WP Rocket Coupon | Why You Should Install This Plug In

What is WP Rocket, and what it does?

WordPress is a website tool to make your Word Press Site Faster.

WP Rocket is one such WordPress plugin.It is a plugin that has been made specifically to improve the speed of the website.

It is a paid plugin that comes with a yearly membership.

Why do you need to improve the speed of the website?

If this is a question in your mind, then you must be fairly new to the business.

Google takes the loading speed of the website into account while ranking it on the search engine result pages.

The faster your website loads; the better the chances of it to come to the top of the ranking pages.

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Also, websites with low average speed have a higher bounce rate and low average time spent on the website.

Both of these factors are not good for your business.

Next, why should you choose this plugin and not one of the others?

WordPress is an open-source and there are several plug-INS to choose from, but most of them are untrustworthy, and in my experience, some of them are downright hazardous for your website.

Choosing a secure plugin, backed by a legit company, and excellent at its work is a mandate, this is the plugin that has these three qualities.

Key features of the plugin

⇒ Cache preloading: This plugin will help to fasten the pace of indexing of the website by the website.

It does so by the plugin crawlers encourage a visit to preload the website.

⇒ Static file compression: To reduce the weight of the websites, the plugin will compress the files.

This helps to improve the loading time.

⇒ Images on request: Several websites only show images on request, that is when the user scrolls down on the website.

As the images are not loading at the time of initial contact, the speed of the website improves marginally.

⇒ Developer friendly: Lastly, this tool has a simple interface that even the less experienced developers can use with ease to make advanced customizations.

Have a website that could do with some speed optimization?

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