gifting nor using these.

So, the target audience can be between 18+ to 65 years of age.

I would put more targeting efforts towards women because they are more likely to buy the product.

With this, I decided to target.

18 to 27 years old males and females: this demography is always looking for an easy fix where their efforts become next to nothing, and they get the service they need.

This product provides exactly that.

Women between 27 to 65 years of age:

This demography is likely to be married and a house owner.

So, they are probably for a lookout for something that makes their house chores easier and also gives them a reason to ask the men in the family to help them out.

Try to segregate your audience as much as possible.

Targeting a million consumers or just 50 will have a similar effect.

Look for a medium-sized group, where there will be enough exposure but not too much.

18 to 27 years old males and females:

Women between 27 to 65 years of age:


Placement of ads

I find Facebook feed to be the most appropriate place for advertisements, but I also put up ads on Instagram feed, if I feel that the audience there will prefer the product as well.

Each ad set is new for Instagram, but it will work either way.

For Facebook, I will optimize the ad to appear on both desktop and mobile, whereas for Instagram, I only focus on mobile users.

Ad type and copy

Keep your pictures unique and your ad short. The pictures need to be fun and intriguing with high resolution.

As for the text- sweet, simple, and yet informative will generally do the trick.

Here are some photo samples of the ads I have created:

The first 1200×1200 photo ad:

First 1200×1200 photo ad but with different ad copy:

Second 1200×1200 photo ad:

My aim with these ads was to match the language and tone of home dwellers who would like to have an easy fix for the house cleaning chores.

The video and the photos of the mop make it more luxurious looking and authentic.

Pricing and selling strategy

Pricing is an important aspect of selling.

And there are several things to consider while calculating the price.

The right pricing will lead to a healthy conversion rate and sales.

Get a significant margin on your product, so that the sales can cover the cost of marketing as well.

You can try free shipping, with the price of the shipping in the price of the product or lower the price of the product and add the shipping charges.

For each product, this might work differently.

Do not forget about the quantity discounts.

If it is a one-off purchase, full price, but if they are buying the same product for several people, then give a discount with each new purchase.

Do not start low on the purchase.

Start with at least a 15% discount on 2 products and raise the discount by 5% for each new purchase.

I would cap the limit at 4 items, though.

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This futuristic Ali express product is a hot seller at the moment thanks to the gifting period right around the corner.

The excellent reviews on the products, along with the quality, and a range of pictures and videos working as proof for the product will bring more customers to space.

You can try other countries as well.

Persistence is a virtue that you will have to practice while doing this.

Looking for other products that have the potential to be a win?

We have got you covered.

We cover products that are selling well at present.

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